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Jul 21, 2018
BitEagle Paying
0.42% - 0.84% hourly for forever
Jul 19, 2018
4.37% - 5% hourly for 24 hours
Jul 19, 2018
11% hourly for 10 hours
105% - 125% after 1 day
121% - 185% after 3 days
185% - 225% after 5 days
350% - 500% after 10 days
850% - 1100% after 22 days
1500% - 1800% after 35 days
Jul 17, 2018
0.29% hourly for 20 days
0.41% hourly for 18 days
180% after 18 days
220% after 14 days
Jul 16, 2018
1.31% - 1.35% hourly for 80 hours
2.8% - 3.1% hourly for 40 hours
7.5% - 15.5% hourly for 20 hours
Jul 16, 2018
4% daily for 30 days
5% daily for 35 days
6% daily for 40 days
150% after 25 days
200% after 30 days
250% after 35 days
Jul 16, 2018
2.1% daily for 60 days
200% after 10 days
Jul 15, 2018
BitWealthCompany  VIP  Paying
0.1% - 2% daily forever
5% daily for 365 days
10% daily for 180 days
20% daily for 90 days
30% daily for 30 days
50% daily for 7 days
Jul 15, 2018
5.36% daily for 21 days
126.56% after 35 days
Jul 14, 2018
28% - 50% monthly forever
Jul 14, 2018
CoryBets Paying
3.5% daily for 45 business days
5% daily for 30 business days
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Jul 21, 2018
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Проект Global-market

Monitoring monhyip.netDear investors, we offer you a newly launched project GLOBAL MARKET corporation - it is an officially registered company with supporting documents can be found on the website under Company. GLOBAL MARKET corporation represents the liquidity of the company provides services to Forex, binary options and Exchanges cryptocurrency. GLOBAL MARKET corporation - an association of professional financiers, market makers working in this industry for over 10 years. (According to the site)
GLOBAL MARKET corporation - successfully competes with such liquidity providers like Citigroup, Sucden Financial Ltd, Saxo Bank, as the company's conditions are more flexible and cheaper. Due to the constantly growing number of companies representing services in Forex, binary options and Exchanges cryptocurrency need to provide them with liquidity is constantly growing, and this is what attracts the funds and investors. Company site is made in a pleasant color scheme and relevant topics of the project name. Easy to use menus in the navigation pane, informative content of all sections. The technical side worked out properly, with all the characteristics for performance and safety. Completed in two languages ??(English and Russian) with easy switching between the header.

Investment opportunities
GLOBAL MARKET corporation offers s investment plan

1.5% per day
The minimum deposit is $ 10
Maximum deposit $ 100
Term life contribution
Your profit will be 1.5% per day
The deposit is included in the payment.

2.0% per day
The minimum deposit is $ 100
Maximum deposit $ 200
Term life contribution
Your profit will be 2% per day
The deposit is included in the payment.

2.5% per day
The minimum deposit is $ 200
Maximum deposit $ 10,000
Term life contribution
Your profit will be 2.5% per day
The deposit is included in the payment.

Проект Global-market
Conclusion on the plans:

Line investment plans of all three variants, each of which is characterized by the fact of the interest rate. Directly depending only on the minimum deposit. There is a test version with a deposit of $ 10 and the remaining amount is not too staggering number of zeros.

Affiliate program:
Referral program represented by one level, and is 10% of the deposit amount of your referral.

Payment systems:
Payment systems are presented in abundance as well as the most popular and used frequently.
- Perfect Money
- Payeer
- Bitcoin
- Advacah
- Nixmoney
- OKpay

Design feature
[Protection against DDoS]
[ Dedicated server ]
[Official Company]
[Verified PM]
[Verified Payeer]
[Online chat]
[Script] - H-script

To contact you can use the quick filling of the form on the website under contact, or E-mail: support @, as well as online chat

Reviews: reviews about the project as it always about something new mixed one finds both negative and positive, but deposits and confirming payments suggest that positive anymore.

The conclusion of the project:

Interesting legend, with the above advantages over similar. Nice site design made in two language versions, and in the official style. Simple plans "do not bite" the minimum deposit, and not complicate the selection of an investor for its huge amount. The technical side worked out, no frills, but with everything you need for the job. The overall impression is quite positive about the project. Troubling a little simplicity in the design and technical equipment and at the same sounding name to count on globality. Here it is either shy or conquer the world).



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