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Oct 11, 2019
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Oct 15, 2019
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Preliminary analysis of the contest MMGP!



For those who do not know what to tell all first appeared in our mmgp competition from 21 to 30 September 2011, all point to what projects to pribolyu from 16% in the month kept for 3 months ie until December 29. The sum in the lottery $ 500. Total voted for 40 projects, and after 1 month of about 10 projects were closed, but others continued to work, now before summing up the remaining 17 days, so try to preliminary results. Let's see first what the project is closed: 

ReproFinance 19 vote 

MacroTrade 16 vote (This project already has some problems with the withdrawal of larger sums, but as it turned out, most of +, then those who stopped paying not ruin the project, we will assume that the project is all the same applies to problem). 

Hypercompound 13 vote 

BrantonsGroup 10 vote

EurexTrade 5 vote

Basebucks vote

One-inv 3  vote

ExpertPortfolio 3 vote

PaidJack  3 vote

Gloinvest 1 vote

EnzexFinance vote

Worldwidecapital vote

ProfitsMax 1 vote

TopsFund 1 vote

Tinoko Capital (Not paying) 18 vote

Mirexgroup(Not paying)  16 vote

Powerful-Strategy(Not paying) 12 vote

SingInvest(Not paying)   8 vote

SafeDepositary(Not paying) 6 vote

Liberty-Loan(Not paying) 6 vote

Soltfin Investment(Not paying)  5 vote

Sommetcorporation(Not paying) 3 vote

Unitrust-direct(Not paying)  3 vote

ViscoCorp(Not paying)  2 vote

EaSY Solution(Not paying) 2  vote

ClarintonTrading(Not paying) 2 vote

PAMGROUP(Not paying)vote

SofixFunds(Not paying)  vote

ForexForks(Not paying) vote

Atlantcapital(Not paying)  vote

RegularBee(Not paying) vote

TopEarnMoney(Not paying)  vote

Earthsaidyes(Not paying) 1 vote

AstraCapitalGroup(Not paying) 1 vote

FibCorporate(Not paying)  1 vote

Wildtigertrust(Not paying) 1 vote

Sportbettinginvest(Not paying) 1 vote

Brightfut(Not paying)  1 vote

BScommerce-co(Not paying)  1 vote

Chindia(Not paying)   1 vote

First, of course all interested in the question for today is the one who guessed 3 working draft:

InfernusZp voted for  EnzexFinance BrantonsGroup ReproFinance

Upline voted for One-inv BrantonsGroup ReproFinance

Aritas voted for EurexTrade ReproFinance Hypercompound

NewLife voted for  Basebucks ProfitsMax PaidJack

Many voted for Tinoko Capital and Mirexgroup, can be found at least 10 chelvoek who voted they were 2 of the project work, and Tinoko Capital and Mirexgroup closed.
Note that in 3 out of 4 candidates to win the draft ReproFinance, although such a project is all well and unlike MacroTrade nekakih no hint of closure of the project until December 29. Just a 2 person project is BrantonsGroup, but it just all kind of good, and nothing heralds the closing.
I want to congratulate in advance those who were able to guess the three working the project to date. I wish them luck and hope that all of these projects will live until 29 December.
And in the meantime we are continuing to monitor the situation in the HYIP industry, stay tuned to our news!





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