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Reviews project Yamafinance

Monitoring Today I want to tell you about the project Yamafinance. The first notes about the project appeared on forums and monitoring at 14th of June. While visiting the site we can see the original design in the Japanese style. It is made quite qualitatively and beautifully. There are two language versions of the site: English and Japanese. The Japanese version seems to be created rather for the project's style support. The name of the site from the translation from Japanese will approximately sound as The Mountain of Money. If we look at the alex traffic, that is updated not so fast we will see the following statistics:

Belarus 8,975
Ukraine 23,522
Russia 59,844
China 134,929
As we see the Chinese acknowledge them more than the Japanese, which is the evidence that there is propensity to China rather than to Japan. Here we should also put attention on the banner, which is not translated into the Japanese; and in the Japanese version of the site the texts are written in English. - Peak of your financial imagination

The menu is made not bad, there is nothing superfluous, and there is everything which is the most important. Now we will visit the FAQ section. These are the most interesting paragraphs from it:

The documents on company's registration may be received by the investors who applied for them only if the investors used the Hokkaido plan (minimum 20000$).

"Do you have an office or the representation? Yes, you may find our contacts in the section "Contacts ". "

Yet there is not a word about an office or the representation in the section "Contacts".

Now we will visit the section Rules and study them. "YM is an officially registered company that provides the copies of its registration documents to public view by personal request. (Only available to customers who have invested more than $500.)" Although there are other words in the FAQ, still it is not clear to whom they provide the copies of the registration documents.One user may have several accounts; it is only that they mustn't be linked with each other with the referral connection. The input of money is possible to make through the bank service, for this purpose you must contact the support of the project. The delay of the output of money may be from an hour to a day.If the project has some disorders in its work the investors must stay calm, but not for more than for 2 days.

Now we will study hoe the project makes such a good profit. According to the signified information the project has a team of professionals who works at the World Fund Markets. There some words about Tokyo's stock exchange. They say that their office is not far from this fund stock exchange. The company was registered in the Dominic Republic in 2008. All in all, this is a simple legend; there is nothing special; and there was not any prove provided for the investors for this information.

Now we will look at the investment offer. The investment offers may be found in the site and you may think of them and analyze them. The maximum of the investment is not limited in any of the offered plans. There is no compounding anywhere, there is only reinvest which is available during first 40 days. The return of the investment sum is made at the end of the investment term.

The plan Honshu. The term is 100 working days. 1.2% a day. Minimum: 10$. 120% of profit + the return of the investment.
The plan Kyushu. The term is 22 weeks. 6.25% a week. Minimum 500$. The profit is added every Friday. 137.5% of profit + the return of the investment.
The plan Shikoku. The term is 110 working days. 1.3% - 1.55% a day. Minimum from 1000$ to 16000$. 143% - 170.5% of profit + the return of the investment.
The plan Hokkaido. The term is 120 working days. 1.6% a day. Minimum 20000$. 192 % of profit + the return of the investment.
It is observed from plans that % rates are progressive; the more the sum of investment is, the more the profit is, and the plans are quite long.

The referral system is quite usual and simple. 5% from the investor's input. The payment processors are only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Other payment processors AlertPay, StrictPay, GlobalDigitalPay are not added: perhaps in order to escape the problems with the account blocking. Anyway we have asked this question to the project's support.

Now we will put attention to the project's news: The news about projects opening is on March, 20th (but they were written in the domain on March, 14th; and the first information in search appeared on June, 14th). And on April, 3d they had the seminar in Osako, however there was no previous news inviting to this seminar. The news was made earlier than the advertisement the project started. This is both good and bad. As a lot of inexperienced investors visiting the site would think that this site started its work from 20th of March and it has already been paying for three months to its investors. Although the date of project's start is the 14th of June.

The technical part of the project The domain of the project is bought for a year. In whois the address is signified in Santo Domingo, however I could not find it from google. There is an e-mail: There we send our questions, if they give the respond, we will add the information to this review. The server is from the company Staminus Communications. SSL is from Comodo CA Limited. The script is exclusive, but it is similar to the scripts of the projects EuroNanoInvest and FenixTrust; it is possible that script was made by the same company.

It is possible to contact the support through the telephone, through the form of support and through the on-line chat. I was answered in 10 minutes by Kazumi. After I wrote that I need to ask some questions, I was answered that they answer only the e-mail letters and the conversation in chat was compulsorily closed. That is why we send a list of questions by e-mail and now we are waiting for the respond.

>Director of your company's Frank Thomas?

Frank Thomas is our accounting and support manager. Directors name is Yamada Tezuko.

>You can contact him by phone?

Yes i can contact him by phone if i have important questions about business.

>Can you sign a contract?

No. We are using our online terms and conditions on our website, when you register an account you must agree with our terms.

>Do you plan to other versions of the site other than English and Russian?

Yes we will translate website to other languages soon, maybe after summer.

>Can I get the registration documents of the company?

We are legal registered company, certificate of incorporation may be available only to members of the Hokkaido Investment Plan, if you're already an active Hokkaido investor - please write to us this and we will personally send you the documents of the company.

>Do you have written in the rules that may be invested by bank transfer. Please >write the data for the transaction.

We don't accept this time wire-transfers, buy you can send it via, just register an account and send them wire, then you can place direct deposit in to our company using PM.

>Where can I find your office or representation?

Avenida Lope de Vega #13 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic We will open one more office soon in India, it is will be representative office. Also we have head office and the department of stock trading located in Tokyo, not far from the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Elitai Dori Street.

>Reinvested available the first 40 working days, or just days?

Yes you can reinvest your funds (profit) during first 40 days from start of investment.

>Will added AlertPay, StrictPay, GlobalDigitalPay?

We are planing to add AlertPay and many others payment ways after summer.

We will inform you of the terms of the answers; and the texts of the responds will be added to this review.

If we look at the project's advertisement we will see that it is located at 10 monitoring. There was not observed any active advertisement on the foreign forums.

Having read all the above information, you will make your own conclusion. The project is good and it has a good future under the condition of the correct management and the desire of the project's work. If the active advertisement of the project starts, it will at least give a guarantee that the project is going to work and you have a chance to be in time to get the profit. The most important thing is to make a competent advertisement. However, the term of getting the profit is quite long, so before investing the money analyze the stage of the project's development: whether the project is on peak of its development, or may be it has some preconditions to closing.

Have successful investments!

Successful to you of your investments!



Review written by site administrators At full or partial copying of information from our site, be sure to send a link to our site.



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