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Dec 13, 2018
Biturise Paying
102% after 1 day
1.5% hourly for 72 hours
0.55% hourly for 240 hours
Dec 12, 2018
0.42% hourly / 10% daily forever
0.50% hourly / 12% daily forever
0.63% hourly / 15% daily forever
10% hourly / 240% daily forever
2% daily forever
Dec 12, 2018
INSTA4X Paying
4% daily for 45 days
7% daily for 20 days
8% daily for 20 days
110% after 5 days
Dec 11, 2018
2.1% daily for 20 days
2.5% daily for 35 days
3.5% daily for 55 days
650% after 25 days
1500% after 45 days
3000% after 60 days
6500% after 90 days
570% after 11 days
1600% after 24 days
Dec 11, 2018
1.08% - 1.15% hourly for 96 hours
1.8% - 2.5% hourly for 60 hours
6% - 10% hourly for 30 hours
Dec 06, 2018
2.72% daily for 72 days
3.67% daily for 54 days
4.50% daily for 44 days
Dec 06, 2018
3% - 7% daily for 50 days
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Dec 13, 2018
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ПРоект ForexKing

ПРоект ForexKingDear investors bring to your attention another project Forex King - officially registered company in the UK that is documented on the site in the tab «about us». The project is not a new existence began from September 11, 2015 with inconspicuous design and one-up has changed in the new year 2016. Investment activity of the company remained the same, namely trade in the market and forex and profit from the transactions on the stock exchange cryptocurrency, as well as investing in start-ups. The team of financial analysts who are experts in the evaluation of private enterprises who need financial help at the very beginning of development, selects promising of them have all the data to grow into a large-scale and highly profitable enterprise. The company's goal is to provide stable and high income for both corporate and private investors, while minimizing the risks of money loss. The site has an exclusive design, made in an elegant official style, with complete information, supporting documents, a convenient menu, the contacts in the header. The site is the sole language version, the English with the prevailing direction of foreign investors. The technical side worked out in detail and competently with a high level of safety and high service capabilities.

Investment Opportunities:

The project offers 8 plans for investment at different times, with different minimum deposits and therefore with different interest rates

Starter Daily Plan
Your profit will be 2.1% per day
For a period of 15 days
The minimum deposit is $ 10.00
Maximum deposit $ 1000.00 2.10
The deposit is refunded at the end of

Regular Daily Plan
Your profit will be 2.3% per day
For a period of 35 days
The minimum deposit is $ 1001.00
Maximum deposit $ 10000.00
The deposit is refunded at the end of

Professional Daily Plan
Your profit will be 2.7% per day
For a period of 60 days
Minimum deposit $ 10001.00
Maximum deposit $ 50000.00
The deposit is refunded at the end of

Accumulator 1
Your profit will be 250% after 40 days
The minimum deposit is $ 5000.00
Maximum deposit $ 10000.00
The deposit is included in the payment

Accumulator 2
Your profit is 600% after 60 days
The minimum deposit is $ 3500.00
Maximum deposit $ 6500.00
The deposit is included in the payment

Accumulator PRO

Your profit will be 1800% after 105 days
The minimum deposit is $ 250.00
Maximum deposit $ 5000.00
The deposit is included in the payment

VIP Plan
Your profit will be 350% after 17 days
Minimum deposit $ 25000.00
Maximum deposit $ 30000.00
The deposit is included in the payment

Your profit will be 900% after 33 days
Minimum deposit $ 20000.00
Maximum deposit $ 25000.00
The deposit is included in the payment

ПРоект ForexKing

Conclusion on the plans:

A wide selection for every budget and life, but the most popular and the best of the entire line-up is the Starter Daily Plan with a profit of 2.1% in a short period of 15 days and the return of the deposit at the end of a minimum contribution of $ 10. The remaining tariffs as well as the site itself is likely designed for the foreign investor.

Affiliate program
- From 1 to 50 referrals - 3% of the amount of the contribution of the referral
- From 51 to 200 referrals - 4% of the amount of the contribution of the referral
- More than 200 referrals - 5% of the amount of the contribution of the referral

Payment System Project:
The project offers three popular payment systems, with manual payments in the regulation 30 hours
- Perfect Money,
- Payeer,
- Bitcoin

Features of the project:
[Protection against DDoS]
[Dedicated server]
[Exclusive Script]
[Exclusive Design]
[Official Company]
[Verified PM]
[Verified Payeer]
[Green Bar]

To contact form available on the site is fast in the contact section, as well as e-mail and phone [email protected] +441617680042 (8:00 AM - 8:00 PM)

Social networks:
    The project is actively presented in the social networking groups on facebook, in the VC, in twitter, https : // where you can read the latest news, reviews and presentations of the project, to share information and discuss issues that interest you.


Dressing up and weak project design with plans to separate one embodiment, reviews, but after the transformation outweigh the positive, as evidenced by the contributions.

The conclusion of the project:

The project lasted almost in the shadow of a fairly long period of time, the design and plans change occurred this year and obviously attracted attention. Legend of the standard, well-fed with an explanation, plus a stylish design and a variety of plans based on foreign investors and long-term performance. Technical equipment thoroughly researched. Long Live the King, viva !!! The main thing is not a knight's move ...



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