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Reviews from Dandelion Finance

Review to the project Dandelion Finance

Today I want to introduce you the review to the project Dandelion Finance. It has just appeared, still it has become quite popular. Entering the site we see an English interface and a pleasant design. We also see a Russian site version and German version, that yet is not available. The project appeared in forums on April 13th. The domain was registered on January 6th.  It was registered for a year by Vsevolod Oreshnikov. There are no banners yet. The support answered that the banners are almost ready and they are going to be located in the site quite soon.
And now as usual let’s study the information of the main page of the site. The slogan “Money make money” is the first thing that catches attention. We can see the statistics of the site for 24th of April. It shows the following facts: the total amount of investors includes 119, investments – $18570, the project has been working for 14 days. After 5 days more the statistics changed dramatically: the total amount of investors includes 181, investments – $33739, the project has been working for 19 days. As we can see, the project takes a good score. The number of investors has increased in 1.5 times in 5 days! And the investments have grown in 2 times! Lower is the reference to the Support. It works from 10 to 18 GMT + 1 in working days.
The project has the internal currency, the so-called DC. Tariffs for input and output of money are described in a separate page where it is possible to notice that the project accepts 17 pay-sheets, from them for 10 it will be possible to take back, but we will notice that a course is good only at the input and output with PM, LR. Other payment systems make you loose from 6 % to 10 %. It is certainly made on purpose to make the investments be realized through payment systems LR and PM (because they are more popular in HYIP industries). And if you want the best guarantees it is necessary to offer to 10 % of the commission more, but you will have a bank remittance, and it will be much more weighty proof of the input to the project, than a payment system. Also we see that the input of from cards Master Card Visa etc. both by checks and cash is planned. And if you see my point … yes, it is right, they are going to open an office or representation for reception of money by cash! It is really interesting, as such things in HYIP industries are very rare. Certainly, we have asked this question in the interview, and the answer was following:

“The detailed information on reception of checks and cash will be published on a site by the time  the given function starts working – I will tell you directly I simply do not want to give false information,  it is Andre who is responsible for this question.”

Also we will notice that such payment systems as AlertPay, SolidTrustPay etc. aren't present here, though they are popular enough, and as I believe, they should be interesting enough for honest investment projects. Especially if you have noticed the project account is verified in PerfectMoney, so there must not be any problems with verification in AlertPay. In interview the answer has been given that the given payment systems will appear in the near future.

Now we will consider attentively all sections of the project.

Let's begin with the news. The first news from April, 17th. Here we can see the reference to rating page (we will notice that in a site anywhere in the menu the reference to a rating isn't present!). As the information that will soon enter the Russian-speaking version of a private office, and they have decided to make it correctly as it was difficult enough to our investors to understand the English-speaking version of a private office.

One more news from April, 20th has an interesting information that there will bean open project insurance soon. We also insure the given project as you can find out in our site, but the insurance fund is empty now, the insurance has already been spent for 1 day!

The latest news for today from April, 25th 2011, also inform us that more detailed referral system now is made. A limit of cards of 6000 this month is almost settled. And also the reviews and interview are going to appear in the nearest future.

Now we will visit the section «About us». Here at once we will see some subsections, but we will look at one after another. At first we will pay attention to section with legal information. The certificate of registration of offshore company DCSI Finance Inc here is laid out and DCSI Finance Inc address is written. Suite 14, Ansuya Estate Revolution Ave, Victoria. In interview the answer has been given that the given address serves for correspondence processing. Also it is possible to find in interview that in the nearest future there will be a scanned version of a full package of documents on company registration! I think it will add still more trust to the project.

In section Monitorings we can find 6 monitorings, it basically isn't enough, but having in mind a good referral program in this project, it compensates a lot, and it is not necessary to have a lot of monitorings for the project.

In section Contacts we can contact support by means of skype, email, icq. Except usual support, there is lower written the project administration. But what is interesting is that we may contact the someone Andre Leorson only by email. We can contact Vsevolod Oreshnikov by email and icq. Also there is a Financial manager of the project. More in detail about the stuff responsibilities we can find in the answer:

“Andre is occupied with the general management of all the project, Vsevolod Oreshnikov  is responsible for the Internet representation. The names of financial managers are not announced as they are the employers.”

Below we can notice the section “Our projects” and three references where they say that they receive the profit for giving credits, sports rates, financial consulting and internet projects support. According to their words soon the project is going to give credits! I have never seen such things in HYIP industry yet. If they are really going to give credits it will prove that our investments work not lying deadly at accounts.
Now let’s look at the most interesting thing. The investment plans of the project. The idea of them is very interesting and gives high profits.

The Plan Sprint-B 0.6% per day for 5 days = 3% and that is approximately 18% at month, minimum 10$ - a maximum 100$.

