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Oct 11, 2019
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Sell cards for Dandelion Finance

Recently opened project Dandelion Finance. Our deposit to the project totaled $ 100, now we have increased to $ 300.

And it is now possible prodoval prepaid cards for the project
Dandelion Finance. This is the only project where there is a possibility, so we decided to offer their services to sell cards before paying for the project Dandelion Finance.

The scheme works as follows:

1. Contact us by any method available to you and tell about what you want to buy cards before payment.

2. You transfer to us in this payment system on the amount you want to buy a card before the payment, indicating in the comments Buy card DDF email (Your email)

3. Us if we have a card for that amount, then we will pass on their codes and passwords, if no then within 2 working days takes on these cards in addition to the required amount, and pass them to you.

4. You register your account as a gift in the project Dandelion Finance go to section D-payment and there enter the number and code card.

5. Remember, you can invest the money, and directly through the website project, we are not a mediator, sozdadelem Project Dandelion Finance, we are not as unrelated to the administration of project Dandelion Finance. We only give you the opportunity to get a small bonus when depositing with your cards.

When buying a card for the amount of 50 to $ 100:

LibertyReserve bonus of 2%

PerfectMoney bonus of 2%

When buying a card for $ 100 to $ 299:

LibertyReserve bonus of 3%

PerfectMoney bonus of 4%

When buying a card for the amount of 300 up to $ 499:

LibertyReserve bonus of 4%

PerfectMoney bonus of 5%

When buying a card for the amount of 500 up to $ 999:

LibertyReserve 5%

PerfectMoney 6%

When buying a card for the amount of 1000 to $ 1499:

LibertyReserve 10%

PerfectMoney 10%

When buying a card for the amount of $ 1,499:

LibertyReserve 11%

PerfectMoney 11%

Remember we are not employees, agents, representatives of the project Dandelion Finance and not as unrelated to the administration of project Dandelion Finance. We just help get our referrals the best return from investments in HYIP projects!



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