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Review Budabi


Проект Budabi

Проект BudabiDear investors to your scrutiny presented Budabi project - officially registered company in the UK, with the documents confirming the registration can be found on the website. Full official name of the company ABU DHABI BUSINESS GROUP. Budabi positioning itself as an innovative project, rapidly developing in Russia and Ukraine, as well as the CIS and the Euro Union. The main objective is to bring together investors in the property market in the UAE. The uniqueness of the project lies in the participation of regular transactions of purchase and sale at all stages of construction. Principle of operation - an individual approach to each client, developed on the principles of mutually beneficial partnership. By investing your money in a growing and profitable company, you get a high and stable income, guarantee a refund and quality service regardless of the amount and the term of the investment. The project site has a familiar template design made in bright cheerful style. The navigation bar contains all the tabs. The information is presented in full, but with the division of the company and the project. The site is available in two languages ??(Russian and English) with rapid transition between them in the header. The site is proposed to install a mobile application to manage their investments in fast mode and anywhere. The technical side worked out poorly, perhaps there will be changes in the future.

Investment Opportunities Budabi:

The project offers three investment plans, with the difference in the interest rate, the minimum deposit amount and term of the withdrawal.

0.7% daily for 360 days maturity
The minimum contribution of $ 50
The maximum contribution of $ 500
Your profit will be 0.7% per day for a period of 360 days
Your profit will be 4.9% in a week, on Tuesdays payments


0.8% daily for 360 days maturity
Minimum deposit $ 500
The maximum contribution of $ 1,500
Your profit will be 0.8% per day for 360 days
Your profit will be 24% in 30 days

0.9% daily for 360 days maturity
The minimum contribution of $ 1,500
The maximum contribution of $ 4,000
Your profit will be 0.9% per day for 360 days
Your profit will be 81% in 90 days

Проект Budabi

Conclusion on the plans Budabi:

Term proposed plan of 360 days, the differences consist in the amount of minimum deposit, the payment of weekly plans. The most optimum is the first Silver plan based on a minimum deposit of $ 50 to test the deposit term is too long. It is also worth to note that you can manage to withdraw funds within 14 days from the date of deposit.

NOTE TO 29 FEBRUARY special offer + 15% to the contribution

Affiliate program:
Referral program: 10% of your referral contribution

Payment System Project
The project offers 2 all payment systems.
- Payeer
- Perfect Money

Features of the project Budabi:
[Live Chat]
[Verified PM]

Contact the site presents [email protected] and Live Chat, where you answer questions you may have.

Social networks:

             In social networks represented groups on facebook and VC where you can read the latest news and promotions company.

Reviews of the new project is always distrustful has several negative concerning design

The conclusion of the project Budabi:

The legend is simple and clear: there is buy sell. Presented well and in detail, together with a package of supporting documents. The site is a template with a poorly thought-out technical side. The two language versions, though with errors in the Russian language. As for the plans that are in them a long term low interest yield to breakeven after almost half a year and the only difference is in the amount of minimum deposit. Aims project judging by the plans for the long-term work. For the stated legends about buying property in Dubai of course too small interest but the minimum deposits are unlikely to buy a villa in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Given the number of bonus shares and the creators of the project started it begs the question whether he trades in the Swedish cosmetics.



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