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Jan 27, 2020
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Jan 24, 2020
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Jan 24, 2020
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Jan 22, 2020
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Where to invest 13.05.2014


            Simpayment - management company providing global investment opportunities that offer security, stability and impressive financial performance. Service to investors and merchants is based on three main principles: guarantee, stability and no risk. After years of professional trading company joined the skills, knowledge and talents in the effort to ensure a new reliable investment opportunity. As a result of careful planning and joint work emerged Simpayment, reliable medium-term investment project, that offers great return along with professional approach and security. Simpayment looking forward to providing its investors very attractive returns, while covering the risks during falling markets and enhance revenues during heavy lifting markets.

            The project has five contributions:

1. 2.3% per day for 90 days.

2. 3.6 % per day for 60 days.

3. 5.9 % per day for 30 days.

4. 34.35 % per day for 3 days.

5. of 20 % per hour for 12 hours.

            Site is equipped with SSL certificate and protection from DDOS attacks, which saves money savers. Just project official owns a company incorporated according to the rules and standards. The site is an online chat that allows users to communicate directly and in real time. The minimum contribution to the project is $10 and a maximum $1 million. Referral commission is 5% of the contribution. The site works with the systems of payment: PerfectMoney, Bank Wire, Payeer, Western Union, PayPay, BTC. If you have any questions, you can ask them by writing a letter to the project site, in the section support. Support is available 24/7.


K & D Plus

            Company "K & D Plus" provides investors a stable income in the amount of 5% every day, including weekends. The project team is working constantly to increase the borrowed capital. All possible drawdown and risks converge to a minimum due to the diversification of risks.

            The project has only one contribution:

1. 5% every day.

            Site is equipped with SSL certificate, and DDOS protected dedicated server that investors were not afraid for their contributions. The minimum contribution to the project is $10 and the maximum $10,000. Referral commission is 5% of the deposit amount. The project works with the systems of payment: PerfectMoney, Payeer, PayPay. The site has an online chat, with which you can get answers to all your questions in real time and almost immediately. You can also write a letter on the site in the support section or by phone: +7 968 ??778 02 05 +7 810 501 436 0278.

The project will also have social networks such as VKontakte, facebook, twitter. There you can follow the latest news and updates of the project.



            Magiconlineroi is in business in the global market since 2011. The project will invest in Forex. That today, the easiest, most affordable and high-yielding way to replenish their capital. The company has made progress quickly, and today he is in a special place in the global financial market. More about the project you can see on the site in video tutorials.

            The project has five contributions:

1. of 104% - 130% after 1 day.

2. %38 - 55% per day for 3 days.

3. of 150% - 200% after 5 days.

4. of 200% - 400% after 8 days.

5. 400% - 900% after 16 days.

            Site is equipped with SSL certificate protection DDOS attacks and dedicated server that will allow investors to not be afraid for their investments. Minimum deposit is $10 and the maximum $15,000. The project works with the systems of payment: PerfectMoney, Payeer, PayPay. Referral commission of 5% of the deposit amount. If you have any questions about the project, you can always ask them in writing to the site in the support section and you will be answered soon.



            1. According to the current situation with payments - we could just cancel payments on April 22, picking up some digestible reason, but it is impossible to cancel an infinitely , because we have deliberately left them until the resolution of the situation , the participants did not have to re- request again and wait for increased regulations. Yes, we are aware that the rules for payment expired on April 22 on Monday morning, even the most optimistic estimates, and yet did not cancel them. When resolving the situation with credit positive - we will start from the amount received and the payment will be processed upon receipt of money in negative developments will move on to Plan B - the unpopular , but tolerable. From questions "when, well, when?" we were already tired and they continue to be ignored - we know no more than you and the bank can not hurry, calmly waiting for a solution.

            2. Credit.

            Interesting reasoning slipped forum MMGP "take out a loan to pay for Hype? You out of your mind". Explain once and for all, that when such matters could give a link to this answer: how would you have liked to see HYIP Inviku banal - it's still not the HYIP. Suppose we do not give guarantees and documentary fundamentally not officially confirm the activity, but plenty of circumstantial evidence (Kordvud Project Tesla ( two references), mining, investment in kriptovalyuty (reference to statements have members of the pool), were laid screenshots offices in HYIP, which we had significant balances when hYIPs were in the portfolio ) - if you do not believe them , then you prove something is useless, just pass by and do not waste your and our time, something else to prove we're not going. Inviku is more social network members, earning money, a community united by a common idea, and if you have ideas Communities Inviku not share - what are you doing here?

