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Review Imperialfund

And now I am going to tell you about Imperialfund project. It was launched on 18 February. The topics about it also were started on the message boards at the same time. domain was registered on 6 January 2011 for one year term till 2012. Site is available in 4 languages: Russian, English, Italian, and Spanish. Further you can read exclusive information that was provided to us!

 Let us make a closer look at the information posted on the main page. The following statistics dated on March 9 is available:
Started Feb 18, 2011
Running days 19
Total accounts 916
Active accounts 472
VIP accounts 10
Total deposited $49,483.69
Total withdraw $9,043.56
Visitors online 67
Members online 23

Take notice, deposits starting from $700 are accounted for VIPs. More detailed statistics is not available unfortunately, so we will tell you later about major deposits.  The first thing that strikes your eye is a list of advantages. Let’s have a closer look:
Minimal deposit is $1 (that is good)
Qualified experts providing online support 7 days a week (notice that support is available only during working hours).
Professional work of experts (it is hard to say something exactly here as they refer to gaining money on bets).
Detailed statistics of the fund (I will not say, it is so much detailed, but the fact of its existence is a plus, as many such projects often do not have any).
Investment plans are offered and aimed at different investors (this is completely right as the plans differ completely and some of them will be appropriate for quick returns while others will bring more money, but during longer terms).
Quick performance for all operations 7 days a week (payments go rather fast)
Data are adequately protected (GoldCoders and SSL licensed scripts are used, I have not found anything more specific).
Unique conditions for investors, if VIP or Imperial plans have been chosen (more developed guarantees, quick withdrawal of the ordered cash, special offers or bonuses have not happened so far, also I did not notice any other privileges).

Now let’s see what we have about guarantees:

In reports section we can see reserve funds screenshots dated on 16 February where the quite substantial amounts are deposited on PM and LR accounts. Sure one can put there any numbers and zeros, but we will assume these screens are real. Then many questions arise. Why to keep such amounts in the reserve fund while it would be better to make use of them and get profit? Alright, even if they decided to keep a reserve sum, why these particular pay systems have been chosen? LR is no longer adequate and it is hacked frequently.  Further we can see a very interesting screen in Marathon bookmaker’s office. This screen impressed me most of all because of the sum, firstly. And secondly, I and many people as well know that there is always a defined maximum amount of money one can place at bet. Thus, there is no reason to draw large capital investments as you will not make earnings equal to your outlay. Moreover, it seems strange to trust a large sum to one betting office. Usually there is one event to bet and we bet simultaneously in several offices in order to gain maximal profits. Perhaps I am mistaking, but I always thought this is the right way to do… After survey we plan to publish an interview with this project’s manager and we will put these questions in agenda. Let’s see further information we have there.    

VIP investors have been provided with access to the member section, where there is interesting information.  We can also access these data. News and project plans are also posted on this site. I can make your day, direct deposits in AlfaBank and AlertPay payments will be provided soon. I think this would be interesting to many of us. The site will be rendered into other languages by professional translators.

They provided photos of 1 and 2 pages from the passport in the hands of its owner. All VIP investors may check the passport in the base. We do not possess information whether anybody tried to check it.

Reports on bets are quite good. There are plenty of winning bets, where lost is minimal. I am not a specialist in this business that is why I cannot judge about reality of these bets.

Let’s go back to the main page. The news are posted everywhere in English for no reason, though it is a multilanguage resource. Pictures of the plans also remained unchanged through all language versions.

Let’s have a closer look at the plans:

6% per day for 20 days, that makes 120% for 20 days, i.e. 20% net gain, re-investment is not available.

1.75% per day for 20 days, i.e. 35% net gain, re-investment is not available.

1.95% per day for 45 days, i.e. 87.75% net gain; re-investment is available, minimum $700.

2.4% per day, returns at any time, minimum $1501.

The most tempting plan for investors is from $1500. At the same time the project shall be stable or system may crash if problems arise. That is, all major investors may demand their returns. Monthly profit makes as high as 74%. In this condition, 42 days later I should receive back $3000 including interest earned if my original deposit is $1500. We may also consider 100% re-investment. The sums will be really large in this case. The fund has been running for 20 days so far. So you can make your own calculations… This also means that investors, who brought their money 20 days ago, should receive returns. Very interesting information I found in FAQ: ImperialFund deposit, i.e. starting from $1500, may be withdrawn only after 20 days.

