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Jun 01, 2020
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May 30, 2020
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May 29, 2020
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May 28, 2020
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May 27, 2020
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May 26, 2020
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Jun 01, 2020
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News HYIP industry for December 26


Hello Today we start with the fact that we consider projects that have gone on Christmas vacation.
The project is a giant  ReprofinanceDeclared holidays from December 24 until January 2! These days, the project will not accrue earnings. However, all findings will be processed as usual! Today we went to the post negative feedback about the project he allegedly does not pay and delayed payment of 2 days, now this review is checked. But a review can be misleading because Many saw that profits do not accrue without having read the news on the site are beginning to write negative reviews. There is one negative point in the project, support for several days does not answer our question about accruals error Referral. Such a long answer for the second time, first time we've been waiting for an answer about a week! We can not say unequivocally whether to continue its stable operation of the project, so we'll watch him.
Stopped paying project  Vipinvest . Another December 23 could have guessed that the project will close in the next few days, namely, after the project has released the news about 100% bonus on all deposits.
Project  Arbs  stopped paying on the 22nd as the forums were slow to report. About 108 days served, even those who have contributed to the beginning of the project did not manage to recapture the entire amount of the deposit, so the project is still at the opening of the plans was predictable that it may close in the new year, that basically what happened ...

The project has already appeared  Xauforex  first problem. PerfectMoney payment to he made instantly as usual, but with LibertyReserve delays ever since yesterday, so we can expect that the project is just at the stage of closure. Although plans for the project indicate that the project can freely explore and before the new year and beyond. The project has worked 56 days and now he is the deadline for the first plan for 60 days, it is possible for him he does not want to have to return the deposits and thus explains the delay ... But it remains only to observe, we have changed the status of waiting and in the coming days it will be understood going to work on a project or all the same we were right and it closes.

Project  Brantonsgroup  announced the start of the Christmas holidays from December 22, Al on January 3 and the site you will notice that the admin is not paid off online chat and therefore the existence of the project after the new year is in great doubt. Of course, exactly what we can learn only after January 3, but I think in this project outcome is almost obvious.
We draw attention to the draft  TopsFund  he reported that the 25th day of output, and 26 will already be working, look at how payments will go to the project today. We call attention also to a suspicious plan, which opened on 8 December and is working so far, 15% daily for 150 days and a minimum of $ 500, so far no complaints about the payments had been made, so we can assume that if someone dared to makecontribution, then he is paid.
Project  Mts-mc  goes to the New Year holidays from December 26 to January 9, why so long is not very clear, but what is his solution admin decision, given the recent news on this project, the project has been to trust more and more complicated.
Project  Eurextrade  all deposits and payments during the holidays will be processed instantly. According to official figures obtained by the project ie not trading days in these days they will not charge%. 23-26-27-31 December. From 2 to 5 January in the markets will be little activity, so they just will not sell. Note that not only will be charged% of income, and payment processing and deposits will be run in normal mode.
Moneyera  also informs that from 27 December to 2 January will not charge and writes to a meeting in 2012. Ie, I see no nekakoy confidence that the project will pay these days, but once he did not write about that payments will not, then they should be and if not, then the project is likely to be attributed to not paying .
Instanty  project admin says that many projects will not work on these holidays, and his project will be one of the exceptions, and even on holidays, he continued to take deposits and make payments. Well look at this venture.
Permanentprofit  congratulated the New Year without specifying a schedule for the holidays.
Placefunds  reports about what they'll be off 26 and 27 December, which will be on the other days are not reported ie plan to work. Let's see how they got it.
Oneinv  as investors greeted the New Year and Merry Christmas, and how it will work during the holidays did not write anything, that certainly says a lot.
Imtrust surprised at all, instead of having to write a work schedule will be during the holidays they have done New Year's share from 26 December to 31 December, will be open to invest in the project at least $ 200 in plan by 20% per month. Yes, on the one hand this Christmas and share all the good that the admin has prepared and made a New Year promotion, and the other looks like a collection of money by 31 and the number is just one of the project to pay more and will not be. Of course let everyone decide for himself what the intentions in the admin of the project and whether to invest in a profitable plan or not.
Anahita-invest  the admin draft reports on which holidays will be from December 25 to January 2. And January 3, everything will work. From the beginning, I was surprised how such a project generally worked until December 25, considering that in December he began to hand out bonuses 20% to the contribution, so in principle we can safely say that the project and may operate after the new year, and can safely shut down and .
Real—invest  also congratulated all of 2012, but was not informed of their plans and days off for the holidays.
Walesfinance  Happy New Year and reported in the same way that the holidays will last from December 28 to January 2.
Online-invest informs that 25 - 26 December and 1 - January 2, will not accrue earnings, as well as support will not work. And congratulations to all investors, Christmas and New Year!
A small news of the project  Netincomefx , the draft adds support for the Russian language! Also support the project responds in English, French and Russian.
Today came out of only one normal project:
Today, a new project Dailylucre (plans from 1% to 3% daily for 25 days). at first glance, the project made good: an exclusive script, SSl from godaddy. But looking at the project I was disappointed in the whois, it is located in a kind of server in Florida - High hosting Enterprises Inc, once it is clear that the protection of Ddos there is no question, then you can see that on the same ip are another 7 sites (may have been located m . because now is not working). But all the same SSL site belongs dailylucre, ie upon arrival at any other site is located on the same server that will be issued and dailylucre error SSL.
In general, the project has just appeared, look at its development, as will be actively monitoring and add a variety of other advertising.
Stay tuned to our site! We always write the most current and updated information in the HYIP industry!




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