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What is bitcoin mining?

What is bitcoin mining?

The main task of mining, is that independent of each other PC devices located in different parts of the world solve unique algorithms, which results in the generation of bitcoins.

The work consists of bitcoin transfers, during the processing, which is recorded in the transaction. Data is transmitted through the chain of miners. The main task is to select the desired single combination (hash), which will be suitable for this transaction.

Since each combination is translated into a bit string, that is, encoded, and is always unique, serious processing power is required. To solve the correct variant of the hash, the computer goes through a million variants before finding exactly the one that is needed. For complex calculations, hundreds of computers are combined to create a single cloud in which the calculations take place. Having United in groups it is much easier to earn bitcoins, which are further divided proportionally between all participants. For a single transaction, six blocks are used, consisting of bit strings that add up to a unique combination.

In other words, the principle of operation of the system can be compared with the work of torrent resources. Participants ' data is stored on a PC, and a special program allows you to share the necessary information and download different files from each other. The highest income gets the one who is constantly online and has a powerful computer.

In order for a PC to earn, while its owner was doing his business, you need to connect to the system and leave the PC turned on. But we must take into account the fact that the reward is paid only to the one whose computer will find a solution first. More powerful machines have a clear advantage.

There are special installations through which you can earn good money. These settings are connected to the Internet and earn you money. Here is one of such installations:

Many miners are convinced that earning with the help of bitcoin mining is quite a profitable business. To do this, just need to have a modern computer technology, which consumes a minimum of electricity, as the PC performs very large and difficult calculations. During operation, Internet traffic is minimal, but electricity consumption is required in large quantities, which raises the question of the payback of this earnings.



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