But once Inviku not HYIP - apply to it evaluation methods HYIPs strangely. And if you look at this angle, then Inviku little different from any business , which periodically may need loans for working capital and further development - in that situation, we now have been: at Inviku has a fairly extensive list of assets (real estate, vehicles, kriptovalyut significant stake), but they were purchased not to merge them at a loss for the sake of short-term interests (for payments to participants) - yes, selling, for example, kriptovalyuty we could safely make payments on April 22, and many others, but would have suffered a loss, which would have far-reaching consequences in the future, and - loss, which is very doubtful justification - that you choose between single payment on time and give a long-term income? The answer is obvious , especially in light of what kriptovalyuty currently undervalued and are already on the horizon before the end of the year have the potential for growth in at least a few times ... We look at the development of one-sided and not Inviku not limited haypovskoy theme "pay / no pay" "violated regulations - scum!" and so forth. We are willing to knowingly to violate the rules , for the sake of convenience of the participants in the case of a positive resolution of the situation with a loan, well, in the negative scenario is also ready to take appropriate measures to rectify the situation. Just have to wait for the final decision on the loan from him already and move on. Incidentally, credit history Inviku is not the first details in the subject property, there is information about how we are going to capitalize on current and future real estate.

            3. By Tesla.

            Anticipating the willingness of some frailty by passing (even non-participants) individuals throw accusations like "admin does not pay, but Tesla bought myself!" Answer to this question in advance.

How would anyone not want to judge for yourself, but Tesla was bought for Inviku and not my personal needs. Of the 1,100 km, passed it on to Europe, where the car was distilled from the Netherlands to Finland, I spent driving 50 kilometers - simply because it was fun to try , as it is - an electric vehicle control . The rest of the people were driving with a great driving experience, in order to avoid any incidents. And during operation Tesla RF driving her for the most part again will be specially trained people who, in between times, will be held financially responsible for it. Why do was bought Tesla:

Sample that can be felt in Russia and to order a similar car (albeit a different scope, but to make a choice, seeing and feeling what to choose - easy) - that is, trading on the sale of machinery,

electric sample as a weighty argument in selling chargers for the same and other electric vehicles to be able to show those to whom we sell charging or where its going to install - why do I need it, trading on selling and renting chargers

sample as a decisive argument in the search space for auto repair electric vehicles, as well as - a prototype for the study of where, what and how arranged in Tesla , in principle , at least to start with, the surface studies

workhorse under tenancy with the driver Polyubopytstvuyte how much it cost to rent a car at all premium and add another 20-30 percent for exclusivity because it Tesla (and exclusive, in varying degrees, in Russia in general, and in St. Petersburg in particular, it will be another six months or a year)

and so on and so forth - without a car contrive such a significant trend was just not realistic

Yes, the direction of an ambitious and money it will take a lot , but it is worth to take a strong niche - and it will feed not only the administration , but thousands (for today and in the future - much more) members of the Community for a long time and satisfying. Hopefully, the question of whether to buy Tesla removed once and for all.


And now to the prose of life:

            4. Loans participants will be resumed after the loan for working capital.

            5. Refund Commission next week is available for recharge through banks in principle.

            6. Limit remains the same and the total rises to 8,000 rubles.

            7. Priorities output for next week: Alpha, Sberbank, Kiwi PM, output is available on the Messenger and TCS, interbank operations are not performed.

            8. Reminders:

            - For your questions left on the site there is a button Consultant - there you can write even when itself consultant offline, in which case the response you get to the post office (field blank mail very carefully - and mail is different, and the second to gmayl has no relation!) if you have not received an answer to your question within 3 working days, then most likely your email when you write a query is incorrect,

            - Details on completing the template for banks: The Messenger (optional barcode card template), TCS (contract number required in the template details) and Sberbank (instead of the account number - the card number on the front side)

            - Conclude on purses PM, Yandex and QIWI need to confirm the admin email, but only one time for one wallet (purse number is confirmed, not a fact O!) Can confirm all the purses for all of your accounts in Inviku, Nano and one Game letter

            - New regulations - 10 working days (excluding weekends and holidays)

            - When placing the reports (on any external resources, including their own blogs and forum MMGP, and even on the forum Inviku) of payments received from Inviku and contribute forbidden to post personal information of the sender and recipient (account numbers for banks - the name and so on) if the place report - data clobbered or not post at all, violators will be fined in the amount of conversion in relation to the current balance.



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