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Where to invest 27.04.2014


The project which is worth to invest your money.

RainbowInvest - online group of professional managers of the market Forex. They are engaged in the calculation of investment risk systems, measurement of market rates of returns and evaluating the effectiveness of management tools. Risk is everywhere, but if you are ready for anything, then welcome to the project RainbowInvest. With this project, you can move forward.

            The project has six deposits.

1. 29-34 % daily for 4 days.

2. 120-140 % after 4 days.

3. 152-200 % after 8 days.

4. 244-340 % after 16 days.

5. 484-800 % per day for 32 days.

6. 1124-2000 % after 64 days.

            Site has an SSL certificate protection against DDOS attacks and dedicated server, so that investors do not loss their money. The minimum contribution to the project is $ 10 and the maximum $ 20,000. Referral commission plan is 4%. The project works with the systems of payment: Perfect Money, Payeer, PayPay, BTC. The site is online calculator, you can always de calculate their future profits. For all questions, you can contact the site support section, and will help you.



Latest news of the project:

            Forexghq project continues to evolve. The site has been added to the new payment system: Bitcoin. The system operates automatically and has passed all tests. Find this option, you can see "Make a deposit". The project is constantly trying to provide all the best and quality services to its customers. Stay tuned for updates and will know about latest upcoming events.



"On the board of directors held 25.04.2014 summed up the company.

            A new program to attract private investment gives a good positive. In the last reporting month only by attracting private investors capitalization increased by 12%. Just increased production and trade company. Decided to build a new plant in China to produce mobile gadgets.

We want to inform all investors that the holidays the company will continue to operate on normal schedule. Investors will have a rest, and investment will bring good profits and it is during the rest of many investors to truly experience this way of income and its privileged position compared to those who have not yet decided to invest it in our company. Invest and make money! Your deposits are insured!


Your feedback is very important to us!

Please share your feedback on the site and in the social networks of the company.

We invite investors to earn on an affiliate program!

Thank you for the world! "




Bonuses for reviews in the project!

            Project reports that some people leave positive feedback about the project at various sites. And now activists will get bonuses and various awards from the project.


1. Sick on Wheel of Fortune

2. Bluebird

3. 15,000 silver

            To get these great prizes, you just need to follow the instructions on the page:

Project thanks its investors for their active support to the project.



News of the project!


            Rainbowinvest project was considered one of the most renowned and reliable bloggers Paul Aramsonom. Blogger talked about the project updates and expressed his views and honest opinions about the project with a list of premium listings in your INR blog. Article podobranny detailed and reasonable information on the project and the program, as well as all the features of the site and the project.


Link to article:


            If you have any questions, you can contact customer support by e-mail the site and you will be answered soon.



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