Let’s turn our attention on the first plan, which offers 6% per day. At first sight it is attractive, but only if you are not sure in this project, since you gain 102% return only after 17 days and the next 3 days you will make profit.

According to the second plan you will gain 15% profit more after 20 days, though minimum sums in the both plans are the same.

Variety of choice make this project ingenious, as there is always an offer for those who doubt and very good conditions for major investors.

Payment services automatically receive Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. You should do it manually for Web Money. Alert Pay and direct transfers from Alfa Banks will be involved soon.

Rules and Agreement section, FAQ is here too. We could find the following interesting moments:

Rules are in the form of an Agreement, BUT there is lack of information about identity of “Borrower”. The word was either miswritten or did not exist in Russian. This might be the mistake, but this one is serious for conclusion of such an agreement. We addressed with this question to the support service and it was swiftly answered. They said that was the mistake really, the mistake overlooked by them and by those 1000 users, who studied information on their site. It was corrected in an hour, saying that ImperialFund is really a borrower.

Ordered payoff should be processed within 6 hours.

According to the ImperialFund plan, $1500 deposit should work through the shortest 20 days term. You may withdraw your deposit and interest at any time after this term.

We receive a legitimate income while using transparent scheme to obtain it. We make multiple investments in the same assets. We invest funds in valid investment projects both on online and offline basis. Funds are also invested in professional forecasts for bets in bookmaker’s offices (screenshots of account activity will be posted). Moreover we receive profits from investment banking and loan services. All these funds produce 3% profit a day.

You may withdraw deposit in advance. In this case 20% of withdrawal will be charged as penalty and automatically taken from your account.

Project is supported via ICQ for VIP investors and through message form and Skype for all investors. A reasonable step as it seems, since ICQ will not be flooded with tons of messages and they need not to answer similar questions 100 times but to make replies to 5-10 VIP investors, who will then post information on forums. This prudent measure gives a good plus for the project.

Support service is available during business hours only. The answers are instant. Despite it is not a 24/7 support, you will be most pleased to receive timely replies.

Now let’s study project’s technical part:

They use licensed Gold Coders, SSL, which is issued for 10 years. I did not manage to find information about license granting authority. Dedicated server with DDoS protection is used. I will sign under this; since our monitoring has the same protection and a number of DDoS attacks were successfully mitigated.

Through the contact form you may send a blank message. Script allows it and it is really bad, since you can send junk easily. Safety features for accounts are ordinary and typical to Gold Coders. So by hacking your mail intruders will automatically receive access to your account. However, there is not much they can do in the account, as secret password is unknown and cannot be emailed.

The project has been published on 22 monitorings. Ads were noticed on several forums and monitoring, so project is interested in advertisement and promotion, and that is really good. We will see how the things go round.

I contacted administration of the site especially for our readers and asked to make snapshots of active pay system accounts. Sure one can put there any numbers and zeros, but transfers may be checked in Liberty Reserve for instance. Perfect Money does not provide such an option unfortunately. There are screens of successful checks and the screens of transfers themselves. We cut out only major payments for convenience purposes:

Screen №1

Screen №2

Screen №3

Screen №4

Screen №5

Screen №6

Screen №7

Screen №8

Screen №9

Screen №10

Screen №11

Screen №12

All transactions in Liberty Reserve are real and do exist, i.e. the real payment, the real sums and the real dates. 10 major accounts may be observed on the screens. The site’s statistics prove there are 10 VIP investors, so the statistics is fair. Screens were emailed on 4 March. The fund’s statistics mentioned above was taken on 10 March.


The project has started well and is being developed as we can see from investment flow. We also noticed that the project is well done. Guarantees are provided unlike many other projects. Project is being developed and promoted, as we can judge from new pay systems added and new language versions on the site. So it is a right time for investments in this project. The chances you will gain earnings and will not lose are rather good. However, be awake and monitor the news about the project, since new information may appear or any changes may happen at any moment.

The review was written by Anton, a manager for monitoring. Track our new reviews and articles.



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