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May 25, 2020
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May 24, 2020
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May 23, 2020
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May 22, 2020
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May 22, 2020
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May 26, 2020
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Review project Arena-finance

The review to the program Arena-finance, the program has started on November 27, for today the program has been working for 13 days.


To start let’s look at the legend of the program Arena-finance:


You may read about the fact how they really make the money in the section “Plans”. The legend tells us that they make money on the sport races. An interesting fact is that in this same section of the site it is written that  in the future the system of crediting of investors will be opened! If anyone read our interview with the project administration, crediting must appear before the new year. Also there are the reports on the rates left in section Reports of the site. Reports are certainly made not as a screenshot (though also it is possible to draw it), and they are simply in excel, but reports are made competently, factors coincide also, there is both unprofitable rates and profitable rates. Also 1 % from all the made deposits transmit in charity fund WWF. And even the screenshots of the already made transmittances are located at the site.


I’ve checked it by several programs of anti-plagiarism, the uniqueness of the text at the main page and the page Plans is 100%. It is a good indicator; you will not often meet 100 % unique texts.


For a legend we put firm 5/5 of points, you will seldom meet the project not mentioning forex, and there is the acknowledgement to rates.




Design of the project Arena-finance:


The design is made ordinary, without some special extra-particularities. It is visible that the design is made exclusively, instead of taking the cliché for 20 usd is taken. The site is translated already into 4 languages, still various languages (the administrator spoke about it in the interview) in the near future will be added. Defects in design weren’t noticed.


For design we put also 5/5 points.




Contacts with the administration of the project Arena-finance


For communication there is a form of sending, phone numbers (one is Moscow, other is Kurgan), there are two numbers icq. For the Russian-speaking audience the contacts are quite various, but  for others it is poor, since many use yahoo, instead of icq.


For contacts we put 4/5 regarding that there are phones and icq besides the simple form of sending, but there is no for example multi-lingual online chat since the site is in many languages.




 Investment plans in the project Arena-finance:




There are 3 plans in the project. The first plan is rather a test, but it is possible to earn here not bad profit for the short period of time. Investments to it are from 1 to 400 usd, for the term of 24 days with 5 % a day. 120 % to you turn out after 24 days, the deposit thus doesn't come back. I.e. the pure profit is 20 % and the reinvestments aren't accessible in this plan.



Let's look at the second plan: it is possible to invest from 1 to 2000$, the percent fluctuating from 0.5 to 2 % a day (for today the average profit per day makes 1.3 %), the investment is for 35 days, on finishing of the term of 35 days you receive the deposit back. Your pure profit will make from 17.5 % (0.5 % a day) to 70 % (2 % a day). If count on average that per day you have 1.3 %, so for 35 days you will earn 45.5 % of the pure profit (quite more than in the foreground).  And the reinvestments are possible up to 50 % from profit, that means you can earn much more than 70 % for 35 days.


And the last plan is made for the solid investors, the investment into it only from 2001 usd,


There is a good plus in the plan – after 24 days of the contribution you can transact the deposit at any time! Investing into this plan you become the vip investor and you hace some extra bonuses and benefices unlike the others, but meanwhile nothing is told about them.



The plans are good, it is possible to earn not bad in the first plan, and it is possible to earn even more in the second. At forums they wrote that they would invest only on the first plan. But I disagree with that: many will invest in the first plan, but in the second plan the profit turns out quite good especially taking into account that it is possible to reinvest 50 % of the profit back to the deposit.


The estimation for plans is 4.5/5 points; plans are good, but there are few minuses, a lot of investors may invest into the first plan and very little into the second  plan. Also in the plan for vip investors it is good on the one hand that they can transact the deposit after 24 days of the investment, but on the other hand if suddenly there will be any extraordinary circumstances, many vip can request the deposits and to screw the project up. Therefore the plans of the project lacked to have 5 points.



Discussion of the project Arena-finance at forums:


In the beginning of the theme at Russian forums it is possible to see at once a lot of criticism towards the project, that the plan may work only in case of the first plan, the project is stupid collecting money machine or "donor"; that the project will have the wm account blocked after the first complaint etc., but a bit later it is possible to see the good voices: “the project is very similar to the project Imperialfund“ (and this project has worked long and has allowed to earn much), “the technical part and security is good too”, it is possible to see already the investments to the program. Further at a forum it is already possible to see only positive voices and the investments to the project.


At foreign forums as usual there is no excited discussion of the project, but it is possible to find a couple of positive voices about the project and further there are only the posts about the payments.


We put confident 4/5 of points.


The Technical aspect of the project Arena-finance:


The site is placed on the server from hosting by dragonara, there is SSL certificate from Thawte from October, 14th, 2011 till October, 13th, 2012. The domain is registered at the registrar


The registrar of the domain is very important too, I will explain why. It happens that the registrar of the domain receives various complaints to the project (for example the spam dispatch or something similar) and the registrar blocks the domain. Some registrars don't pay in general attention to these letters, some try to understand a situation, and the others simply block the domain without any explanations. We don’t know how the registrar godaddy acts. (If someone knows how it reacts for the complaints, we ask you to write to us and we will add the given information in the review). The domain is registered for 3 years from September, 20th, 2011 till September, 20th, 2014.


The project has already been attacked by powerful ddos for some hours, and dragonara have quickly coped with it. That proves again the professional hosting level of dragonara.


The Script of the project has the license from GoldCoders.


For a technical aspect to the project we put 4.5/5; if the script was unique it would be possible to put firm 5.




Advertizing of the project Arena-finance:


About the project advertizing it is written in detail in the neighboring analysis of advertizing company Arena-finance


For advertizing we put firm 5/5 for 10 days (date of the analysis of the advertizing company) from the project start, it is already possible to see the banners of the project in many places, the links in signatures of users on forums, recently the project has got the big banner on our monitoring for 2 months; all in all the advertizing company moves very prompt upwards.




Conclusion to the project Arena-finance:


The Total mark is: 4.58 points from 5 possible. It is very good. The project has worked for not so long and already deserved such a high mark. You may confidently add this program into your portfolio of the investments.



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