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Feb 17, 2020
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Feb 19, 2020
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Reviews Simple Investment


Hello dear readers, today we look at the project Simple Investment.
Project started on September 2, 2013. That means the project is online for 3 days.
Having come to the homepage Simple Investment it is noticeable nice design, and if you scroll your mouse down it will be quite original inscription, and there are statistics, but here's the link for the registration is not easy to find, but if you scroll down the page below or click on the entry, you can find a link for registration.
On the main page of the Simple Investment as such legends of the project is not present, only the bottom is written the principle of the project.

With the administrator of the project was an interview which you can read here. It receptionist says that its second project, the first was Invest Hall, who worked one and half month by going to the forum mmgp found interesting information link.
Project Invest Hall opened 30/08/13, plans in the project is EXACTLY the same as in Simple Investment. Pay on deposits admin ceased 12.08 (paid off the last time at 11.08 and that is not all as it turned out). Further information from the topic:
" At the same time in the evening before dinner and 12.08 13.08 Reinvesting people did, as usual, to purchase the evening in the new one. All of this money has been appropriated by Admin to the penny (about 25K + all the remaining difference between the put - paid). To say exactly how much he stole difficult, maybe, of the explanation, it appeared that:
- Statistics is wound was
- The systematic theft of money from the system
- Admin crystal honest, just "I could not'
According to this topic seems in a hurry admin creates the second draft of the, after being set up on the forums of course those who have thrown in the past have ruined the project and the project , and he probably did not even get to work.
Now the admin has made a new exclusive script and created a new project
We will continue with further consideration of project.


Let’s consider the project plans of Simple Investment:
Pretty interesting system plans. First, at the opening of the project are available only definite plans for investment. Everywhere the same profit differ only in the amount of the deposit and term.
Now plans are already available:

"Tariff 15 " - $ 15 through the 95 hours bring the investor $ 19.5
REFBONUS - 5% ( $ 0.75)

"Tariff 25 " - $ 25 through the 95 hours bring the investor $ 32
REFBONUS - 5% ( $ 1.25)

"Tariff 50 " - $ 50 through the 95 hours bring the investor $ 65
REFBONUS - 5% ( $ 2.5)

The rate of "100 " - $ 100 through 119 hours of bringing investor
$ 65 + $ 65 ( two payments every 59.5 hours)
REFBONUS - 5% ($ 5)
Note that besides the contribution can only be done at 19:00 each day and are allowed to deposit a small amount of packages , so it turns to invest only in units. Plus it's the system that the project is progressing steadily and money it does not fill up, minus that invest in the project is not just wanting to unnecessarily many contributions and dismantled in a few minutes.
Other plans are only opened September 6 and 11.
START 06/09/13
Rate "200" - $200 through 119 hours bring investors
$ 130 + $ 130 ( two payments every 59.5 hours)
REFBONUS - 4% ( $8)

START 09/11/13
Tariff " 400 " - $400 through 119 hours of bringing investor
$260 + $260 ( two payments every 59.5 hours)
REFBONUS - 3% ( 12$ )
When open up new plans already with a larger minimum amount , I still think will be bought up at 19:00 , because some of the long wait , they saw that the project is running and ready to invest and have a large amount such as $200 and $400.
Referral system in the project Simple Investment:
Referral system with regular contributions , the size of it depends on what kind of plan in invested.
Payment systems in the project Simple Investment:
Work with a single payment system PerfectMoney, although there is an English version of the site , but their favorite payment systems and SolidTrustPay EgoPay yet.
The technical side of the project Simple Investment:
The domain is registered for 1 year. From 2013 - 08 - 26 to 2014 - 08 - 26.
Ukrainian domain registrar, through which you are registered, and all data in the whois listed company
The site is on the hosting of minimum cost of placing their website 80usd per month.
On the server on which the project is located, according to whois is still one project, but I think it is a little like, it refers to the creator of the project.
SSL certificate is not installed.
The script of the project and an exclusive show that was written specifically for the project.
The technical side to the normal level, the lack of SSL certificate course not strongly affect the safety of the project, but we hope it will add soon.
Advertising Project Simple Investment:
The project was created on popular forums. Added only two monitoring our and what it is not particularly popular, other monitoring, we did not find, but if you think about, especially now advertising the project is not needed, because all the available packages are buying up as soon as there will be so many that will not buy all means, and then due to start advertising the project.
The conclusion of the project Simple Investment:
The project plans to play for a long time , if the project will not have problems like Invest Hall, he can live a long time. If the last project worked for about six weeks , the initial period of investment is possible and even necessary , because you can almost safely make a profit and to have time to bring everything .



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