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VIDEO INTERVIEW Palencia-capital



1. Good-day! Please introduce yourself to readers and tell us about your role in Palencia-capital project. What are your responsibilities in this project? What kind of experience do you have in investment funds management?

Welcome, dear users. My name is Sergey. I've been developing Palencia-capital Company in the Russian Federation. I am the curator of the Russian-speaking areas. I have already worked for many years in this field.

2. Could you please also describe some of the prerequisites for the founding of this project? How long have you worked on the project? What do you expect, first of all, when you started to implement the project? Is there anyone else besides you working in Palencia-capital?

Our company was formed due to the popularity of betting. Sports betting today include not only gambling, but with a correct approach it is also a way to gain fairly high earnings.

I have been working on a project for more than six months. I am engaged in the creation of the analytical department and various organizational issues.

With regard to my expectations, I am sure that this project will be profitable, both for the company and its investors.

Except for me, there are many experts in Palencia-capital Company. Their coordinated work has already led to perfect results.

3. Let's talk about investment plans. Can you explain some details to us? What are the minimum and maximum amounts for investment? How often can I order a conclusion what is the minimum amount for withdrawal? Is it possible to derive the contribution in advance? Why do you decide to make accrued plans daily and weekly?

We have developed eight investment plans. Perhaps many of you will ask why so much? I'll try to explain. In developing of each investment plan, we try to meet the opportunities and needs of the maximum number of our investors. Refunds are possible after the end of the investment period. The minimum investment period is 18 days, maximum is 27 weeks.

Daily percentage yield depends on the investment plan and stored under 0.5% daily up to 10% weekly. The minimum deposit is $ 10 and a maximum is of 20 000 $.

From my words, you can see that Palencia-capital provides a large selection of its investors that everyone could choose a suitable investment plan.

4. Your website is translated into two languages, why did you choose them? Do you plan to translate it to other languages?

Initially, the company was focused on work with foreign audience, but then we decided to go to the global market. Therefore, the website of our company received a Russian version.

And yes, of course, the company plans to add more languages, but I cannot call them specifically now.

5. Please, tell us about the payment systems available in Palencia-capital. What payment systems do you deal with so far? Do you plan to add more payment systems?

The main objective of our company is to create comfortable conditions for investment for our customers. That is why we have significantly expanded the range of work with payment systems that we deal with. Currently the following payment systems are available: Perfect Money, PAYEER, and OKPAY. We are planning to connect to Bitcoin EPS soon.

6. In all payment systems that you use, there is account verification. Do you verify accounts in all payment systems as a company or as an individual?

We have been verified as the company accounts in Perfect Money and OKPAY. When we connect Bitcoin, our account will be verified in this EPS.

7. How reliable can you evaluate the security level of your website? What steps do you undertake to protect against possible hacking and DDoS attacks, opponents attacks aiming to lock your accounts, domain, and so on?

Naturally, any work with investment requires a high level of protection. Therefore, our specialists have paid special attention to ensuring the security of our website. As for the hacker DDoS attacks, we use both the best advanced software and coded channels.

8. What type of customer support do you offer and in which languages? What is the best and the most efficient way to contact you if I have a question? Do you plan to implement the phone support?

At the moment, we use the service feedback. Any user can write a complaint or problem in a letter and send it by e-mail to our company. For quick communication, we use online chat, in which our experts answer all the questions. And of course, our company plans to establish a telephone support, when it appears, I cannot say now.

9. Do you have a system of online reviews? Please tell us are they really impartial and unbiased as they pass moderation?

Of course, we all know that there is such a practice, as writing reviews on order. And many websites has such a “sin” in order to attract potential clients. With great responsibility I can say that our company does not practice such an approach. Reviews on our work only customers write. As for moderation, the administrator removes only reviews with profanity and spam. Everything else remains on the website.

10. As it is written on your site you do "forecast sporting events". Please tell us more about it. Tell us how do you manage getting such a high profit forecasts with minimal risk? Do you send all the money to investors only in one direction or are there other investment directions?

Yes, our company is engaged in forecasting sporting events. I will try to explain how the whole system works. The majority of our investors have a variety of financial opportunities. Many of them just do not have time to deal with a professional forecasting. Thus, in order to allow people getting more interested in sports and earn rates Palencia-Capital Company was founded. Our captors and specialists carry out deep analysis of the events to which we bet. Due to this we achieve high profits.

We invest only in sports betting. Personally, I believe that success lies in concentrating on one direction of investment. If you start investing to several areas, real success will be hard to achieve.

11. Is it possible to sign a contract with you as a company or individual? What are the conditions for this? Is it possible to meet with you or someone from your company?

Unfortunately, signing a formal contract between the investor and Palencia-capital is not possible at the moment. There are several reasons for it. Now I will try to give you an answer.

Currently, the company has no official representative on the territory of the Russian Federation. As I have already told, my main goal is the development of the Russian-speaking areas of the company. The creation of representative offices in the Russian Federation is one of the main goals in my schedule. Therefore, I personally guarantee that with the development of the company in Russia there will be an opportunity of signing the contract in the future. It's only a question of time.

I personally will do my best to entrench Palencia-capital in the Russian market.

12. How do you promote Palencia-capital project? What kind of advertising strategies do you use? Will there be any interesting changes in the near future? Are there any introduction of insurance, bonuses, competitions among investors and referrals? 

The company is being promoted over the standard methods. We use different kinds of advertising on online forums, social networks, etc. Regarding insurance, I cannot give you an answer, but the company plans to implement numerous contests and bonuses. 

13. What questions, concerns, and other materials to support the customers do you meet oftener? Is there anything that you would like to tell your customers today that they do not have to ask you in future?

We give answers to the most frequently asked questions in the appropriate section on our website. Our investors can get an answer to any question contacting our customer support.

14. And finally, is there anything not covered in this interview that you would like to say? Do you have anything else to convince the doubters? What would you like to add to attract investments to your project?

Of course, even more questions could be answered in this interview. And I would be happy to answer them. First of all, I would like to thank you for this interview. I really hope that my answers are useful to future Palencia-capital investors.

As for the question of convincing doubting investors about the feasibility of cooperation with our company, the answer is simple - do not hesitate, just become our partners. The entire staff of the company and I in particular put huge efforts to ensure that the number of our investors increases every day.

At the end of the conversation I would like to say – trust your investments to reliable companies. On behalf of Palencia-capital I would like to wish everybody happy New Year and Merry Christmas. At the moment, the company's marketing department is developing special promotions. I'm sure it will be a pleasant surprise for all our investors.



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