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Jun 01, 2020
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May 30, 2020
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May 29, 2020
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May 28, 2020
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May 27, 2020
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Jun 02, 2020
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Reviews project Reprofinance

Monitoring Today I`d like to present you the review of Reprofinance Project. First information about the Project was appeared on the 11th of June. When you come on the site you fall on English version but the Project is design in English and Russian languages. Project has the pretty design which demonstrates that the Web Site was designed especially for the Project and it is not a template. Project banner :

Monitored by

Today I want to introduce to your attention the review to the project Reprofinance. The project has opened and become available since June, the 6th; it is possible to say so according to the forums Allhyip, however it is important to mention that the news of the site is made from December, the 21st of 2009. So, the admin of the site wants to show that the site opened in December, it has just not been advertized and available for the investors. Entering the site the first thing to fall into an eye is the top that changes with each page renewing. In the right we can see an item showing that the site is in English. Probably the admin planned to make the multi-language site, yet this function is not realized. You can also see in the right side the Online Chat and the picture showing the information that we can receive up to 10% of interest from the attracted client's deposit. Clicking at the picture, we can immediately see a list of banners; there's also a text telling that we will receive 4% of the award if we attract the client who will make the investment and 1% from the second level. But, reading the news we get to know that since July 21st the award has grown from 4 to 8% and from 1 to 2%.

At the project's banners we can see the announcement that the company reprofinance is officially registered in Belize. At the page Legal of the site we can make it sure: there is an address and documents' scans.

Revendor Management, Inc.
60 Market Square
Belize City, Belize

They also tell us that the Support works daily and the site is protected by dragonara. (the protection from DDos attacks is meant).

Let's analyze the plans of the project. They offer 4 plans at the page Plans: Conservative Balanced Aggressive Special And lower there's a calculator with the help of which you can count the profit. The profit is coming every working day, so the investment terms are 90 or 180 working days. If we look what is written in the explanation to plans below* - you will see that you are able to take off the deposit any time, but the commission will be 30% - this is a good plus of the project. When 90 or 180 days are over you may take off the deposit or invest it again. The plan's profit is from 0.8 to 1.9% a day; it depends as in many other projects from the investment sum.
You may invest into the project in three ways: with the payment systems LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney or with the bank remittances.

The account protection of the site is well-made: you have the password to enter the account + the transactions password + a list of codes. The project's script is from the company GoldCoders, still there is modification. There is the SSL protection, you can read in the certificate that it is from the company Equifax.

There's nothing interesting in the section FAQ. All the questions and answers are usual. And in the section Investment you can read how your money works and what strategy they have etc. according to their words.

You can get to know from the news that they had a conflict with hyipcom - this monitor changed the status into Problem because the project was working with the competitor of hyipcom - That is why do not worry if you see the negative information on the project at hyipcom.

The conclusion on the project. The project is good, but the plans are long, 90 days - it's 4-5 months. Of course, the plus is that you can take off the money with the commission 30% and there's an online support, so you can quickly connect the project's admin with any questions and problems. The project has been working stably for several months and the requests for taking the money off are processed quickly.

Successful to you of your investments!



Review was prepared by administrators If you fully or partitivly copy information from our site please put Web link to our web site at the beginning and at the end of text.



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