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Oct 18, 2019
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Oct 17, 2019
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News HYIP 07.03.2014


Today we received the news that the project was carried Perfectinvest DDOS attack, in connection with which the database is up to 06.03.2014 year was lost and investors lost their money. But the project reported that it continues to operate normally with the contributions made ??after March 6. Follow the news of the project. But we believe that it is impossible to lose the base, and therefore the transfer of projects in SKAM.

Happy birthday to project Gold eggs:

Gold eggs

"Dear Members Large Families GOLDEN EGGS! CONGRATULATIONS to our common Jubilee - 1 Year!

Thank you for choosing our project with you Golden Eggs! Thank you for your understanding in difficult times! For tolerance in minor malfunctions! For your advice, for your support and that implacable optimism that spurred the project itself, and the new members and the Administration project Golden Eggs!"


New projects on the site


UpItGoes - new, high-yield project , task is the organization achieve high and stable profit participants in the project , due to the redistribution of financial flows. Project participants can choose the investment strategy and these determine their profit.

The project UpItGoes only one contribution:

1. 0.3 % -0.4 % per hour for 7 days.

Site has an SSL certificate and protection DDOS. The minimum contribution to the project is $ 10 and a maximum of $ 500. Referral commission is 7%. The project works with the systems of payment: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Egopay.



Wg-invest - a company with a worldwide reputation based professional economists. During 4 years of operation, the company has developed unique strategies to conduct a successful investment in this area, while minimizing the risks. Employees Wg-invest experienced and responsible people. Our specialists carry out round the clock monitoring situations in the energy market and the development of innovative solutions.

The project has four contributions:

1. 1 % daily for 1 day.

2. 1.5 % per day for 25 days.

3. 1.8 % daily for 50 days.

4. 2.2 % per day for 100 days.

Website has SSL certificate, and DDOS protected dedicated server. The minimum contribution to the project is $ 25 and the maximum $ 50,000. Referral commission is 10 %. The project works with the payment system: PerfectMoney. Site is written in Russian and English. For all of the issues raised in the project have mail: [email protected]

Or phone 723 960 591 4. So you can write a letter in support of the project.



EuropeFunds - the project has been developed jointly by financial professionals and experts, with a view to improving the experience of retailers. EuropeFunds unique investment program that brings advanced technology investments. EuropeFunds includes a full range of trading tools, including Forex, stocks, commodities and indices.

The project has five contributions:

1. 103-130 % after 1 day.

2. 120-195 % after 3 days.

3. 135-250 % after 5 days.

4. 150-320 % after 7 days.

5. 200-600 % after 15 days.

Site has an SSL certificate protection against DDOS and dedicated server. Referral commission is 3 %. Minimum deposit of $ 10 and a maximum $ 50,000. The project works with payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Egopay, OkPay.



OlimpicWinner - project selected the best to cooperate with us gave only joy and pleasure. The project designed plans to find a team of professionals, the best protection of personal data and the project itself. OlimpicWinner proposes to establish its Olympics, in which professionalism and desire to complement each other, there will always be rewarded! If you are ready to plunge into the world of high speed, full freedom and financial independence, then go for it!

The project has five plans:

1. 120 % after 1 day.

2. 140% after 2 days.

3. 300 % after 5 days.

4. 500 % after 10 days.

5. 1000% after 20 days.

Site also has a SSL certificate, and DDOS protected dedicated server. Referral commission is 6%. Minimum deposit to start a $5 and a maximum $10,000. OlimpicWinner working with payment systems: PerfectMoney, Egopay. The project has an online support, so if you have any questions you can always ask them directly.



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