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Sep 26, 2018
6% daily for 20 days
200% after 10 days
400% after 5 days
Sep 25, 2018
ICOHours Paying
1.52% hourly for 70 hours
2.60% hourly for 48 hours
10.4% hourly for 24 hours
Sep 24, 2018
1.1% - 1.15% hourly for 96 hours
2.33% - 2.77% hourly for 48 hours
6.0% - 14.0% hourly for 24 hours
Sep 23, 2018
BitRiseTrade  VIP  Paying
2.15% daily for 25 days
2.95% daily for 21 days
115% after 7 days
5.2% daily for 30 days
Sep 22, 2018
104% after 1 day
125% after 5 days
150% after 15 days
Sep 22, 2018
ZalBET Paying
20% after 1 month
10% - 15% for 25 biz days
30% after 1 month
Sep 20, 2018
Bithoger Paying
3% - 5% daily for forever
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Sep 26, 2018
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Reviews GlobalFinance

Hello! Today we look at the GlobalFinance project. The project was startedon October 9, 2013, and continues to develop today. This project is middle-interest and offers plans as follows:

Bronze income 1% daily for 10 days, the payment is made on working days

Silverincome - period is 25 working days under 1.3% of gain per day.

Gold Plan with a maximum yield of 1.8% for 40 working days.

For today, the project has an excellent reputation, not only in the forums but in life and offline. Not long ago, this company conducted an advertising campaign in Moscow, which was held on October 24. Photo report you can see in the project news.

Offline life also includes the paintball tournament, whichwill be held in Orekhovo-Zuevo. The information about sponsoring the project can be find here paintball-mo.
Technical support of the project is at a very high level.It is possible to call all the contacts. The company GlobalFinance has an office at the address: 39A August 10th str., Ivanovo, Vladimir region. All contacts listed on the site are working that is really surprised, just today it will be available the video interview with the director of the company which will be present on our channel in youtube.
An in VKontakte.
Also in the forum MMGP I found an interesting post about video in youtube .

In such a short time the project became so developed, it is good because for the last time there were no good projects.

Website design is very pleasing to the eye and exclusive, the site administration is not afraid to hide their faces, and shows them on the site.

For online advertising, the main part of monitoring in which the project is registered has a status with number of monitor’s of 39 that is very impressive.

Technical part of the site is perfect.



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