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Jun 01, 2020
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Review project Delta-Traders

Hello, today we look at the project delta-traders which according to the legend is engaged in trade in the foreign exchange market on behalf of Delta Traders investment fund. The first mention of the project is available from July 23, 2013. Opening date of the project is July 22, 2013.
About the design I can say that it looks quite decent for the investment project. Everything is simple and clear. There is no any problem in finding necessary links. The server links are in Russian and English that gives a big plus.

The uniqueness of the description text is 100%. Help and Rules are described quite extended that allows even novice users to understand the meaning of investment. There is no exchanger inside the project and I think this is due to the fact that at the moment only one payment system Perfectmoney is used.
About the contacts listed on site, everything is very well specified each department have its contact that should provide a quick response. Addresses of the organization are not available.

Investment plans in the project.
With regard to investment plans, we offer the option of a floating interest per day with a minimum investment of 10$. Month earnings is up to 20%. Today average percentage in the account is 1%. Profit is charged only on weekdays.
Under these plans it is likely that this fund is really trading on the foreign exchange market. The payment system through which you can invest in a project in the near future PerfectMoney reception facilities will be automated as well will be connected during the week receiving bank cards VISA Mastercard. Referral system in the project is 5 % of attract participant revenue.
The technical part of the project. The project is located on a dedicated company server Belize - Belize City - Ddos This company also has protection against Ddos attacks. The site is installed with SSL certificate from Thawte certificate with registration for 1 year. But the domain has been registered for 10 years! The company The site can be found on the page of the company's certificate

Advertisement project.
The project is added to several monitors. In page you can find the video feedback from the participants!
But the most interesting thing in the news, in the Advertising, a billboard on the gazelles in Moscow and in Ukraine! Distribution of flyers as in Moscow as in Ukraine.
Generally a good start to spin the project offline. In a large online advertising is not seen, but the group in well spun in a group of 14,000 participants!
The conclusion of the project: It looks worthy of the investment project. Delta-traders is well suited to diversify your investment portfolio. At the initial stage of the project admin has made an aggressive advertising in both offline and online.



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