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Review Grandagrofinance

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Good day. Today we look at the project Grandagrofinance. The site was launched August 11, 2014. The project has been running for 94 days. Initially going to the site, immediately turn our attention to interesting to make a hat. Right on the main page of written plans, but specified maximum %.

There, on the page, you can see information about the project Grand Agro Finance, the latest news of November 10:

"Best Promoter of the week and 90 days online

Dear investors and promoters.
Our program has reached 90 days of successful work online.
During this time we have ten thousand LIKES on our Facebook page.
In our program six thousand active investors who trusted us for more than two millions of dollars.
We organized a telephone support in three languages.
English phone +442036951391
Indonesia phone +6285645410761
Portuguese phone +351308801266
We are also ready to announce the winners of our contest."

Immediately noticed that the project receives contributions through payment systems:

PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin.

Pay attention to the statistics of the project Grandagrofinance:

Today we are lucky they even beautiful figure on the number of Account 7777. The amounts are quite large, but given that the statistics in the script GoldCoders believes absolutely everything ie you made contributions of $ 100 was taken in 1 day $ 104, and again made contributions of $ 100, the statistics appear in the sum of contributions of $ 200 and $ 104 withdrawal amount, now I think you understand why there are more than the sum.

Now go through the sections and see that there are interesting things:

We'll see in the section About US information here about what our money is invested in the development of farms, etc. generally nothing particularly interesting, just a legend.

The FAQ. Note the most interesting ones:

"You can register only 1 account for 1 person otherwise the accounts of your will be frozen.
     Referral program in the project simply from the contribution, but not always paint a number of referrals you need for any%.

1-500 referrals = 2%
501-750 referrals = 4%
751-1000 referrals = 6%
1001-20000 referrals = 8%

The rules in the project. Interesting paragraph:

"Private operations in this project are exempt from the law of the United States Securities Act of 1933, the US Exchange Act of 1934 and the law of the United States Investment Company Act of 1940 and all other rules, regulations and their changes. We are not insured by FDIC. We do not license banks or by any other authority. "

"You invest at your own risk and you agree that past performance is not a guarantee for the same in the future."

"Do not put a bad voice in public forums, and in the Gold Rating Site without prior communication with the administrator of our project. Maybe there was a technical problem with your transaction, so please always contact the administrator beforehand. "

Plans for the project, for each plan will walk alone.

3.33% per hour at 33 hours = 109% for at least $ 1000, appeared not so long ago, but for such a plan if such promotion of the project, I think payments are made.

103% -135% after 1 day minimum of $ 10 in such projects, this plan is the most optimal, even setting the stage anew each time the project contribution, you can get a referral bonus + in case of problems in the project, if you receive the payment, you can not worry about, but this is the case if you have the opportunity every day to go in the draft order for the payment, and then get back.

120% -330% after 6 days at least $ 10 too, the work plan, it is quite interesting and possible profit.

160% -850% after 15 days of at least $ 10 for a long period, but the most important thing is to get in time to the project worked for 15 days.

300% -2000% after 35 days of at least $ 10 plan for the risky investment.

600% -3500% after 60 days of at least $ 10 plan is very risky for the contribution.

1000% -5000% after 90 days of at least $ 10 for a meaningless contribution plan because it is little chance that you will get that back either.

1100% after 11 days of at least $ 2000 here making the contribution, the entire amount of the payment you just do not get the admin can make a restriction on the payment, but to bring everything he will not.

2200% after 22 days of at least $ 1000 then the same.

3300% after 33 days of at least $ 500 and then the same thing.

Section Rate US We can see links to English-language forums, English language review projects and 1 interview, as well as monitoring. Total 55 monitoring at all naturally worth paying status. But the project is clearly not all links posted on the monitors because if you look at our list of all the monitoring that we have collected for you allhyip monitor 72 can be seen monitoring the status and pays 16 monitoring the status of a wait, but all who have the status they have no expectation contribution to the project, so do not worry this is normal.

Under contacts, there is a common form of support, as well as 4 phone for communication, on top you can see a link to an online chat and facebook. Support is organized well, respond quickly.

According to the technical part of the project also works well, there is SSL, DDoS protection, the script uses a license from GoldCoders.


Project Grandagrofinance good and worked for a long period, most likely it will be closing somewhere in December before the new year, given that it is well go contributions, it will be closed as soon as the outflow of deposits will go, and this is just about the middle of December so now there is still time to take profit from it.



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