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Jun 01, 2020
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May 30, 2020
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May 29, 2020
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Review Powerful-strategy

Let’s study the program powerful-strategy. The program has been working for 136 days (for today October, 6th, 2011). The program started in the beginning of summer on May 23d, 2011. This date singles out the first topics of this program at forums.


The legend of the program:

The legend is usual, it is about forex. They say that they are professionals, do the trades for many years and so on. In the top of the site there’s a graphic and the currency quotation is a bit lower.

I’ve checked the texts for plagiarism, the uniqueness of the section ‘terms of service’ is 97%, the section ‘about us’ is 100% unique.

The estimation of the legend is 3/5 points. The legend is primitive, there’s no proofs of the trade. But we will put a plus for the uniqueness of the texts.

Design of the project:


The design is made well, in light tones, everything is visible clearly. The design is made not only at the main page, but also at the collateral sides. The site quickly loads for 4.5 sec.

We put strong 4 points of 5 for the design.

Contacts with program administration:


It is possible to contact administration through the ticket on the site, there is no division on different categories in the form, but there is program for spam elimination.


At the left it is possible to see the link for chat online where you can ask any questions.


There is an office address: 


Dominicain Republic, Santo Domingo, Abraham Linkoln no 317. Naturally, it is not the fact that there is someone in, but the office address is introduced, it is also the program advantage that earns one more + to the program.


Phones of the program EN +1(829) 249-6541 RU +44(151) 601-8322, it is one more + to the program. However when I called, I was answered by the answering machine – this is not so good.


There’s email: support@po


We put 4.5 points from 5 points for the contacts with the administration. It could be 5 points, if the contact by phone was not through the answering machine.


Investment plans in the project:




10 working days 


1.8 % per day


Investments from 1$ to 100$


Instant payments


Deposit return is in the end of the term


Referral award is 1 %


Reinvestments are accessible




25 working days 


2 % per day


Investments from 101$ to 1000$


Instant payments


The deposit return is in the end of the term


Referral award is 3 %


Reinvestments are accessible




60 working days 


2.3 % per day


Investments from 1001$ to 5000$


Instant payments


Deposit return is in the of term


Referral award is 6 %


Reinvestments are accessible




120 working days 


2.8 % per day


Investments from 5001$ to whatever without limits


Instant payments


Deposit return is in the of term


Referral award is 8 %


Reinvestments are accessible



The plans are good; you may test the program and invest a little sum for several days. And if you want to put more, it is better to choose more long term to invest. When the program started, a lot of users didn’t like the plans. They wrote the program was not to make even a cycler with plans Training and Master. But time passed and the program still works after 136 days! This implies 97 working days and almost 10 cyclers in the first plan and 4 cyclers in the second plan. One cycler in the third plan!


Refferal system is made as growing according to the deposit sum. You can hardly meet such referral system, it’s exclusive. However sometimes the program is made popular by users who do not invest much. So the referral system is not perfect. The most perfect referral system is when you can get interest from the profit of the referral. Amazingly, but such system is very rare.

We put 4 points from 5 for the referral system.


Discussion of the program on forums:

At foreign forums from the very beginning the program was pleasant for people, there are such comments as “the program is made professionally”, “great program, perhaps I invest”.


And at Russian forums the opinions varied: one didn't like that the program had the Ukrainian hosting and they said the program was not to live even 20 days. Some people didn’t like the terms of the plans and %! The others liked the program for technical side and instant payments.


For discussion at forums we put 4.5/5 points


Project technical aspect:


The site is located on the Ukrainian allocated server Yurteh ltd. There is certificate SSL from Thawte DV SSL CA 23 05 20 11 to 21 05 2012. At the left from below there is certificate about getting SSL from Thawte.


I could not find whether they had  DDOs a protection, but during 136 days of site work there were no problems with site availability. It shows something!


The script of the program is UNIQUE that gives a great + to the program in respect of safety.


We put of 5/5 points for the technical aspect.


The Program advertizing:


The program is noticed on 108 monitors! This is a very good number. The project is on many monitors in exclusive lists. The Program banners can be seen at the most popular forums such as talkgold, dreamteammoney, Moneymakergroup and others. On it is visible that from the beginning of the program start it immediately gained lots of visitors.  The program became the sponsor of the competition at a forum mmgp for the most long-termed programs of autumn 2011.


For program advertizing we put strong 5 points from 5.


Conclusion over the program:


The total mark for the program is 4, 28 points from 5. The program is really worthy of your attention. In the competition the most long-termed programs of autumn-winter 2011  this program had 12 voices (the voice statistics you may see at our site in the section ‘the results of voting for the best programs’). The program advertizing is very active, so the program is not planning to close (it can’t buy so expansive banners and other advertisements for 1 day). The program is the excellent choice for your investment in HYIP.






Dinamic banner 175 x 73:
now online: 2  authorized online: 2