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Mar 19, 2019
MPhone  VIP  Paying
1% daily for 365 days
Mar 19, 2019
BIT-ICO Paying
0.2984% hourly for 29 days
258% after 23 days
341% after 17 days
Mar 19, 2019
1.08% - 1.5% hourly for 96 hours
5% - 8% hourly for 48 hours
18% - 25% hourly for 24 hours
Mar 18, 2019
2% daily for 101 days
101% - 125% after 1 day
35% - 60% daily for 3 days
106% - 225% after 5 days
113% - 555% after 10 days
120% - 800% after 15 days
1800% after 30 days
Mar 18, 2019
0.88% - 1.22% hourly for 120 hours
1.83% - 3.06% hourly for 60 hours
10% - 25% hourly for 24 hours
66% daily for 2 days
1200% after 5 days
6000% after 9 days
Mar 17, 2019
103% - 120% after 1 day
114% - 180% after 3 days
130% - 260% after 5 days
155% - 370% after 7 days
190% - 550% after 10 days
280% - 850% after 15 days
400% - 1300% after 20 days
600% - 1800% after 25 days
1200% - 2500% after 30 days
2200% - 3700% after 40 days
3600% - 5200% after 50 days
5300% - 7000% after 60 days
Mar 14, 2019
0.01% - 0.08% hourly forever
Mar 13, 2019
1.09% - 1.45% hourly for 96 hours
3.3% - 5.3% hourly for 48 hours
11% - 17% hourly for 24 hours
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Review project Bassko


Today we are going to make the review for the program Bassko.



To start from we will look at the legend of the program. There is no particular description; there’s the report of the trade at forex and FAQ.  The check of FAQ for the uniqueness of the texts (by the programs of anti-plagiarism) showed 98%of the uniqueness, that is great. There’s a blog with the reports of trade in the program, the reports are written every day, in the morning- afternoon the report is in the text format, in the evening there’s the screenshot of the trade.  I’ve started checking the reports for the uniqueness, for example the report on October, the 4th is unique only for 11%. But the report on October, the 3d is 96%! On September, the 30th the uniqueness of the report is 70%. This is not good.

 The mark is 3/5 for the legend. The report idea is good, but the plagiarism spoiled it.




Let’s look at the program’s design. It is made in blue and white, neat and plane. Among the extra pages I’ve found only the added element in the section Referral program.

The mark is 3.5/5 points for the design. The design is simple; there is no design at the extra pages.




Contacts with the admin of the program.


There is only email contact. The email is: [email protected] So, if there’s DDos or site is not available for some reason we can’t contact the admin.


The mark 2/5 for the contacts with the admin. You can get in touch only by email, that is very poor …




The referral program:


It is 3-leveled: 1 level 5% from the investment of your referral, 2 level 2% and 3 level 0,5%.

That means the admin pays from 5% to 7,5% of the referral from one investment to the one who invited him at the program.

Also you can become the Regional representative of the program, if you invested 500 usd. You will earn 15% from the attracted investors.You may use brand Bassko for the advertisement of the program.


The mark is 4,5/5 for the referral system. It is good referral system, but not perfect still.




Investment plans: plans are usual, without any particularities


Plan Basic 1.2% per day for 180 days, the investment is from 1 usd to 3000 usd


Plan Advanced 1.4% per day for 180 days; investment is from 3001 to 10000 usd


Plan Desire 1.6% per day for 180 days, investment is from 10000 usd


Pays everyday, deposit returns.


Takes LibertyReserve, Perfectmoney, SolidTrustPay, AlertPay


The mark is 4/5 balls for plans, plans usual, stable.  The payment processors are not only LR and PM. But the terms of the plan are too long, that is why we don’t put 5 points.




The discussion of program at forums


At forum mmgp the program was criticized strictly. Investors didn’t like the script of the program for the last programs of this script got scammed very fast and didn’t let anyone get the profit. They also didn’t like the contacts with the admin, that is possible only by email.


At talkgold the admin has entered the forum and answers to the questions of the investors. He also warns if the site doesn’t work. Also the admin is noticed at forums DTM and MMG.


The mark is 4/5 points for the discussion at forums. The program was criticized at forum mmgp and the admin decided to speak only at foreign forums. So, we put 4 for that.



The technical aspect of the program


There’s SSL at the site – given by RapidSSL CA from 16.08.2011 to 19.08.2012.


The hosting from


Staminus Communications

US CA Fullerton

92832 502 S. Harbor Blvd.

DDoS Protection




Created Date: 30-Jul-2011

The final term of registration Date: 30-Jul-2012


At the same ip with the site there’s another domain When you enter this domain it sends you to bassko. Perhaps, it may be the mistake of the admin of hosting and it does not necessarily mean that the admin of bassko and the admin of is the same person.

The script of the program has license from


Own ns of the server:


The mark is 4.5/5 for the technical aspect. There’s DDos protection and SSl and the dedicated server, but it can’t get 5 because of the doubtful fact of the site being together with ip of bassko.




Project advertizing:


The project is noticed on 32 monitors. Having seen monitors we noticed 5 banners of a format 768x90, 4 banners of a format 468x60 and 1 banner of a format 125x125. The program is placed in the exclusive list of monitoring by At the most popular forums and monitors the banners have not been noticed. In google adwords and in direct yandex there haven’t been any advertisements noticed.


The mark is 3/5 points for program advertizing. There are enough of monitors, but apart from this there is no advertisement noticed.




Our conclusion:


The total mark for the program is 3.75 points. The program has good technical part, normal plans and simple design. The program was met well at foreign forums, but not at Russian ones. The program has been paying constantly during a month. It means you could get back 40% from your investment (this is by minimal plan). The program is good for diversification of your capital, you can invest here a little of your capital. 





Dinamic banner 175 x 73:
now online: 3  authorized online: 1