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Dec 13, 2018
Biturise Paying
102% after 1 day
1.5% hourly for 72 hours
0.55% hourly for 240 hours
Dec 12, 2018
0.42% hourly / 10% daily forever
0.50% hourly / 12% daily forever
0.63% hourly / 15% daily forever
10% hourly / 240% daily forever
2% daily forever
Dec 12, 2018
INSTA4X Paying
4% daily for 45 days
7% daily for 20 days
8% daily for 20 days
110% after 5 days
Dec 11, 2018
2.1% daily for 20 days
2.5% daily for 35 days
3.5% daily for 55 days
650% after 25 days
1500% after 45 days
3000% after 60 days
6500% after 90 days
570% after 11 days
1600% after 24 days
Dec 11, 2018
1.08% - 1.15% hourly for 96 hours
1.8% - 2.5% hourly for 60 hours
6% - 10% hourly for 30 hours
Dec 06, 2018
2.72% daily for 72 days
3.67% daily for 54 days
4.50% daily for 44 days
Dec 06, 2018
3% - 7% daily for 50 days
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Dec 13, 2018
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Project reviews British Art and Supplies

Monitored by

British Art and Supplies Inc – investment fund created by British Art and Supplies Inc, which has been dealing with creating of an unique design of houses and offices. This project started on the 11th of August 2013. The site has English and Russian version. Right after entering the site you can see a good-looking design and appearance.


Uniqueness of the text on the site is 100%. Rules and FAQs on the site are standard. The maximum time for a transaction is 48 hours. Exchanging of currencies in an account is not allowed. Therefore, you can get you money in a currency in which you’ve made a deposit.


In the Contacts section you can find a Company’s certificate of registration but due to a pure quality of the image it is quite hard to understand what it says…

Also there is an address of the company: High Street, Shropshire, WV16, Bridgnorth,
United Kingdom. According to Google there are only private houses. It is not quite clear how the building on the photo is connected with them.

There is a telephone number +441746541027 and skype: british-art-inc. I tried to call and surprisingly a man (but not an answering machine) answered.

In Skype also I was given all the needed information very quick.


In the Investments section we can see 4 different plans which are differ by a return percentage and minimal sums of deposits. The time for deposits is the same for all 4 options: 27 days.

In all options there is no deposit refund and after 27 days you get


The 1st option. from 1 usd to 500 usd  4.44% per day during 27 days =  120 %, in 23 days you get 100% of a deposit.


The 2nd option. from 501 usd to 1000 usd 4.63% per day during 27 days = 125%, in 22 days you get 100% of a deposit.


The 3rd option. from 1000 usd to 5000 usd 4.82% per day during 27 days = 130%, in 21 days you get 100% of a deposit.


The 4th option. More than 5000 usd 5.19% per day during 27 days = 140%, in 20 days you get 100% of a deposit.


In a more detailed investigation you can see that even if the project is closed in 12 days after your deposit, you will get 50% of your deposit back. That’s why when a deposit is returned by parts it makes the project safer for investors.

Let’s notice that % of profit and a payback period are not strongly depend on a deposit sum.  

For deposits the following payment systems are available: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer. On the initial stage of the project they will be enough but later there will be more.

Reference commission is 5% from a deposit.


As for the technical point of view: the domain was registered on 24.07.2013 for the period of 3 years. The domain is registered by the registrar The server belongs to

Licensed script from Goldcoders is used. Design looks quite interesting and original. This means that the design was made by professionals and by their best.

Now let’s pay attention to an advertising of the project.

The project was added to more than 30 monitorings. On them you can see banners 468x60 and 125x125. On forums an advertisement can be noticed.

The project has more than 1000 likes on Facebook. It’s good that besides a common advertisement such projects began to spread to social networks.

Let’s pay attention to the forum mmgp where a topic was created by the moderator Polaks. In general, the project was welcomed very good.


Conclusion on the project: Even taking into account the fact that the project started only 2 weeks ago, it is a perfect chance to earn a good sum of money.




Dinamic banner 175 x 73:
now online: 5  authorized online: 1