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Проект BoxInvestDear investors, we offer to your attention a new project Boxinvest offering upscale self-storage centers services for Box Invest system that works in many countries around the world. Boxinvest first decided to work out a system in China, and more than 5 years (according to the site) offers the highest quality services for the storage of things.
In 2010, the country opened the first self storage facility Box Invest. Through quality service and well-coordinated team approach to work, the company has developed rapidly and has earned the trust of many customers. Today Boxinvest - is a solid share of the market of the country for self storage. Currently, customers rent from Boxinvest more than fifty thousand square meters and is always sure that the services provided by them are of the highest quality. Boxinvest cares about their image, so customers can always count on an individual approach and flexible system of discounts.
Among the lodging company's areas of different sizes. Customers can drive up to the individual modules in person at any time convenient for them. this business model has a high mobility, allowing yourself to expand or reduce the area of ??its own warehouses. It is through this Boxinvest can form a competitive and affordable prices, as well as to invest in technology development. To customers have always been confident in the company's quality and reliability, Boxinvest tries to consider all comments and suggestions to consider. You can always ask your questions by calling the non-stop service center. Depending on the season, with special offers and regular customers can count on a pleasant discounts and bonuses. The site is on the eastern plain, the original supply of Lego-style, nice colors, easy navigation bar, made on 2 languages ??Chinese, Russian, emphasizes the country with which cooperates. The technical side is a quality meeting all the necessary requirements.

Проект BoxInvest

Investment Opportunities:

BoxInvest presents three plan to invest in quite their original form, and it offered to buy a stake warehouse and receive a percentage depending on the value of this share.

WAREHOUSE in Shenzhen
0.8% per day for 30 days
The minimum deposit is $ 10.00
Maximum deposit $ 10,000
The deposit is refunded at the end of

WAREHOUSE in Guangzhou
1.2% per day for 60 days
The minimum deposit is $ 15.00
Maximum deposit $ 10,000
The deposit is refunded at the end of

1.8% per day for 180 days
The minimum deposit is $ 25.00
Maximum deposit $ 10,000
The deposit is refunded at the end of

Проект BoxInvest

Conclusions on deposits:

Given a minimum deposit of each plan can be used to deposit any envy of all patience level in anticipation of profit.

Affiliate program:
Referral program is presented with 3 levels offering attracted investors receive for 7%, 5%, 3% of the deposit amount of your referral.

1st level - 7%
Level 2 - 5%
3rd level - 3%

Payment System Project
Payment systems are represented by two most popular:
- PerfectMoney,
- Payeer

Features of the project:
[SSL] for 1 year from COMODO;
[Verified PM]
Licensed script h-script;
The server - IP (1 other site on this IP)

Contacts presented Skype: [email protected] and support customers, as well as for communication, you can use a quick form to send.


Specific complaints or negative comments no regular discussion forums on the prospects of the project, covering topics of plans and designs.

The conclusion of the project:

The legend is quite original, no shares of investment in Forex, and the like, the idea is good, even for the real business. The site itself also made no formulaic way with the usual "white collar". An interesting approach to language versions (Chinese and Russian), perhaps in the future there will be additional, as well as options for payment systems. Plans with a low minimum deposit, returning at the end of the term allows to test any of them. In general, given the long-term BoxInvest plans - ambitious project designed for long-term work. Thus, the "Go East !!!"



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