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The great mystery of division

Since the release of my first articles in the blog, I received about 70 emails from people asking for help to make money, I was promised interest, share part of the future of untold wealth for what I teach or advise how to make ...

I'm very flattered that my opinion is important and authority to so many people - it gives me the motivation to write on. But I rasctroil other time - 90% of people had written letters to explain to me his desire to earn what they need in order to buy an apartment or raschetatsya of debt, help the family but not a single person said that I wanted to hear - "I will share with those who could not" . "From what I have someone help? Who will help me? I am a patron of that? "- I heard about it in return.

To do this, I decided to spend maaaalenky demonstration experiment in which everyone can participate.

The experiment should demonstrate that no matter how pathetic it may sound in the universe is one big mystery to understand that do not need to dig up someone's tomb or take a course of expensive webinars, becoming a Freemason or circumcision. This secret I will reveal to you in this post in my humble blog - the mystery of the division.

Add, multiply and subtract all know how to love. Share and share does not like anybody. This causes a reaction in the body at the genetic level, we feel rejection and bad cramps in my stomach when we have to take what is his and make it someone else's.

I beg of you before you want and dream of becoming rich learn to share - this talent is the first step to wealth.

The experiment, safe for your wallet.

Imagine you're walking down the street and find the bill, which will make your mood rating up a bit. You do not jump to the sky and smile and more fun to go next? 100-200-300 rubles? 10-15 bucks? Presented? Remove them from the bag, and put it in a separate pocket.

Go out, go to a nearby store, anywhere and spend it for a good cause ... stupid? Uncomfortable? Since when do good deeds was not convenient? Are you afraid that you do not understand correctly? Very bad that good things become so small that they are misunderstood. Buy an old lady flower, pay the bill for the old man in the shop if you can see that he considers fines and short of money, buy a child ice cream whatever. Do something that would never do.

Wait for 7-10 days.

If for the last time in your life that happened unexpectedly good or you spent "down the drain" money is not returned to you "suddenly" 5 fold - write a comment on this post. I'll send them back to you. At least the first 200 bucks I guarantee accurate.

What should you deceive me? Nothing. I've already thought to myself that I spent $ 200 on good works. I check you will not. But I assure you if you awake with a conscience and honest with me - my $ 200 will stay with me. And you'll see the best kept secret of the hard-boiled and cynical commercialism of the world ...

ps If you do not want to go out - go to the site and help any child.

ZYY To no one had any doubts about my honesty I will try in the next few days to transfer $ 200 service administration as guarantor.

All return. I checked.

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