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Review Infinity Cars

Project Infinity CarsDear investors, we offer you a new perspective project INFINITYCARS GROUP LIMITED. This is an officially registered company (with the documents for registration can be found on the company's website, on the homepage), whose core business is the export of luxury car brands from the UAE, according to the company Infinity Cars on the market since 2006. Highly qualified specialists and traders of the company, keeping pace with time developed a unique business strategy, allowing both to make the company and share profits with the investors. Analysts from day to day monitor the slightest changes in the market, and many years of experience allows us to quickly and optimally take decisions for the benefit of customers. The site is the exclusive design in an elegant business style, and the pleasant color scheme focuses on the details. Easy navigation bar with all the tabs with complete information for each of them. additional tabs are presented in the social networking site header, a document confirming the registration, and fast access to switch languages ??in which the site is made: Russian, English and German. On the technical side of the work carried out detailed and high quality, as evidenced by and ssl and dedicated server, Ddos protection Genius guard and licensed script h-script, all this indicates a serious and long preparations for the high-quality work and safety for customers.




Investment opportunities:

Infinity Cars offer 4 investment plans differ on the interest rate, depending on the deposit amount.

Infinity Cars


Yield: 120%;
The minimum contribution of $ 10
The maximum contribution of $ 249;
Term deposit 20 calendar days;
Earning profits: every day 6.00%;
The deposit is included in the settlement;
Exit to breakeven after 17 days.


Yield: 130%;
Minimum deposit $ 250
The maximum contribution of $ 999;
Term deposit 20 calendar days;
Earning profits: every day 6.50%;
The deposit is included in the settlement;
Exit to breakeven after 16 days.


Yield: 140%;
The minimum contribution of $ 1,000
The maximum contribution of $ 4,999;
Term deposit 20 calendar days;
Earning profits: every day 7.00%;
The deposit is included in the settlement;
Exit to breakeven after 15 days


Yield: 160%;
The minimum contribution of $ 5,000
The maximum contribution of $ 49,999;
Term deposit 20 calendar days;
Earning profits: every day 8.00%;
The deposit is included in the settlement;
Exit to breakeven in 13 days

Conclusion on the plans: the first plan STANDART is a test because it does not require a large amount of the contribution, and taking into consideration the same period of contribution for all plans, without testing the most popular and the best is the GOLD plan, the PLATINUM plan draws more attention of investors operating larger amounts and appreciating time since reaching the breakeven is 15 days. The most profitable is the INFINITE plan, but a very high amount of deposit seems to attract large and knowledgeable expert in customer investments.

Affiliate program:
INFINITYCARS GROUP LIMITED offers favorable cooperation for its investors with additional income from referral commission, which, in turn, three levels.

Level 1 - 5% of the amount of your contribution referral
Level 2 - 1% of the amount of your contribution referral
Level 3 - 0.5% of the scrip deposit of your referral

Payment systems:
Payment system project presented three of the most popular

- PerfectMoney
- Payeer
- BitCoin
- AdvCash
- OkPay


Infinity Cars



- Dedicated server - IP;
- Ddos from Genius guard protection;
- Licensed script h-script;
- Domain Registrar ENOM.Inc;
- SSL certificate + GreenBar for 1 year from COMODO;
- Certificate of Incorporation
- Unique design;
- The original content;



Contact presents a wide selection of: fast form in the contact section, email [email protected], Skype infinitycarsltd and online chat.

Social networks:

The project is widely represented in the social networking groups in Facebook, VKontakte in where you can learn the latest news and ask questions.


Since the project is a new mixed reviews, but the majority are positive and prove it deposits that come into the project.

Infinity Cars

The conclusion of the project: new project, promising extraordinary with the original idea and exclusive design. The technical side worked out in detail and competently with complete security for investors and fast quality work. Good technical support indicates the seriousness of the administration of the project and the mood in the long-term work. Simple and clear plans with a contribution period of 20 days and depending on the amount of the contribution different percentage of profit. Overall, the project has the potential to exist for a long time, it all depends on the work of competent administration.




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