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Review project Invest coin

Invest coin

Hello, dear investors, today we look at an unwinding intensive project with significant financial assets to Invest Coin. The company invests in the process of mining cryptocurrencies, mainly bitcoin, as detailed on the page "About us". Relates to mid term HYIP projects in which theoretical net profit per month is 30 to 70% . I hurried to check the uniqueness of the text on the website because it could have been copied from other sources, the uniqueness of the text was 100%! I would like to draw attention to the website design it is decorated in blue and white color scheme, layout is done perfectly, the design is unique.The content contains no errors, pays attention to terms of operating activities. The sections of the website very informative and complement each other. There are 2 languages Russian and English, to switch between them we can top in the header. There are various videos: on the main page, you will find high-quality video presentation, but the video section is a video overview of the project and a very detailed instructional video on how to make a Deposit or withdraw funds.The project is developed in social networks,where users are also offered the video for instructions and more information about the work.

Invest coin


The project developed 3 plans, 15, 20 and 30 days

Investment plan "Share"
7.7% daily for 15 days, up 115.5% of profit (Deposit included in payments).
In this plan you can invest from 10 usd to 300 usd

Investment plan "Asic"
6.5% daily for 20 days, in the end, you will get 130% of profit (Deposit included in payments).
In this plan you can invest from 300 usd to 1000 usd

Investment plan "Accept"
5.7% daily for 30 days, in the end get 171% of profit (Deposit included in payments).
In this plan you can invest from 1001 usd to 10000 usd

Plans for better visual perception:

Invest Coin

Referral program Invest coin

If you are not a representative of the project, you will get 5% from Deposit of your referral and 3% from referrals deposits of the second level.

If you are a representative of the project you will get 8% from each Deposit of your referral and 3% from referrals deposits of the second level.

Payment systems in the project:

Invest in project Coin large selection of various payment systems,Payeer, Bitcoin, perfect Money, Qiwi wallet, Yandex money.You will receive payments in the payment system through which you joined the balance and made a Deposit,so the administration of the project is not too much to use the exchangers and to lose % on the exchange.

Features in project Coin lot Invest consider one:

[ SSL ] - an SSL certificate installed and registered with Comodo, registered from 14 September 2015 to 16 September 2016

[ Dedicated server ] - this server hosts only 1 domain(website)

[ Licensed script ] - the Script license from h-script.

[ Exclusive design ] - Design is done qualitatively it is visible that did not use standard templates.

[ Verified PM ] - account in perfectmoney verified. The project has 5.2 Coin Invest Trust Score point(s) (07.10)

[ Verified Payeer ] - verified Payeer account.

[ Protection against DDOS ] - the project is protection from Ddos attacks from the company DDOS-GUARD.NET

[ Official company ] - Company Coin Invest registered in England under number 09774040 what can be verified by looking on the website companieshouse, we also see that the company is registered September 11, 2015! I.e. the same time opened the site. The company's address matches that listed on the website, but rather


[ Green Bar ] - SSL site is registered to a company, and these companies were given when registering the ssl, so this project has a green bar green bar at the top.

Contacts invest coin

The first striking skype and skype chat specified in the header of the project, i.e. you can very quickly contact the administration and ask a question and not wait for a response when sending a message through the submission form on the website.

Also on site is the company Coin Invest +442035148603, which you can also very quickly find out the answers to the questions.

Also in contacts, we see links to Youtube, Vkontakte and Facebook.  

Conclusion about the project Invest Coin

The project was executed very efficiently, for those who do not trust, registered company, all purses are verified, the texts on the site unique - you can still long to enumerate all the advantages of this company, but it is better to say that it is great for another project which could easily be integrated into your investment portfolio!

Our assessment

Design: 5/5
the technical part: 5/5
Investment Plans: 4/5;
Relationship with ADM. project: 5/5;
Texts on the site: 5/5;

Overall rating: 4.8/5

Our contribution to the project is 300 usd!




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