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May 25, 2020
incomeb Paying
1.25% daily for 365 days
May 24, 2020
1.5% daily for 12 months (from 50 rubles)
1.9% daily for 6 months (5,000 rubles)
2.1% daily for 3 months (50,000 rubles)
May 23, 2020
5.5% daily for 40 works days
2.5% daily for 64 works days
May 22, 2020
104% - 150% After 1 Day
125% - 400% After 5 Days
170% - 600% After 10 Days
320% - 1800% After 25 Days
1000% - 3000% After 50 Days
2500% - 6000% After 100 Days
300% after 3 days
700% after 7 days
3000% after 30 days
May 22, 2020
105% - 140% after 1 day
115% - 168% after 2 days
150% - 245% after 4 days
300% - 550% after 8 days
1000% after 16 days
500% after 70 hours
May 21, 2020
1.49% - 2% hourly for 70 hours
5% - 8% hourly for 40 hours
15% - 18% hourly for 20 hours
1.2% daily for 60 days
110% after 4 days
6% daily for 20 days;
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May 26, 2020
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The news of HYIP industry for October the 17th! (Updated)

Today we haven’t got much news yet. Let’s put attention at yesterday news. There was information on all the new programs added. Today the review to the program  Helex  will be added. And in the nearest 2 days the interview with the program will follow.


The news from the program PreMoney:


The first news is from the program PreMoney. They have added the new plan of 16 % for 4 days with the investment return i.e. for 4 days the profit makes 164 %. A minimum 500$, a maximum 100000$. And even 100 % of the reinvestment is possible, so the profit is invested again as an input. So, if you invest 500$ in 4 days you can earn 905$! The profit is just huge.  PreMoney admin asserts that it is one time action, and has 100 % guarantee that they won't lose the means and can earn such %. They have some beneficial offer from their partner in the Swiss bank. They say it is available only 1000 units for them with the price 500$, and now remains 473 units. After all 1000 is sold, the plan will close and it will be impossible to invest into it more.


What to say…Most probably it is a fraud. The profit is just huge and the program can’t pay it to everybody, so the program is going to close in the nearest days! And they make this plan just to collect the last money.


The news from the program One-inv:


“We are working on this issue now. We just bought a new domain and waiting for the Dragonara change our domain.” The admin at last noticed that the program didn’t work. And he changed the domain for: There’s one thing to wait until the support of the server Dragonara will change the domain. The program will be restored, it can’t but please us!


The news of the program Tops-fund:


The program is restored with the new domain Still, for instance, the form of registration doesn’t work. I think that in the nearest day the admin will get on with the script and start the payments. At the old domain a lot of monitors have the status Pays (17 monitors), 6 monitors: Problems. At the forum mmgp there’s just silence, as if they have never had any monitors and investors. The admin answered to my letter within an hour and promised to correct the mistake in the nearest hours.


The new programs for October the 17th:


Vertexprofit the program with the minimum plan of 120 % after 7 days. Script GoldCoders has not the license. Placed on the dedicated server. Design is usual as a normal high-interest program. Ddos protection is not noticed, SSL from Comodo. The project has already added 17 monitors; all with the status Expectation. It is necessary to look narrowly at the program and think of the investment.

Successfuldollars the program with the minimum plan of 2.2 % per day. Script GoldCoders has the license. The referral commission of 4 %. The site is placed at the dedicated server from Staminus. It is added in 3 monitors, all with the status Pays. 3 more monitors with the free listing All is good if not the awful clichéd design of the program, only therefore we pass it by.

Gtmanagers  is an interesting program. If you invest in $, the plan is 20% after 14 дней, if euro up to 50% after 30 days. Theminimum10$. Theresonlinechat, butnowitisoff-line. I haven’t found the program banners. It is placed at the server together with the program diamondstarfund (it worked from September to December 2010 with the plans 2.5% per day for 50 days).So, the last program of this admin allowed someone to get the profit, so this new program can also be something. But let’s wait to see the advertisement and the investor’s sights to these plans. is the medium-interest program 1% per day for 30 days. Accepts PayPal(amazingly), LR,PM. All the monitors are only with the trial list, GoldCoders without the license.

Universal-earning is by-hour program. 5.3 % for 20 hours= 106 % turns out much. The referral commission of 3 %. The simple hosting, the script has not the license. The program is added into 6 monitor, all with the status Expectation, though it is to pay each hour. I wouldn’t invest anything to such program. If the program is by-hour and doesn’t have any + let at least advertizing be normal, and here it’s already been 24 hours since the program has started and the statuses remaind in the position of Expectation.

 Tradertopfund is the medium-interest program with the minimum plan of 1.1 % in the working day for 40 working days. There is online a chat for communication. 5 % is the referral  commission. It is placed at the server with some other site Protection from DDOS has not been found. SSL from Comodo. Uses the script of GoldCoders without the license. The status Expectation at all the added 11 monitors. It is made as only by half, something is made something is not.  Somehow the admin was greedy  to pay at least 150$ for the script and still he makes so long plans and gave to monitors approximately 490$, it is little. Therefore I would advise to leave under the program under attentive watching.

Hugeinvest is the high-interest program with the minimum plan of 110 % after 3 days. Stands on a simple hosting without DDOS protection. Design is too poor. Monitors aren't added, only trial listings, in general we pass it by.

Fresh-income is the high-interest program with the minimum plan of 10 % after 1 day. Standsonanunknownhosting. GoldCoders withoutthelicense. 5 monitorsadded, allwiththestatusExpectation. Therearealmostnopluses. So, wepassitby.

Jumpatcash is one more high-interest program with the minimum plan 105% after 1 day. The pleasant design, as it is often made at high-interest programs. Stands on the server from Litvinenko (it is often the server for the high-interest programs now).  2 domains .net are registered. The referral system is up to 21 %. Strange, but the script from GC has not the license (do anybody remember that it is possible to buy the license?). The program is added in 21 monitors. From 21 on 9 monitors there’s the status Expectation, on all the others the status is Pays. The conclusion, basically if you are too tired to drop the programs you can invest. But I wouldn’t. It’s better to watch, because the only visible thing here is the active ad, but the expenses for the program creation is just minimal. If though the the program is going to work for a long time, then you should think of the investment.

Goldmining-experts is the usual fast without the script, nothing special, even without the design. Theminimalplanfrom 31% perdayfor5 days. Nomonitors, onlyseveraltriallisting.  

Safeprofit. You should not even enter the site. The script GC without license. The clichéd design, awful HYIP, at least no monitors yet. The admin spent money only for domain registration and some cheap hosting.

Blueskystock the next high-interest program. 112% after1 day. 6% isthereferralcommission. So, theadminmustgiveyou 18% atonce, toomuch. Accepts LR, PM,AP. 20 monitors added, from them at 8 the status is Expectation, the others have the status Pays. The server is from Staminus, there are some other sites at it:;;  The script GC has not the license. The conclusion is the same as to the fast programs above: you’d better drop it. It is going to work 2-3 days, if the admin of the program is relly good it can survive for a week. But according to such high % it is hardly going to happen.


Thank you everyone for reading the news above, I will remind you that you can order Refback (RCB) for any program. If the program is not in our monitor, just contact us in any convenient for you way.



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