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Registration and verification in AlertPay(video)

Often problems with the registration and more often with the verification in AlertPay appear. That's why we offer you a training video on registration and verification and a text document about registration and verification where you can find detailed information about how to register in AlertPay, and make the verification.

You can watch the video by clicking the link:

Below you can see the text manual on registration and verification of an account in AlertPay:
Go to the site AlertPay:

Click the button sign up now - register.

Step one: choose your country and account type. Click NEXT - далее. You can see information about differences of different account types here (the article is under construction).

Step two: fill in the following boxes:

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Address line

4. City/Town

5. Region

6. Postal Code

7. Country Of Citizenship

8. Home PhonePlease note! Do not use the “+” sign before a country code!

8. Occupation

The list of occupations is the following:

• Accounting/finance
• Computer related (internet)
• Computer related (other)
• Consulting – консалтинг.
• Customer service/support
• Education/training
• Engineering
• Executive/senior management
• General administrative/supervisory
• Government/military
• HR/personnel
• IS/IT management
• Manufacturing/production/operations
• Professional (medical, legal, etc.)
• Research and development
• Retired – на пенсии.
• Sales/marketing/advertising
• Self-employed/ owner
• Student – студент.
• Unemployed/between jobs
• Homemaker – домохозяйка.
• Tradesman/craftsman
• Other

9. Date Of Birth

Click NEXT

Step three. Fill in the following boxes:

1. E-mail address Attention! You will receive a registration's confirmation letter to this e-mail address!

2. Re-enter e-mail

3. Password

4. Re-enter Password

5. Transaction PIN This PIN is used to carry out transactions inside the system.

6. Re-enter Transaction PIN

7. Security Question #1 The list of security questions is the following:
• Street name where you grew up
• Mother's maiden name
• Name of first car you owned
• City of birth

8. Answer #1 – Attention! answer to a security question should contain letters and numbers!

9. Security Question #2The list of security questions is the following:
• What is your favorite city
• What is your favorite animal
• What is your favorite song
• What is your favorite book

10. Answer #2 – During answering to a security question we recommend to type an answer which does not directly answer the question. For example, you can answer «Amusement park» to the question «your favourite book».

11. Check the box «NO» after the question «Will this account be used by any individual or organization other than yourself? (i.e. a "Third Party")?» to avoid using of your account by other persons

12. Enter the checking letters.

13. To agree with conditions of use of the service check the box to the left of the phrase «I agree to AlertPay».

14. Press the button Register.

The letter of confirmation of your e-mail will be sent to your e-mail.

Here is the example of the registration letter.

Click the link in the letter. Please note! E-mail address is a login for entry to the system! Enter password.

Welcome to your account in the system AlertPay!

To verify you account you need to click the link Become AlertPay Verified. On the next page click the button Become Verified – пройти верификацию.

For verification you will need your photo and a document confirming your residence. Upload this document to a computer in advance. Check the box near the phrase Photo ID and click NEXT.

In the example, you can see the identification process with the use of a passport. Check the box next to the passport. Click browse and download a scan of your passport. Click NEXT.

Make sure that the scan is downloaded and click FINISH.

Next step: check the box next to Proof Of Addres. Click NEXT.

In the example, as a document which confirms residence, we used a telephone bill which was made during the last three months. Download the document and click NEXT.

Make sure that the document is downloaded and click FINISH.

Verification process is completed.

Now you have to wait several days to receive information about successful verification or necessity to send additional documents. In the nearest future the review of the payment system will be made AlertPay and will be able to learn more about this system and its characteristics.

Have nice investments!

The article was written by the administrator of the site When copying information from our site place the link to our site in the beginning of the article or in the end of the text.




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