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Review project BettCoin LTD

The project BettCoin LTD started from 26th of January. For the moment the project has been online for 10 days. The website of the project is translated into two languages. The website header catches your eye as soon as you get in this website. Various beautiful pictures on the header are changing while displaying project’s plans. In addition it says the slogan “Invest in the Olympic Games” but after you have read the text below you understand that we invest in something else.

Our cash means are allocated for two areas: for sports bets and opening of our own bookmaker's office!

Let’s run our eyes over the website and see what is interesting here:

Live video broadcasting of various sports events are published on tab Bettcoin Online. Let’s look at questions and answers: basically there are standard answers but some interesting things are available there.

Our financial means are managed by specialists in the Forex and the betting exchange.

Cash withdrawal is carried out instantly. If due to a technical fault you are not paid immediately wait for a day (24 hours) and only after it refer to project’s customer service. 20% of investments are paid to the emergency reserve fund and certain portion is invested in alternative earning plans apart from the main project concept.

Project’s customer service is working 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In section Contacts we can see the building in which the office of company BettCoin LTD is situated and its address: 8295 Tournament Drive, Suite 150, Memphis, Tennessee, 38125.

There are sending forms right here and other various contact methods: skype, email. Opening hours are written from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm according to GMT.

The section for news.

The project has been working not for long time but in spite of this fact there is very interesting news. Profit of project is calculated this month 7 days a week but the website administrator tells us that working day quantity might be reduced next months.

There is one more news about the advertising of the project. We can see on the pictures that some young people advertised the project by means of leaflet distribution. The promotion action took place in Moscow (it could be defined with help of indicators which could be seen on the pictures).

Let’s summarize the information about this website:

The design is excellent. They invest our financial means in stakes, Forex, alternative projects. 20% of this money will be directed in the stabilization fund.

Project’s customer service works from 7:00 to 22:00 pm according to GMT (it says in contacts tab but in questions and answers we are told that customer service is working 24 hours, 7 days a week… There are small differences but we will hope that project administration will correct this mistake and customer service will work around-the-clock.

The project has an office which address is displayed in contacts tab. But is there really such company to this address we couldn’t check unfortunately.

Let’s discuss the project further.

Plans and payment systems in the project:

There are four plans in the project.

Standard for 15 days, profit 1% a day beginning from 10$ to 400$

Bet-user for 35 days, profit 1.3% a day beginning from 401$ to 3500$

Bet-prof for 75 days, profit 1.9% a day beginning from 3501$ to 8000$

Bet-vip for 100 days, profit 2.6% a day beginning from 8001$ to 20000$

In general there are standard plans. But there is good thing that the first plan is set just for 15 days that’s why it will be popular among those clients who doesn’t trust the project and want to try it out. The deposit is returned after the end of the period in all the plans! But in plans for 75 and 100 days the deposit could be withdrawn after 60 days before the set time.

You can see payment systems in project which fit every taste:








As we can see there is even the currency BitCoin which is not used by many investment projects because of its greatly floating exchange rates.

Technical details of the project:

The domain was registered on 13th of January (I will remind that the project started on 26th of January) for the period of 4 years up to 2018.

Website of the project Bettcoin is placed on French server It says on the website that they have a service for DoS attack protection.

Whois showed that two more websites and are placed on this server. I think you understand that it is not really good.

But on the other hand the SSL certificate RapidSSL from GeoTrust for the period of 3 years is installed.

The website script is licensed (from the company H-script).

Let’s sum everything up: the project is very new (according to the plans no one circle period of minimum term is over). It can be seen that some attention was paid to project because it started an advertising campaign within short period of time. The engineering part of the project is at a good level. Honestly the investment scheme is not really clear in this project. In other words there is no direct evidence of stakes and trade but we will hope that the administration will change the situation for the better. At this moment you can bet at the first plan in this project and look at its further development.



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