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Dear investors, we offer you an overview of the new project Palarium, which is a private investment fund. The Foundation is engaged in extensive investment options: the stock market, in start-ups in real business transactions with currencies, combined with other investment funds.
Web site design is optimally configured from the technical side, combining ease of use and elegant color scheme is not overloaded with unnecessary information, but does not contain a detailed description of the work and explain how and what makes the project a bilingual variability with easy access switch at the top right a corner. In order to find out the details of the project we visited the webinar where our probing questions is unfortunately not yet given a full answer, but promised at the next webinar, answer all the questions. The presentation, which it has been presented, leaving the impression that the entire work is built purely for profit on exchange rates.

Project Palarium
Investments plan:
The investment plans of the company is represented by only one species:
Gains of 7% every 24 hours in proportion to the paid contribution within 30 days.
Tools You will receive every hour with the possibility of instant withdrawal of accumulated funds.
Minimum monthly payment - $ 10
The maximum monthly payment - $ 20,000 per participant.
The amount of monthly payments is limited ($ 20 000 for one person).
In the webinar, we clarified that the maximum limit of $ 20,000 related to the security in the exchange of currencies.
Referral program is 7% of the contribution.
Contacts submitted by e-mail and [email protected]
Skype support: support.palarium
Reviews about the project on the forums ambiguous, there is no categorical negative opinions, a lot like the presence of instant payments, the first contributions to the project have already been made, we note that there Palarium recently and has proved to be a little more, but it has already begun the first deposits and payments to investors.
The conclusion of the project
Lack of information content of the site and the only investment plan shows the project with little benefit side, however, the existence of such a short time requires further prospects of its development. The project ensures the reliability of the insurance savings fund participants.
At this stage, the amount of the fund is $ 5,000 and will increase after every successful transaction. Thus the information about how it will be the same no insurance. The critical point for the project, based on the investment plan will be the 15th-16th day of existence, as all investors will invest in the first day will get it profit our advice or to make a deposit now, or wait a week and watch the development of the project. The minimum amount of testing as the project is quite minimal and is only $ 10.




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