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Nov 16, 2018
2.20% daily for 50 days
1.92% daily for 60 days
1.34% daily for 90 days
1% daily for 125 days
0.867% daily for 150 days
Nov 14, 2018
HourJar Paying
1.45%-1.7% hourly for 72 hours
3%-3.5% hourly for 40 hours
14%-19% hourly for 20 hours
Nov 14, 2018
2% daily for 50 days
103% after 1 day
107% after 2 days
Nov 14, 2018
10% daily for 12 days
150% after 9 days
170% after 7 days
190% after 5 days
300% after 3 days
Nov 12, 2018
USDTrade Paying
7.8% - 22% daily for 15 days
9% - 20% daily for 30 days
160% - 220% after 10 days
220% - 380% after 20 days
250% - 580% after 30 days
500% - 1180% after 60 days
1400% - 3000% after 120 days
Nov 11, 2018
Ellaos  VIP  Paying
115% after 10 days
2% daily for 10 days 6% daily for 25 days
16% every 3 days for 30 days
42% every 7 days for 28 days
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Nov 16, 2018
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Project reviews New-Time

The project started on November. 9, 2012. It has been working for the fifth day.  I tried to find statistics in the project, but could not find it and I liked it on the one hand but on the other hand it has its advantages and drawbacks. The advantages are that investors can be calm and do not worry, there will be no sudden outflows and panic due to the withdrawal of some large contribution. The weaknesses - some investors do not like the lack of statistics and may miss the project (but they are in the minority).
Описание: Monitoring

Consider the legend of the project New-time:

Usually the percentage of projects with a legend not pay attention, let's see what we have here. In the project we see it only on the main page. Written:

"Our system - is a voluntary association of people who are willing to give each other moral support and material assistance. Participants help other members decide on their financial stability for its own account. By investing in the project, you provide voluntary financial assistance to others. This noble act gives you the right to receive additional support in respect of itself. Our system works as follows:

You are helping, but, in turn, also have a right to get help in a larger size according to the investment plan (6.5% daily for 30 days) ".

This description is reminiscent of a mutual aid fund in the MMM-2011 and 2012. But you must admit, this is not the forex and lies about traders, rates, etc. Verification text is unique to all 100%.

Immediately turn our attention to the Rules and FAQ. The rules do not have anything special. But I have not found the speed of delivering, not the usual condition (as in many other projects) that you can not write negative votes, feedback about the project. Well, a little boo-boo:

"The official source of information about the system is the main site of the project -»

Forgot to put a website, but it only means that just a bad check, and text is quite good quality so most likely made to order (since the site is not recorded), and then just forgot to change. Wrote about it in the support and fixed within an hour (rather quickly react). FAQ standard, it just says that the time-to 24 hours.

Consider the design of the project New-time:

The design is immediately evident that the exclusive and was made to order.

Connection with the administration of the project New-time:

The site has a system of tickets, answer fairly quickly. A huge plus of tickets that any conversation can throw the link and it will be able to see anyone, and it is very convenient. And just before the placement of the review in the project came the news that the link is now available via skype for Russian investors.

Investment plans and referral system in the project New-time:

The draft plan is only 6.5% per month for 30 days and 195% of net income and get 95% per month. The plan has the right to life, but the% of income is quite high. Note that after 15 days of those who have contributed to the beginning already receive 100%, so it makes sense to invest right now, in time to fight off 100%.

Referral system in the project 5% Referral standard, so there's nothing special.

Let's see what payment system adopts the draft:



In general, the usual array, which is now taking all the projects. Some even connect EgoPay and STP, but remember that the one that the other payment system is blocked without explanation and some of them refuse.

The technical side of New-time:

The site is located on the server from DDOS-GUARD.NET according site is on the ip

This is a simple shared hosting ip (about 1600 sites on the same server). I contacted support for the project and they said that these are not true and their server ip it seems to be true unnecessarily given ip belongs DDOS-GUARD.NET. If you go to the site DDOS-GUARD, you will notice that the prices are starting a dedicated server from $ 600. The domain was created October 17, 2012, recall the start of the project on November 9, so the admin took 27 days to prepare the project. Domain in the area. Biz, of course that is not very popular, but apparently the other zones were just busy. Registered the domain for a year. Joined SSL Positive SSL CA 2by Comodo for 1 year. Licensed Script from ProBiz.

In general, the technical side of the project at the level of an ordinary schoolboy DDoS site is not allowed, the script does not crack.

Discussion of the draft New-time on the forums:

In all forums, all is quiet and calm, the project started, no discussion at all, only the positions of the deposits and payments, we conclude that only the future work of the project will show what kind of admin.

Advertising Project New-time:

The project was added in nine monitoring (mostly all exclusive listings) and 7 monitoring the status of waiting with no deposit.

Large return Referral offers only two monitoring our and another. Advertising on the forums so far have been reported. Large banner 728x90 now posted on our monitoring and another 4 monitoring. I think this ad is just the beginning of the project, and every day it will be more unnecessarily project started well and advertising already.

The conclusion of the project New-time:

This project is done well. Advertising is in full swing. I think the admin does not cover up immediately, and plans to work at least 1 round, if there is no force majeure with hosting, hacking etc. So I think this project is to include in your list.




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