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Project Overview Forexicreg

Good day dear. Today we want to present you an overview of the project Forexicreg.

Legend of the project:
Our company Forex ICReg, which is in the UK has involved a number of experts in their field.
Investing in the financial markets - it is risky, but with the right approach and risk-sharing, this market is becoming a great
tool for profit. Our lawyers, economists and analysts are constantly monitoring the global financial markets.
Clear and well-coordinated work of professionals for several years has shown excellent results.
Now our company is gaining momentum to work on a larger scale, by attracting investment funds.
This is and your interest! In our investment proposals, you can choose the right option for you and earn with us
and deep referral program allows you to earn income without investment! In the end, you will forget the problems of a financial nature,
and we priobretёm for themselves what is important - you, a reliable partner and investor!

The project has a number of investment plans, and everyone will find for yourself exactly what he needs:
1 Start: 0.8% daily for 20 days from $ 10 to $ 50. Maximum number of deposits 4.
Start 2 +: 0.85% daily for 30 days from $ 50 to $ 150. Maximum number of deposits 4.
3 Moderate: 0.9% daily for 40 days from $ 51 to $ 200. You can make several contributions.
Moderate 4 +: 0.95% daily for 50 days from $ 151 to $ 500. You can make several contributions.
Reliable 5: 1% daily for 60 days from $ 201 to $ 1000. You can make several contributions.
Reliable 6 +: 1.05% daily for 70 days from 501 $ to 3000 can make several contributions.
7 Stable: 1.1% daily for 80 days from $ 1001 to $ 5000. You can make several contributions.
8 + stable: 1.15% daily for 90 days from $ 3001 to $ 7500. You can make several contributions.
9 The increased: 1.2% daily for 100 days from 5001 $ to 10000 $. You can make several contributions.
Increased 10 +: 1.25% daily for 110 days from $ 7501 to $ 15000. You can make several contributions.
11 Maxi: 1.3% daily for 120 days from $ 10,001 and with no restrictions. You can make several contributions.
12 Maxi +: 1.35% daily for 130 days from $ 15,001 and with no restrictions. You can make several contributions.
13 The trade-off: 8% per week (1.14% per day) for 10 weeks from $ 500 to $ 2000. You can make several contributions.
14: Compromise + 9% per week (1.28% per day) for 15 weeks from $ 2000 to $ 5000. You can make several contributions.
15: Professional: 10% per week (1.42% per day) for 15 weeks from 2001 $ to 7500 $. You can make several contributions.
16: Professional + 11% per week (1.57% per day) for 20 weeks from $ 5001 to $ 15000. You can make several contributions.

If you have any doubts, you can check out the project by making a small contribution for a minimum period, and after already thinking about the long-term contribution
with a large investment. The same project gives the opportunity to have several deposits in one plan that will get even more profit
short period of time. This is one of the main advantages of this project. Just before you make a deposit, you can calculate your profit on the calculator
which is presented in the same site. In this case, when investing, the company enters into a standard contract with the investor, with which you can read on the link
( It describes all the conditions offered this company and the conditions for investors. Just right of the investor, the potential risks
and force majeure events.

Affiliate bonus:
Referral system project consists of 10 levels and create a deep structure for active investors.
And allow to bring additional income.
Level 1 - 10%.
Level 2 - 5%.
Level 3 - 3%.
Level 4 - 1%.
Level 5 - 0.5%.
Level 6 - 0.5%.
Level 7 - 0.5%.
Level 8 - 0.5%.
Level 9 - 0.5%.
Level 10 - 0.5%.
Such a system would allow investors with a large referral base to get a good extra income and develop your referral
structure. With this you can make with Forexicreg, without investing own money, all you need is to have your refaral made
and any contribution you have already received their first promotional bonus. It is also a definite plus project.

The project works with the most popular payment systems:

Technical Support site:
In terms of customer support the project, the site has a variety of ways due to the administration of the project to this point, the administration came very
thoroughly and in detail:
1. E-mail: [email protected]
2 It is possible to request a call back.
3 There are two Skype chat project.
4 standard form letters to send to the project site.
5.-line consultant who can answer you on your question, almost immediately.
6 Also the site contains section FAQ, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Advertising Project:
The project is listed at 17 monitoring, 12 of them are worth paying status, and another 5 worth the wait status. The project also placed on many
forums that have a lot of reviews and posts on the payments from the project.

The technical side of the project:
These whios:

Name Server (s)
NS1.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 423 domains)
NS2.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 423 domains)
NS3.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 423 domains)
NS4.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 423 domains)
NS5.DDOS-GUARD.NET (has 423 domains)

IP Location: Russian Federation - Rostov - Rostov-na-donu - Ddos
ASN: Russian Federation AS262254 DANCOM LTD, BZ (registered Dec 05, 2012)

Registry Domain ID: 1861661907_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2014-06-10T21: 32: 03Z
Creation Date: 2014-06-05T22: 40: 27Z

The same site has an SSL certificate for two years (10.06.2014 - 10.06.2014), which will provide additional protection to investors deposits, protection against external
attacks and leakage of personal information of users. Besides all this, the site has an exclusive design, written specifically for this project.

Results of:
To summarize, the administration of the project with all seriousness went to the opening of the project. A lot of plans and a large referral structure will allow investors
generate more revenue from the project. A well-organized support, will allow investors to get answers to all the questions as soon as possible.
Just in the themes of the project is an active discussion posts about payments. The site has a good protection against DDOS attacks and other external influences.



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