The Plan Astra 4% per day for 30 days = 120% and that is at month 20%, minimum 100$ - a maximum 500$.

The Plan Bonas-2 3.3% per day for 50 days = 165% and that is approximately 39% at month, minimum 500$ - a maximum 2000$.

Now plans are rather balanced. The profit in plan Bonas was for 20% more before. That made the project popular at start.

Also, if you use our offer and buy cards for the input you will receive a good bonus at start that will raise essentially your profit, but remember the rules filling up accounts from a card, and the quantity of cards is limited, therefore the one who wants a bonus should seize the moment when the cards are available. You should put money into the plan first, and then to output into the plan with term not less than 30 days.

Put especial attention at the fact that the plan has a status, active, private, expects to be started that means that the existing plan can be closed and more profitable or less profitable plan can be opened. Now it has turned out that two more profitable plans were changed with less profitable plans and those who invested from the very beginning now will get a good profit.

In Payment section, an interesting phrase is written:

One of the basic lines of activity of our company is financial support for the Internet of projects. So, from the 3 directions the main is to support projects. We’ll see whether they show us what projects they have already rendered such service.

In this connection they accept such quantity of payment systems. And the most interesting thing is that there are special conditions for vip investors. Personal meeting is possible. There is collector services in 6 countries. Unfortunately, Russia isn't included. Nevertheless it is quite interesting information that you can seldom meet in HYIP industries.

In section FAQ there are 16 questions and answers. Here are some interesting answers to the questions:

I would like your project to participate in my monitoring!

Our project cooperates exclusively with highly authoritative monitors and catalogs. It is enough to us to participate in 3-4 monitors with good authority and wide audience than to give to investors a page from 50-60 monitors about which they don't know anything.

- Before the investment I would like to check up you, do you agree?

Certainly. On a site publicly accessible information on us is presented.

You can check up the information in any way you like and find the way to convenient you.  

Additional checks «send me your fingerprints» or «scan of the passport of your director near the fresh newspaper» we don't pass for the reason that we don't have time to please imagination of all admirers of spy theories – to us it is necessary to earn and pay the income to ordinary investors.

 When payments under demands for an output of means are made?

 Demands for an output of means are processed in 2 turns.
1-100$ daily from Monday till Friday 22.00 – 02.00 (GMT+2)
100$ + daily from Monday till Friday 02.00 – 04.00 (GMT+2)

On Saturdays, Sundays and each 25th number of current month (no matter what day of the week) payments aren't made.

 I wanted to receive more developed information on your activity, and Support refuses to give to me it! You hide that? How I can get the information?

Workers of a support service for clients of the project, the technical consultant of the project and the consultant of financial service of project are hired workers and their competence doesn't include discussion of investment activity of the project.
For the detailed information it is necessary for you to contact the manager of the project to the address

And now let’s analyze the section “Partners” which is also really interesting. The first partner is the referral program which gives  3% bonus of input and 2.5% of profit from the attracted referral.
The advertizing representative (in others HYIP I didn't notice analogs) at theme creation at a forum and at presence of 100 pages of a forum, the topic is paid to a starter.

The financial partner of the project (analogs in others HYIP aren't found). You buy the project cards at cheaper price and sell all of them to interested persons.

The insurance agent of the project (it is already clear). Under certain conditions you may become the insurer of the project and open the insurance in it. Conditions are always discussed with the manager of the project.

Now let’s see the technical part of the project and the account in the project. The project script is unique, so it is more difficult to break it. There is already the Russian-speaking version, therefore all became clear and more convenient for lots of users. Safety is made not bad and at good level. To enter accounts for an output of money, you can only 1 time, and further only through a support service. There is a protection on a sms, but meanwhile it doesn't work. There is a transfer possibility between accounts. In general the script is made really well. They use the approach of mind and wit to create the script.

The site stands on the allocated server, on a site there have already been ddos attacks and it successfully worked. And investors haven't even noticed fault in the work at all, I think it already tells about good ddos protection at the project. There’s paid SSL that adds even better protection to the project.
The whole summary to the project.

The project is impressive. Of course, there are some defects, but they are so small, that are almost invisible. At the initial stage the project showed to be not bad. The investments are quite big and are coming stably. This information is shown in the statistics and in forums messages mmgp. It is useful to notice that the project starts to develop stably and slowly that gives a certain sureness that the project is going to work for much more than a month. The projects creator has made the project for a long term. So if you didn’t invest to this project it is high time to do it. And if you still doubt, you may make a little investment with an insurance and watch. It is possible that in future you will change your mind and invest a large sum.

The review was written by Anton, one of the admin of the site
While copying the material from our site, please point the reference of the first-research. Respect your and our labour.



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