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Nov 09, 2019
HourTee Paying
1.05% - 1.5% hourly for 100 hours
7% - 9% hourly for 40 hours
24% - 28% hourly for 20 hours
Nov 07, 2019
12% daily for 10 days
150% after 7 days
225% after 5 days
Nov 06, 2019
ValueBit Paying
6% daily forever
7% daily forever
8% daily forever
10% daily forever
3% daily for 5 days
3.5% daily for 8 days
4% daily for 10 days
5% daily for 15 days
Nov 06, 2019
2.15% hourly for 48 hours
7.15% hourly for 28 hours
15% hourly for 18 hours
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Nov 12, 2019
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Where to invest 17.04.2014


            Super-Benefit - if you work on the Internet has become an integral part of your life , if you have a desire to be free and not to restrict their spending, if you want to be in the spotlight , welcome to the Super-Benefit.

            The project has four contributions:

1. 105-110% after 1 day.

2. 125-145% after 3 days.

3. 155-160% after 5 days.

4. 200-300% after 7 days.

            Site is equipped with SSL certificate and protection from DDOS, it will protect the investors' money. The minimum contribution to the project: is only $ 2, and the maximum $1000. Referral commission is 5%. The project works with the systems of payment: PerfectMoney, Payeer, EgoPat. For any questions on the support site has a section where you can ask questions.



            StockFinance - the company aims to trade in precious metals. The company provides a steady growth of capital and offers a steady stream of income for their investors. The company has been operating for over 8 years and provides quality services to its customers.

            The project has just don contribution:

1. 8% daily for 15 working days.

            Project site is equipped with SSL certificate protection against DDOS attacks. The minimum contribution to the project is $ 10 and the maximum $ 25,000. Referral commission of 7%. The project works with the systems of payment: PerfectMoney, Payeer, EgoPat. For your questions there is a section on the site that will give you all necessary information you need. Just for you, please call us : 852 27939306 , fax : 852 26188922 or write to mail


Hotel Business

Project in which you can invest.

            Hotel Business - One of the most lucrative investment today is a business hotel. This area of ??business, which is always popular, and the demand for it is growing every year. Experts argue that investment in one of the largest hotels in Europe is really the best solution, but it is an investment in a small mini - the hotel is also very profitable. Just tourism takes a huge niche in the global economy and is a very lucrative business. Throughout the world, people are spending huge sums to spend your vacation in a cozy and comfortable hotel, so the demand for good hotels are always huge. With investments in the hotel can, your capital can easily increase several times within a very short period of time. Be sure that the investment in the hotel business is the right choice.

            The project has six contributions:

1. To 125% after 1 day.

2. 3% after 176 days.

3. of 230% after 5 days.

4. 610% after 10 days.

5. of 850% after 20 days.

6. 1,800% after 30 days.

            Site has an SSL certificate protection against DDOS attacks and dedicated server. Minimum deposit is $ 10, and the maximum contribution is $ 100,000. Referral commission is 2%. The project works with the systems of payment: PerfectMoney, EgoPat, Payeer. For any questions on the support site has a section where you can ask questions.



A new project in which you can invest.

            Victor-coins - Investment service is united by a private group of people dealing with the currency market and in particular with the sprawling and promising market Kriptovalyut . We have sufficient experience and knowledge in the daily monitoring and interbourse speculation Kriptovalyutami this experience and, ultimately, working on breakeven and receive daily weighty profits. Rates world Kriptovalyut fluctuate significantly every day, including weekends and holidays, and this difference has always earned money that allows the capitalization of accrued interest of our investors in some intervals and this process will only grow. High volatility in the daily work with Kriptovalyutami , in this case only a plus for the market players and the principle here is pretty simple : Victor-Coins service buy cheaper - sell more expensive and vice versa , sell more - Buy cheaper. Our big goal recognizes provide investors an opportunity to minimize the risks of investing, and as safe as possible, and to obtain additional income through investment service Victor-Coins. This possibility is supported by strategies that strike the optimum balance between maximum profit and minimum risk. Victor-Coins opportunities allow the investor's account management in any convenient place - for this you need only a computer and Internet access. You can invest on their own, remove the available means and interest to make a partnership instruments and track financial transactions.

            The project has only one contribution:

1. 5.25 a week for 7 days.

            Site has an SSL certificate, and protection from DDOS attacks. The minimum contribution to the project is $ 20 and a maximum $ 100,000. Referral commission is 2%. The project works with many payment systems: VTB 24, the Savings Bank, PerfectMoney, PayPal, Payeer, Alfa Bank, EgoPat, QIWI, OKPAY, BTC. Site is written in Russian and English, which makes it easier to work with this website. For all questions have online support.



The project which is worth to invest.

            Apexbinary - after the hard work of programmers site, the project added a new payment system Bitcoin, as it was planned long ago. The new payment system operates consistently and automatically recharge for deposits and for withdrawals. Now everyone has the possibility to join the project from any country especially from the U.S. Bitcoin can be purchased at a variety of sites such as :

The project is looking forward to new investors and new deposits. Join.



            Trust-management - project participants unsubscribe at forums and leave your review on the monitors, please repost the same group VKontakte.

Otpisyvayas forums, Skype and social. networks, etc. You earn extra money.

            Referral commission has three levels:

1 level 10%.

2 level 3%.

3 level 1% .

            Minimum deposit is $ 1 , and the maximum $ 5000 . Contributions we can create more than once , you can have multiple active deposits.

Skype administration aleksander.gutoff.



            Teslarium - Now you can track stats for your third-level domains in real time ! This is very handy if you advertise your affiliate link and want to know how many people are moving from that allows you to adjust budgets and advertising campaigns more effectively attract new investors.

            To activate this function, you have to register when Google Analytics, create a new site in the settings in which to specify your domain and get affiliate tracking ID. After that, please contact our support Skype or by Email, by entering your username and tracking ID in the form of "UA- 12345678- 1." As soon as possible we will connect your identifer and you can watch your referrals online.



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