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Review project PrfectForex

Hello, dear readers. Today we look at a project Perfectforex.

We will not consider the Perfectforex project legend because project is high interest and consideration of the legends, will not give us any useful information.

Let’s make a closer look at the advantages and plans of the Perfectforex project:

The project was launched on January 15, it has been working for 28 days. Let me remind you that the investment plans of the project from 104% to 125% of your deposit after 1 day, from 122% to 250% of your deposit after 5 days and other plans, you can find for yourselves how much you could earn up to 28 days.

Take a closer look at the hosting on which the site is located. Hosting, the price of hosting from 150 usd per month. As you can see from the whois the site located on a dedicated server or a dedicated ip (often a dedicated IP is just get, but they write dedicated server on the website). As you can see on the hoster website, the dedicated server price is from 600 usd, the tariff "protected plan corporate" with a dedicated ip is only 300 usd, I think Perfectforex is located on this plane.

The domain is registered by registrar ENOM for 3 years, the domain price is 9 usd per year. There is PositiveSSL certificate from Comodo, its average cost is 8 euro per year. The Registrar is normal; at least he will not block the domain at first complaint.
This site is on the license script from GoldCoders, and you can verify this by looking at the website, if you enter the domain of the project you will see that it is registered script on it.

That we can rarely see in other high interest sites, the site has online support and telephone number, and it is a big plus to the project.

Perfectforex project design was made ?? by popular studio Of course I and many users do not like the photo of the girl who, its seems, is sitting on the toilet and reading a newspaper. In general, the studio has problems with a head, whatever it is popular. The rest of the design is made soundly.




Dinamic banner 175 x 73:
now online: 43  authorized online: 1