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Review NEW payment system VICTORIA



Today we are going to take a closer look at the VICTORIA payment system.

The website of the payment system is located on the domain; one can see straight away that the website is secured by SSL certificate from GlobalSign Domain Validation Company.

Let’s study the main page. Here you can see USD exchange rates, Victoria. Rates of currency are displayed in EUR (euro), RUR (rubles) and UAH (hryvnia). In the left bottom corner there links to Twitter and Facebook. In the right top corner there is a change language feature – the website is available both in Russian and English languages.

Let’s go ahead and register on the site. The data you should enter during registration process are quite ordinary. While signing up, user should also indicate his/her telephone number. But there is no explanation what this phone number is for. Maybe, in the future users will receive SMS notifications to the phone number they enter here?

After you finish filling out all the fields of the registration form, you’ll have to tick the box that you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Let’s read this user agreement. It’s not too long; it consists of 17 items. There are some interesting ones:

     1.5. The System keeps the right to limit the performance capabilities of user’s account and request identifying personal information without prior notice to a user.

     1.8. By accepting this User Agreement user expressly agrees to the fact that digital currency transfers cannot be undone or recovered.

     1.17. User is aware that the System does not provide a guarantee for exchangers listed on the website and does not bear any responsibility for them. The System does not have its own digital currency exchanger.

So be careful, if you make any suspicious transactions, the system can request you personal data. Also be attentive while making transaction: no transactions can be recalled. For now, there are no digital currency exchangers available on site. But I think they’ll be added to the site in the nearest future. It is surely not very good that the system doesn’t have own digital currency exchanger.

After registration you will see all information about your personal account created in the system:

Account ID




PIN number


Security code


Email address

[email protected]


Also, all this information as well as letter with account activation information is sent to your personal email address you have indicated during registration process. To login to your account you should enter account ID and password. Then you should enter PIN number and certain digits from your Security Code. It’s a good protection against account cracking.


Let’s take a look now at our account from the inside. Account interface is also available in two languages: Russian and English. The language is determined automatically during account registration. Now let’s check how we can upload fund to your account balance and how we can withdraw funds from the payment system. We can upload funds from such payment systems as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, and LiqPAY. The best thing about these payment systems is that there is no commission fee if you upload funds; except for the USD currency in LiqPAY – there is a 1% fee here. Let me remind you that the currency in the payment system is USD. This means you can upload funds in EUR, but they will be converted according to the exchange rate indicated before you start the upload process.

You can withdraw funds via the same payment systems with the following commission fee rates: Liberty Reserve – 3%, Perfect Money – 2%, and LiqPAY – 2%. You can also withdraw funds to the banks of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. To do that, you should address the Support service with a request. There is no information about bank fees on site. I haven’t also found any information regarding the time needed to withdraw fund to payment systems or to any of the banks.

I tried to upload my account balance via Liberty Reserve. All operations went on-the-fly!

This means this payment system can be used as currency exchanger. I think this is because the system is little known, and with such an approach it can gain initial popularity.

There are some interesting features in the account settings:

If you enter your account using another web browser or with another IP, you PIN number changes.

You should enter your account only via https.

Send email notification is IP or browser change.

Send email notification about each transaction.

You can also form a map with PIN number in your account called TAN MAP.

You can as well write a list of IP’s – the list includes only those IP’s that can be used to login to your account and make payments. It’s a very useful feature.

In the top right corner of you account interface, there is a timer, starting from 45 minutes. If you are not showing any activity within these 45 minutes, the session will be automatically finished and you will be also automatically logged out from the account.

Let’s summarize what we have found out about account security. It is highly competitive with such very popular payment systems as Perfect Money or Liberty Reserve. Of course, there is no SMS billing, but even now, if you activate all account protection mechanisms, it’ll be very difficult to crack your account.

For businessmen, the payment system includes API and SCI. For those who don’t know what it is, I’ll make some explanations. SCI is created for companies to accept payments on their own websites. API is developed for payment system keeper-organization, for example, or for an organization of bulk/remote payments, without entering payment system account.

Another interesting feature is the ability to send messages to other users of the payment system. Unfortunately, there is no such feature in Perfect Money or Liberty Reserve. I’ve seen it only at WebMoney.

You can contact web site administration via email address indicated on site  HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected], or via internal messages in your account.

On this page you can also see that the payment system also has company registered on Seychelles, the phone number of the company is also stated on the site.

I haven’t found any web stores, HYIP or others accepting this payment system yet; I haven’t also found any exchangers accepting this payment system. This can be explained with the fact that this payment system is rather young. I’m sure the system still has everything ahead of it, and we’ll definitely hear about it soon. For now, you can use it for keeping/storing your funds as well as for exchanging funds between payment systems Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, LiqPAY, and the banks of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. 





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