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Reviews USDGame (auction)

Today I will tell you about the project USDGame. This is a cash auction. Who knows, they were developed about 2 years ago via Webmoney, but at one point WebMoney banned such auctions and no more.

Few will explain what these auctions. Users make consistent rate. The initial rate and pitch of each new rate depends on the conditions of the auction. Once you place a bet, if a certain time, someone else will put more bets you win the auction and take the whole pot. Or some other description of the auction: "The players are betting on the turn, adding them to a common bank. The winner has put the last bet takes all "

Just recently emerged website USDGame, which offers a similar auction, but after PerfectMoney payment and LibertyReserve.

Once on site, we immediately see the proposed auction for 5 minutes to an hour for 12 hours. In order to implement the rates you need to register and fill the balance of one of the methods.

I recommend you look at the website section of the rule. Here are some interesting points of the rules:

"The administration is not responsible for failures of the site due to some extraneous factor or."

"Payments to more than $ 10 are carried out automatically, if there are sufficient reserves for specials. accounts for avtovyplat.

Withdrawal of funds from your account is in manual mode, which takes time. The waiting time payment is on average no more than 2 days. The exception is force majeure. "

"The guarantee of non-interference."


"The management does not interfere with the game between the parties.

If in doubt about the honesty of the passing game, the administration is ready to replenish the balance skrnshoty each player. Or provide access to view accounts of the project through a common desktop SKYPE, or to present other evidence.

Administration reserves the right to take charge of the evidence. Not less than $ 50 nor more than 5% of the bank's game.

The data given at registration, may be published without notice prevaritelnogo if required by the reputation of the project. "

In the news, that there is no news yet.

To contact the site administrator you need to visit the section contacts, and there will be a written email on which you can write and feedback form. The lower right on the site as written «Skype: mihailros
ICQ: 393-010-815 »by which you can contact the site administrator.



In his personal account, you can replenish your balance, withdraw money, as well as you'll find the history of your transactions, and a link to the affiliate program.

I myself have tried to put a few bets, adding to his account in this project. Everything went well, the stakes are placed without delay in the completion accounts automatically, but there are some nuances. Every certain number of minutes of the auction page itself is updated. But if you play 5 minutes of an auction to be careful not miss when the enemy has put a bet, try to refresh the page yourself to see who else has put a bet or not. When another set rates, you are not any messages not displayed and the email does not come, so be careful!

Of course, we contacted the site administrator and asked them a few interesting questions. And so what we got answers:

It is written in order, in one copy. The script has been tested for safety by a famous hacker forum for vulnerabilities (especially in the avtovyplat).

What about warranties. I have a personal certificate webmoney, BC 280, a three-year registration (tested). I have a reputation on the Internet. I have registered on the forum MMGP that greater than 2 years. Login mihailro. (We just checked).

In 2008, had his own auction on webmoney. The auction for me, this is one investment. I most important idea.

Now, regarding the technical part. The auction is located on a dedicated server located in Germany, the company hostlayf. There is a basic DDoS protection. (According to whois it all podvterzhdaetsya)

The site is organized auto-completion, and automatic payments such as exchange LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. In the near future we plan to connect robokassu (leagues drink, Yandex Money, money mail).

After reviewing this site, we can say that it is made quite high quality, provides a reliable guarantee as payment, and honesty auction. Who wants to feel like a player and try your luck, you can safely play in akuktsion and maybe even get a nice prize.



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