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Jun 01, 2020
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News HYIP industry for March 13!

Hello, dear readers. Now consider the latest news in the HYIP industry.


First the good news in the project f4u2-trade, the project opened recently, but rather took place on March 4 and testing, has good potential. Testing is over and now the admin has raised interest rates, now they make up with input from 10 usd 0.8% on a weekday, from $ 250 1% per working day, from 1.25% to $ 500 per business day. Also, the site was added to the Russian version, and includes an automatic reinvestment.


Another interesting news from the project Wistrodos (Project working steadily for several months, plans for the project, 1.01% - 2.51% daily for 30 - 150 days, the project is solidly made, has an office in Moscow, also has good potential.) News is that now the competition is to attract more referrals:

On March 12, 2012 to May 15, 2012 Guide Promotions announces the following:

A. The active investor, who personally invite at least 20 investors, personal volume total at least $ 2,000 (euro) and the total amount of the first line will be $ 50,000 (euro) for the period of the incentive program receives a gift from the project Wistrodos ticket to vacation, you can pick up the money. (Face Value Vouchers - $ 1,500 (euro)).

Two. The active investor, who personally invite at least 30 investors in the project Wistrodos, personal volume is not less than $ 3,000 (euro) and the total amount of the first line will be $ 80,000 (euro) for the period of the incentive program will receive a complimentary ticket to the rest, you can pick up the money. (Face Value Vouchers - $ 2,000 (euro)).

Three. The active investor, who personally invite at least 40 investors, personal volume total at least $ 5,000 (euro) and the total amount of the first line will be 100 000 dollars (euros) for the period of the incentive program will receive a complimentary ticket to the rest, you can pick up the money. (Face Value Vouchers - $ 3,000 (euro)).

Until the end of March will be made available information on the company website Wistrodos: in what city, the hotel and on what days will be organized holiday with tuition.

Two days Training Seminar.V will one day be a banquet with the participation of the Company Guide with handing souvenirs active participants in our project.

Take part in training workshops will all attend.

Guidance Software, "MIS Troodos" and TRODOS GROUP CORP.


Next news from the project forex-fond (the project has been working for three months, interest in the project by 0.8% per day to 4.5% daily for 1 - 365 days).Over the past few days, some news has come look at them first:

The new rule site Forex-fond

As of today (03/09/2012) on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) will not accrue interest on deposits, but the acceptance of deposits and payments will be made as usual.

This is done to stop undermining the reputation of our foundation. We receive thousands of letters in which people ask us to distrust of how possible accrual of interest on deposits in the days when the international currency market Forex is not working and accuse us of all mortal sins. Explain all that we have always had such an opportunity, because the game is on the Forex is not the only source of our income is simply senseless. To this opinion will not arise, (though our company has never in its existence, did not allow for this reason) of the site decided to stop the accrual of interest on deposits at weekends.

You must agree that each of you will always require us to attention and immediate solutions to the problem. The time has come and you get a little more responsible in relation to us. We proved that we work and talk about it for your confidence in us. Now we demand strict compliance with our rules.

The new rule applies to all contributions, no exceptions.

Exactly 12 hours later admin Forex-fond-and makes the new news:

Due to numerous requests from our investors, we decided to restore
accrual of interest on the weekend, although it is contrary to our
interests of undermining the reputation of our foundation. Thus, we again
underline the fact that the interests and desires of our investotov always
first and more important than any negative reviews and complaints.

Looks like a lot of admin first letters came in the indictment that they allegedly traded on the forex, but for some reason, interest is charged on weekends. He decided to turn off the accrual of interest on the weekends, then of course a bunch of letters began to come from existing investors in the project, what he has done what for, he turned off the interest on the weekends, but the admin has decided to turn back. The fact that the admin is torn from one to another very bad, the admin is not done very professionally, if the admin, and will continue so to rush in other aspects of the project, it will lead to the collapse of the project. Let's hope that the admin in the future will be smarter and do not take place at the persuasion of investors.


Next a little news on the project Rockferryfund, admin requests not to worry investors, withdrawal occurs within 24 hours after the request for withdrawal. If you did not get paid instant (instant) does not raise a panic! Wait for 24 hours.

In the news today resulted in the very near future we will publish a list of projects in which the return of the largest referral and what projects we will now recommend to make a contribution. Watching the news ...



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