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The project PaidServe SCAM? Or blackmail monitoring and investors?

PaidServe SCAM Project? Or blackmail of monitorings and investors?

Short introduction at first. September 25, 2014 another investment project was appeared on the Internet. Until now the plans are remained unchanged. From the beginning of the project it was inflated the statistics on site and preowned design. There was stated one number of payment systems, but in reality there were less.

At first it was active deposits of tens (deposits of 10$). After about a half months probably due to the timing of the site larger deposits of 50-70-100$ came to the project. And starting from the beginning of November, the deposits of more than 100 $, 150 $ and then large were contributed to the project. I do not know what attracted all the attention to the project. Admin project has took a minimal amount of monitorings about 12 with all the cheapest listings for 20$ and 50$, and where he spammed so well that his project took deposits is unknown to me, but the result is obvious.

If I am not mistaken, around October it was introduced the hourly plan, but since there was large minimum amount of deposit, likely there were not deposits.

Now, the weirdest thing is that around December, at any change of status for one or another reason, in 15-20 minutes admin appeared in our online chat and begins to argue that everything is fine, why we changed the status, etc., the problems are being solved (sometimes the site was not working, someone from referrals were not contributed, etc.). During December, those whose accounts were banned due to being empty or having same IP started to appear. But in most cases the administrator had settled the issues with them itself by the following way: make another contribution at the amount of 1 deposit of  100$ or  50$, etc. (this information can be confirmed by the many investors who were caught on it) and then for any other reason the admin delayed the payment and came up with any excuses, but under these circumstances why investors instead of complaints to monitoring and on the forums, not just, solved all with the administrator, I was not very clear.

What you can find on mmgp:

Post No.1

Post No.2

Post No.3

Post No.4

Post No.5

Post No.6

I.e. the optimal solution the admin had was till the end of December to freeze contributions in order till the New Year to collect more contributions without raising panic, and many believed and did not complain nowhere.

Especially for you investors, we have developed a service that shows the 10 most popular British and Russian forums with direct links to the topic. All the Paidserve Projects Forums i.e. the problems in the search of most popular forums with topics of the project are disappeared.

Because many who registers and makes deposits in a project including us, we are very often wrote him proposals for advertising, but the admin was stubbornly silent.

In late December, the admin had written us in a chat and tried just for a penny buy advertising given that he has money, he still stubbornly refused to pay, and as a result so without buying anything he left.

There are various New Year bonuses in the project.


After about 25 December referral Bizo appealed to me a who has problems with the order of payment in the project hangs in expectation, and all we have advised withdraw small amounts. Then contact the support for the project at first she asked to make a contribution of $ 10, then $ 135, he returned to his contribution in the amount of $ 135.

And he wrote me about this situation on January 6. We are changing the status of the project to the challenges and look forward to the reaction of the administrator of the project. Naturally admin 15-20 minutes there and here began the most interesting, it throws us screenshots so that, given investor created multiaccounts  Armin and Merat (they are not our referrals), and requests to change the status of the project back on payable.

We ask him to send proof of screenshots of a list with all IPs for each Account Armin, Merat, Bizo to which people login, admin considering us for ignorant their job and not experienced claims that he does not have this capability.

And here is a link here is the demo version of the script GoldCoders

As you can see, that such a possibility he has what we naturally to him and wrote an admin for a long time and does not want to send the screens, after about 2 hours of discussions which he a liar, a cheater because it can not send the screens, it still sends them, and all screens carved ie not a full page (it's easier to edit them in Photoshop) and they absolutely can not see, whether they belong to this Account.

And sends screens that all 3 Account has same General name.

Investor Bizo, states that did not create multiaccounts (one of them was created on December 25 just when to make a deposit at the login Bizo) unnecessarily why should he? He is our referral and if he registered another 2 Account they too would have been reported under us, but as you read above Armin, Merat are not our referrals. Just investor Bizo simply dynamic IP Beeline, so under his IP could go and someone else and create the same account as calm.

  And the most basic proof that the person ordering the payment with this project and other projects is December 25 with  IP

Link No.1

Link No.2

Link No.3

Link No.4

Link No.5

This IP did not appear at his login Bizo on December 25, that he entered in to account, it is a different IP was created account as Armin, Merat (one of them has been created on December 25).


1. Admin alleging for multiaccounting of Bizo login and Bizo has created another 2 Armin login and Merat. Trying to prove it with the help of IP which I can assure you, it is very easy to change through the project database and screens even forge is not necessary, everything is displayed as needed.

2. Investor Bizo which create pointless when he orders for the payment of money to the second and third account as a gift, and without the contributions and the ref link. IP of Bizo investor is dynamic and even if this condition is proof that he was a completely different IP not the one for which a multiaccount.

The conclusion from all this can be done, that the admin is trying in any way to delay payments and do them, and the biggest reason that it was invented it muliaccounts that he himself creates.

January 6, since the conversation was still night with the administrator of the project status of the project temporarily changed to expectation? At night, the investor Bizo why it makes more contribution to $135 (although we say that it does not help and do not need), but he hopes for decency administrator of the project and all the same have made a contribution to the already returned to him by all means. I must say looking ahead, that on 8 January, the administrator asked him to make a further contribution to the hourly plan of 135, if you do not replenish the account as a gift, the full block.

Early morning on January 7 the admin wrote us again and we have to change the status to pay unnecessarily Bizo problems were solved by making them contribute to the project. After that we go to the forum and wrote a message mmgp and just looking for information, who else does not pay us the project and wrote the investor Rutta, we ask once more screenshots and immediately change the status of the project.

A little bit about the investor Rutta: during the whole of the project is online mmgp Rutta invested large sums in the project 100$ -200$ -300$ and conclusions of them successfully, but after 5 January luck and left of it because it did not want the admin to pay after the contribution to the hourly plan for the amount $301.

Naturally admin project appears in our chat and asking to change the status of the project and without anything disappears.

2 hours later he appears again with the same questions and statements that are all here to make money Give me money unnecessarily admin apparently stupid and did not understand, we throw him first screenshots tell him that his scam project itself admin not better, etc., but the most amazing thing he did not let up! And finally reach us, we begin to write it themselves pay us and we will change the status and remove the negative reviews (immediately explained that if he had transferred the amount of money we would have distributed it among those who have written to us from investors) us more reputation than this scum project.

And then the admin apparently lost all conscience, take screenshots only the part of the conversation where we had asked to pay, dropping everything else, screenshots investor that he scum, etc. and starts to blackmail that will lay out the screenshot on the forums, and we have to put him Status Board.

After that, we just threw it out online chat and decided to write this article as administrator of the project managed to blackmail both investors and us.

Everyone who read the article, thank you for your time, Other Monitoring advise just change the status of the project to not pay. Now if you look through our service do Paidserve NOT PAYING, stay with us and mmgp forum, the project is moved to the spam.



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