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Rough advice on how to invest in HYIP

Just want to say that articles like this on the net quite a lot, but unlike them in this article is not censorship. What kind of censorship I'm saying? Well, do not misunderstand me, usually articles with tips posted on the resources that live at the expense of HYIPs and contributors, so give too scary and direct advice is not always useful - you can scare off potential investors and lose your piece of the pie.

As you might have noticed in my blog no advertising and referral links too - I do not earn it, and my interest lies solely in the fact that "suckers" has become less and more intelligent fellow. Then maybe the market HYIPs come into its golden age ....

So advice would be rude not always pleasant but it seems to me effective:

1) Be paranoid

Perhaps the key piece of advice - do not believe there is nobody and nothing. Once you have chosen an investment in the Internet as a way to make money you have to stop trusting any information and destroy all authority. As I have written in previous articles, all players in the market have set themselves the same goal - to make money. The money brought in mostly novice investors like you - and that means everyone around you one purpose - to take your money.

Imagine that you go on the market in a foreign country - around you cry and clamor, vendors tout you to their tents near rubbing not quite clear to the person and advise where and what to buy and you "feel back" as hundreds of hands and eyes focused on the wallet hanging on your belt. What will you do? 'll Listen to the advice of strange people and willingly parted with the money? No, I am sure - you will become the most careful and do everything to minimize the risks. Market HYIPs same market - but not everyone understands this.

You should not trust the "old pros" and repeat them, relying on the opinion of the monitor or your favorite blogger who suddenly decided to show you a "very cool project." Evaluate any information from 5-10-15 sides and pull it gently without showing their direct interest.

Communicating directly with the monitor or on the theme forum never used the phrase "probably will put a", "thinking to invest", etc. it acts on a fellow professional like a red rag, you will become the number one goal for the treatment and is likely to eventually invest and far more than planned, and forever.

Talking on the discussion forums, chat rooms talking about the project so if you care about it - you'll learn about it a lot more useful information.

Always remember that in one chat with you most likely bought by Admin man sits and most likely the admin goal is to breed on your money.

2) Do not follow silly traditions

Evaluate the HYIP on his design, the legend, the hosting, the engine and the payment is the best option if you just need to lose money. I do not know what idiot came up with these ways of evaluating projects but I do know a couple of dozen investors who, at best, and at worst earned money lost to follow them.

Yes of course you need to evaluate the project externally - it must be pleasant to you personally, it's part of the game - if you want to courtship admin to your wallet. But relying on the design and engine as the main indicator of investing the same as marrying a rubber doll just because she has a big mouth and she is always ready to give ... and brain ... and he is not? Oh!

I participated in the creation of projects that are specifically made carelessly and even funny but with a calculation of what will come after the tsunami of criticism is the same tsunami of money and almost always worked.

I've also seen projects that have made all the canons - super design and engine, a lot of bells and whistles and the miracle of video on the home page and in the end the project was closed in 2 weeks.

3) Stop believing in fairy tales

"A couple of contributions and I am rich, I wake up in the morning and buy a yacht" - a thought in the minds of 70 percent of novice investors, the thoughts that drive them to bankruptcy.

Dear friends understand one thing - HYIP will not make you rich ever. Stop dreaming. Did not no who of investors before you and will not make any of investors do not come after you. They allow you to live a little better when you learn to use them but before that you will lose a lot of money.

Set yourself realistic goals - first learn not greatly upset losers, then learn how to minimize the losses, then learn how to win and at least break even, and only then turn his head to the hope to earn.

A chance to earn a lot and find your "golden Project" is the same as winning the lottery.


4) Do not try to buy the interest!

We often hear phrases like "1 percent in a day? It's just on the neighing! ". Well, where there are some banks to earn a 5-7 percent per month through the crowd of brokers and loans - Give us a 70-80 percent per month so interested. Any income above 1 percent per day is a fairy tale - and the fact that your 10 bucks it will be released a couple of cents, it's just your problem. Just putting the same 10 bucks to another project under 300 percent of the day you lose them and then make a little money ... But greed is a great thing like a lot at once - a better tomorrow ...

I'm honestly not at all interested in projects with incomes above 10 percent in a month because they are risky.


5) Follow the rules of money!

Rules of Money:

- Investing in HYIP you consider that they have already lost, even if the reverse will be a surprise.

- Do not engage in the contribution, just play on their own and it is desirable to free funds.

- Divide your money between 3-4 projects

- As soon as it is possible to deduce the main contribution of the project and just play for a profit, do it as soon as possible without relying on a big roll or super-admin offers just for you!

- Any major contribution to the project by sharing two parts - a public (that screen it'll show you on the forums and chat rooms) and personal of which'll know just you and the admin. Nowhere and no one has to know about your real involvement in a particular project.


6) Roleplaying = loss

The problem of any failure is not that he lost but the fact that he just wants to win back so if you do not want to add your name to the list of those who are "the last time, and a horse" and then with a gun to his temple, surrounded by creditors - learn to accept the loss as an ordinary turn of events, and not to try to catch up soon. My opinion is that between the loser and the following contribution (even if you have money burning in their hands) must be not less than a week, otherwise your new contribution will simply continue a series of failures that could eventually turn into a katostrofe.

7) Do not make deals with the clouds ....

"If I win a million I would build an orphanage and a shelter for dogs. I will give 20 ... not 40 per cent to charity ... God forbid a win? "

Sound familiar? For such delusional agreements with clouds lies nothing more than an attempt to justify himself before the risky move and "increase the chances of success." As a result, the Almighty apparently enters into a contract for the construction of a children's home with another friend while you sit back and suck his paw.

Enough to agree with God - agree with something that you have there, with your fucking brain. Foresee the situation, learn to read the market and calculate the best deal and you just be possible to thank the Almighty for good luck .... Abudet whether it luck you decide to do after the fact.


8) Admin let it slip? Secret in? You've come to ...

Oh, those arrogant investors who are trying to trick or cajole the administrator and find out from him all the plans - that they just do not promise to bring thousands of friends and as many millions of cash, to sell the apartment and Aquarium neighbors only to find out when an admin is going to fade.

For its part, the investor seems to imagine a sort of agent 007 in the rear of the enemy who is about to find the secret of well-being.

Since the admin of this "cunning fellow," one of the flashing chat windows that you want to nod and languid voice to tell a story that he was the only one whom he loved like a brother admin - kiss on the cheek and tear as sticky.

There are of course that the administrator and the investor eventually become close friends but this is unusual. In most cases, this is the game with the administrator when he has the situation in hand and always remains in positive territory ...


Well to start until all ... to be continued.

Article taken from the blog



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