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May 30, 2020
2% daily for 11 bussines days
66.5% on the 6th and 11th working day of the deposit
144% after 11 bussines days
10% daily for 100 bussines days
May 29, 2020
0.8% daily for 3 days
1.4% daily for 12 days
2% daily for 30 days
2.2% daily for 30 days
2.7% daily for 60 days
2.6% daily forever
May 28, 2020
116% after 4 days
125% after 5 days
138% after 6 days
150% after 10 days
180% after 20 days
May 27, 2020
AlysDax Paying
0.78% - 1.27% daily for 30 - 180 days
May 26, 2020
1% - 3% daily 30 days
6% daily for 20 days
1.5% - 4% daily for 40 days
2% - 5% daily for 50 days
3% - 6% daily for 60 days
May 25, 2020
incomeb Paying
1.25% daily for 365 days
May 24, 2020
1.5% daily for 12 months (from 50 rubles)
1.9% daily for 6 months (5,000 rubles)
2.1% daily for 3 months (50,000 rubles)
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May 31, 2020
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Review project The International Reserve System

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The International Reserve System

Start date of the project 21.08.2016

About the project:

International Reserve System is a community of people United by one goal – to build an alternative financial system using Bitcoin as a payment unit. According to the creators of the new system is no place for financial control, credit institutions and to ongoing monitoring by the state. Society itself is able to control his actions, and private property under the Constitution of any democratic state is inviolable.
Citizens wishing to join the International Reserve System – established Israeli developers must purchase the bitcoins that are used in the network means of payment. Further, the cryptocurrency is sent to other participants – "camerarius" as "Reserve Money". New customers have the opportunity to earn on the growth rate of reserve money up to 20% per month.

Marketing plan:

The expected rate of domestic currency, the "Reserve money" changes by 20% per month due to current and projected growth of value of Bitcoin. Every day, throughout the year, thawed 1 / 365th of the amount purchased currency," and every day is the appreciation of the value of "currency".

Affiliate program:

14-level referral program.
7 qualifications, opening by 2 levels.
Linear bonus. From 8% to 3% for purchases up to 14 generations structure.
The team bonus matrix. From 195.e. up to 32760 for each bonus.
Business tools as a gift. For the 3rd grade.
Elite gift. For the 4th grade.
Automotive program. For 5th grade 35000.e. on the car.
The housing programme. Apartment for 6 th grade.
Luxurious estate. House or Villa for 7th grade.


When entering funds provided by the batch system, where packages start at $ 100.e. and the maximum was 7000.e.

To transfer money to a backup system is only possible in Bitcoin, but the system camerarius provides the opportunity to seek help in the conversion of existing currencies into bitcoin.
Withdrawal is carried out 1 time a week on the wallet of Bitcoin.
You can also purchase their unfrozen funds package to another party.

Technical characteristics of the website:

- Unique script;
- Unique design;
- SSL certificate COMODO;
- GreenBar;
- Protection By CloudFlare, DDoS;
- Dedicated server on Hetzner;


The project can be maintained via the quick submit form or email in the contact section.


The project was well received by investors already on predstarta made a large number of deposits. All I hope for interesting, serious and lucrative game.
Conclusion about the project:
The website is designed in a very very calm even cool colours that would hint on the accuracy of the calculations of the administrator, his "cool head". All the work and promotion is going so slowly and quietly, allowing you to count on the long term operation of the project. Very early in the prestart also says that the admin has set the aim to test everything very seriously and to achieve precise work without crashing.



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