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What to do if to you detain payment?

This article will be devoted what to do if suddenly to you have started to detain payment, as in what sequence to do and as it is possible to try to return itself money. We consider a case when, the site is accessible, and to you payment simply is late.

There are 3 kinds of payments:
1. completely manually, i.e. you make an application on payment, the manager processes it and translates.
2. Automatic. Income percent come every day to you automatically.
3. Instant. You come, order payment and it comes to you instantly.

And so we will consider some cases:
1) you have ordered payment and it in expectation already more than 24 hours.
2) To you payments come automatically and suddenly they have ceased to come to you.
3) Payment was usually paid instantly and here in expectation.

Three cases differ only that in some is necessary not so strongly to worry as most likely payment still will come. And the sequence of actions is approximately identical, that which will be described more low. In the first case, it is necessary to worry already as a delay there was on what that to the reason and payment so can and not come. In the second case, sometimes happens such and payment for what that put does not come, and then comes at once for two days but if to you payments for two and more days then there is a sense have not come to start to worry and undertake actions written more low. In the third case, usually it happens for two reasons, the first on purses simply there was no money, therefore payment it has appeared in expectation, it is not necessary then to excite as the manager will come and the second reason will make to you payment manually, and here, it that the manager has switched off automatic payments and pays now manually, it is already bad as usually it happens if at it money for payments comes to an end and it starts to do them manually or at it a part of money have stolen from purses because of automatic payments, therefore it has put manual payments.

The general your actions the following:
1. At first you need to check up conclusion conditions, project support can the day off does payments only on the working days or every Friday, and now.
2. Now it is necessary to study project news, can there informed on unforeseen delays and when payments will begin.

3. If all is normal also payment all the same should come, you need to visit our site and to look statuses on all monitoring of this project. If where that already costs the problem status then, not only at you and most likely the manager of fund already knows problems about problems of payments and or as who solves, or the project is already closed. If where that costs the status does not pay, whether pay attention at first there is at this monitoring a contribution to the project (cannot be the contribution and is simple stand the status does not pay) if is look how many such monitoring. If it is more 3 already, most likely the project has ceased to pay, and other monitoring simply had not time to replace the status yet.

4. By means of our service to come on a forum where the project is discussed and to look, whether there are similar problems at other investors or not. If is, then not only to you detain payment. If problems there are nobody is not present to write the message that here at you a delay of payment and you write to support and look forward to hearing.

5. If only on 1-2 monitoring there was a status does not pay, and on others pays, it is necessary them to write and ask, why the project has a status does not pay. Can at them the personal reasons, and can at them there is information that the project any more does not pay.

6. The following your step it to contact project support.

6.1 At first it is better to use for communication if those are available, it is a phone number (if own English and there is a possibility to call, for example through Skype, can try to call abroad), online a chat, what or a chat the manager (basically in Russian projects it icq in English is foreign analogue icq, yahoo massenger).

6.2 If communication without successful and not who does not answer, it is time to write simply on through the support form on a site or on specified email (search descriptions email and sending on it point 2.3). Be attentive, when sends the message through the form of support to you should after pressing " send" there will be an inscription " the Message was sent successful " or that that similar if have appeared what or errors in 95 % cases means that the message has not gone.

6.3 Now there was a communication with support only through email. If email it is not specified in section contacts try to look section FAQ and it is possible to see simply quickly other sections of a site, can where it is mentioned about a way of communication. If email all the same has not been found, it is possible to try to send the message on email a following kind:;; in the given example it is the domain of yours a site. Are usually used standard email and consequently the letter should reach. If you use free mail I advise to you to be used there good protection, the reciprocal letter will precisely come and will not be late anywhere and if email on which you send does not exist, to you the error message will come. It is necessary to send the text about the following: My login, it is invested so much that, that is invested in such the plan. I wait a payment more than 24 hours. When you will make payment?

If you do not make payment in the following of 12 hours I will be compelled to leave about you negative voices on monitors and bad responses at forums. 7. At investment in the project, you should try to contact support and to estimate for what is the time they answer, if they have answered you during 2 working hours and now it is necessary to wait as much approximately. If you did not check as support, usually expectation of the answer about 1 working day works. If and have not answered, you come on service and on all monitoring leave a negative response and if there is a possibility inform about spam. And after come at a forum and simply write, what is the time you already wait for payment that tried to contact support, and she is silent, look what problems at other investors, that can to whom support has answered.

Now some recommendations and councils: 1. Try to contact support from another email and to ask a question, whether for example it is possible to invest to them 1000$ through payment system such that (specify that which they do not accept). If have answered, means, they work only on reception of contributions. 2. If payments basically do only to monitoring, including ours, contact we and we will change the status to the project until then while it to you will not make payment, but for check you should give us the password and a login from account in the project. 3. Before investment in HYIP always check speed of the answer of those of support that then you could be guided by this time. 4. If you have decided to write already bad responses and voices to stop, having written, for example, only on our monitoring and one forum it is not necessary, describe and you inform on the problem whenever possible on all forums and monitoring, references on which will find on our monitoring. 5. Always pay attention for the working day today or the day off as often people are mistaken and write for example on Friday already late at night and naturally as days off do not answer them (often support works only in the working days) think that to them do not answer and that all is time to write bad responses and voices, and then it appears that everything is all right.

We hope our article to you has helped and now you will know what to do. Visit our monitoring more often or subscribe for dispatch and you always will be well informed about our new articles, reviews, interview.



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