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Jun 05, 2020
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Jun 05, 2020
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Jun 01, 2020
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May 30, 2020
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Where to invest 14.04.2014


            Mixinvest - a team of professional programmers and traders with years of experience. Because of the close and fruitful work of programmers and traders, the project succeeded in creating unique automated trading system built on neural connections. Trading robots project is buying contracts on the outcome of the financial transaction. That is being optional trade currency instruments, not orders, as the market Forex. Binary options market was chosen because it has a higher liquidity compared with the Forex market and lots of financial contracts and instruments. Also in the project have a unit of trading robots that have successfully traded securities on international stock exchanges using scalping strategies. All trading is done under close supervision of managing traders.

            The project has five contributions:

1. 1 % daily for 15 days.

2. 1.5% per day for 30 days.

3. 1.7% per day for 45 days.

4. 2.2% per day for 60 days.

5. 2.5% per day for 90 days.

            Site is equipped with SSL certificate and protection from DDOS attacks, which will not be afraid to depositors for their money. Minimum deposit to start is $ 10 and the maximum is $ 50,000. Referral commission is 5%. The project works with the systems of payment: PerfectMoney, Payeer. Site is written in Russian and English, which will facilitate the work with their capital. For any questions on the support site has a section where you can send a letter addressing.




The project, in which you can invest your money.

            Project Thaimonetaryfund enhances protection of your accounts. Now when you log into your personal account system project will ask you one-time password will be sent to you at your e-mail, which you provided during registration. If you do not see an email, check the 'Spam', perhaps the letter was moved there. The project has been running long enough to 28.10.2013 year. And proven ability payments. The project has four contributions, referral system and take all measures to ensure the safety of deposits investors.



Project where it is necessary to invest your money.

            One month has passed since the opening of the project. During this time, the project has achieved its goals and continued to develop. Per month to the project has been invested over $1 million, and was derived as much. My-Million gives everybody a chance to make your million in the short term, becoming a partner in the project investment.

            Just the list of official regional representatives are becoming more in every day , of which there are already 5 pieces. In order for you to become a representative of the company must be sent to the email address your data: Name / Surname / Country / Skype / Phone number / languages??.

The project has added a few new monitors, and this week will be added as a new Bitcoin payment method.



            Project Mixinvest negotiating with several insurance companies to insure that the contributions of the project participants. Follow us on the news, as soon as new information, we will immediately inform you of her.



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