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Review project Riverdalemutual


Monitored by

First, let’s look on the legend of the project:


The very core of the legend is that the experience of the founders of the project is over 20 years. It is said that the investment of the project affects so many areas, and not specifying anything particular. If you check the text of the uniqueness of the 83% line «Since 2003 our company has been able to assist thousands of our clients to achieve tax planning, safe, efficient and affordable corporate structuring as well as asset protection» coincides exactly with the line in Macrotrade.


There is no confirmation of the project, but the legend of the project is not as important as the work itself, so let’s consider the project further.


Let’s look the design of the Riverdalemutual project.


The design  is very pleasant to the eyes. It is made in light colours; one can see that the design is exclusive and was made ??to order. You can judge it by the icons on the left, and by the logo, and by the style  of the whole site itself.


Communication with the project administrators.


There is a form of sending on Facebook, Twitter, and 3 email addresses for communication. Other contacts are not discovered. Admin responds quickly, so it is quite enough, to have this information for communication. Note that on the left which shows the icons on Twitter and Facebook there is a link on YouTube, which has one ?? minute advertising video. There are a lot of effects in this video, they make it quite original and fancy.


Investment plans and referral system of the project.


Plans are from 1.4% to 1.9% daily for 90 trading days and from 1.7% to 2.3% daily for 180 trading days. It is possible to close the deposit in advance with a loss of 40% of the deposit. It accepts such payment systems as LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, and also there are plans to add a AlertPay and SolidTrustPay. Referral program is consist of 3 levels. 1 level of 4% to 6% of the deposit; 2 level 3%; 3 level 1%. So maximum the Admin of the Fund pays from deposit from 8% to 10%. Payments in the project are instant.  Charges are ensued on work days  from Monday to Friday.


What I can say, plans are balanced, referral system also has several levels, and that is very nice. There is a good possibility to deduce the contribution in advance, even with the commission of 40% of the deposit.


The technical side of the project.


And finally, we have got to the technical side of the project, which is very good here. The script uses GoldCoders license. SSL Comodo Certificate is until 2013. The domain is registered from 02.10.2011 till 02.10.2014 year. Server and DDoS protection by Staminus Communications is from reseller Based on the news of the project, its test lasted almost three months.


Technical aspects of the project are at their best, and basically there is all that needed for this project.


Discussion of the Riverdalemutual projects on the forums:


The project on the Russian forums was discussed just a little, almost immediately there followed reports of contributions and payments. On the foreign forums we saw the same. So we could not make a clear conclusion about the project according all forums. Apparently, as well as we are so and others have decided to wait and see the development of the project. The project has long-term plans  and it seems that it will develop smoothly. At the beginning of the project it has already been carried out DDoS attacks, and he successfully defended. The project has already spent 28 days and if we will judge by the forums and statistics on the sites, then there are some deposits in the project, and the project is continuously developing.


Advertisement of the project:


Let’s look at the advertisement of the project. I Added 16 monitors in some of them, in the exclusive listing, mainly I added to the listings for $100 - $200.  Advertising was not seen At the largest forums . I noticed several large banners 728x90 on monitoring. They created page on Facebook, Twitter, and did videos on YouTube .


The conclusion of the project:


The project is designed for long-term operation and development, that is why it is going slowly, and has not a big advertising company, and a smooth development. I think the project should do a double take as it is already working stable and without delay for 28 days.





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