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Oct 11, 2019
SOLOO Paying
2.5% daily for 5 days
4% - 13% daily for 10 days
9% daily for 20 days
7.5% daily for 40 days
9% after 3 days
21% after 6 days
60% after 12 days
132% after 24 days
288% after 48 days
Oct 10, 2019
OxeBit Paying
103-112% after 1 day
130-230% after 5 days
200-530% after 10 days
350-1100% after 15 days
Oct 10, 2019
3.66 daily for 30 days
2.03% daily for 60 days
1.5% daily for 90 days
Oct 08, 2019
2.4% weekly for 775 days
1% - 3.5% daily for 120 days
3.5% daily for 85 days
4% daily for 60 days
4.5% daily for 40 days
5% daily for 30 days
Oct 07, 2019
0.3% - 0.37% daily for 30 days
0.47% - daily for 90 days
0.57% - daily for 180 days
Oct 07, 2019
2% weekly for 500 days
2.2% weekly for 600 days
2.5% weekly for 700 days
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Oct 14, 2019
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MMM-2011 NOT PAYING! The latest news! Opening of the MMM-2012!

MMM-2011 NOT PAYING! The latest news! Opening of the MMM-2012!

June 1, 2012 was introduced to the mode of mind 15 June (ie, payment before June 15 will not). Due to the fact that the real money in the system is low, and their flow is not enough to ensure that the entire pyramid, so make sure you typed the phoenix mode ie all the bonuses that were given there is 30 +% - + 50% are cleared, all soft contributions so is set to zero and just everything is calculated at a rate of 40% per month, thus there was panic in the system and many asked for money conclusion. How do you comment Mavrodi "Pyramid! If you all rush to shoot, run out of money at all can not in principle. " For those who have not seen the news to explain what happened, the money in the system was not enough, and Mavrodi announced huge bonuses, namely when the promised 40% on any deposit he also promised to +50% for each deposit ie investing in a month or month you get 110% profit ash (110% why? Yes, all very simple so you will have invested $ 100, you are given a bonus and therefore you have contributed 150r + 210r = 40%)! Of course a lot of people suffered little money and not for 500.000r, etc. And so Mavrodi just undermines the credibility and introduces May 23 Phoenix mode, and all the "tricks" saying that the money you get, at least now and bonuses you can not see, of course, it immediately sought to withdraw money.

What was the result?

Survived only dozens, hundreds, etc. have had great balance and managers were able to persuade their members to wait a bit and do not panic, all the rest are stupid foreman escaped, including through our contribution we have made (well, that small). For information on other blogs and sites situation and there is some such that survived quite a few dozen others simply ran ...

BUT Mavrodi Cheer up! MMM-2012 OPENS!

"Rules" and conditions in the MMM-2012 would be the same, which operated successfully in the MMM-2011 over the entire one and a half years, until these past cataclysms and upheavals: the contributions and deposits, regular and super profitableness. (Why reinvent the wheel? No good deed goes unpunished. :-)) The only difference will not be beneficiaries (and, hence, all these endless schemes and machinations of the bonuses). All will be 30%. Accordingly, the deposits: the usual - a three-month 40%, 50% semi-annual and annual 60% super profitableness - the three-month 55%, 65% semi-annual and annual 75%. Referral bonuses - 20%. Two-level. "

"Will it help the new pyramid is old? Naturally. "

If you have a contribution to the MMM-2011, the leaders, etc. You agree to allocate money from their% ie it turns out that investing in the MMM-2012 and having input in the system you will be paying 50% per month. And in the MMM-2011 promise to pay your deposit minus, of what has already brought and + 10% of compensation.

The system of foremen still a little bit modified as follows:

"All participants are structured - divided into cells: scores and Tumen (Shadow, ten thousand, as in the army of Genghis Khan :-)). In chapter ten is the foreman, Tumen, darkness - temnik. (Temnik himself with a foreman is not.) "

"The system is developed by budding dozen. When the participants in the top ten is too many, the foreman shall appoint a new foreman, gives him the people shall make known to Temnik and - good luck! The new score is created. "



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