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Oct 22, 2019
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Oct 21, 2019
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Oct 20, 2019
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Oct 18, 2019
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Oct 17, 2019
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Oct 16, 2019
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Oct 22, 2019
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News HYIP industry for December 14-15!

Today we will consider the latest news from various projects.

The first news of today will be the closure of the project Macrotrade, the project served 522 days! profitability in the project from 1.2% to 2.2% per day. Who invested at the outset, even on the minimum plan, interest income amounted to about 600%!We have a smaller percentage of the profit 330% since We added a more solid contribution later. The project worked perfectly. Since the the project is not so great interest that we hope the closure of such a giant wave posypetsya not close any HYIP smaller.

 Next news on project (profitableness in the project makes 1.6 % a day on 90 days=8 % a week). The administrator reminds about several especial rules in the project:

1. Profit % to appear at you on an account only after 1-2 days after the investment. (It is interesting what for is made if in GC a script the deposit is enlisted automatically)

 2. Request on a conclusion you can only on Saturday and Sunday. (This rule not absolutely clearly what for is made, well we will assume that at week-days the administrator somewhere twists money, and on Saturday and Sunday is engaged in inquiries about a conclusion, but nuance in that that in a script to order on a conclusion it is possible in any day! Most likely many so order and complain to the administrator why he not payingJ it has decided to let out now news). All right we look a following rule,

3. Inquiries about a conclusion within 2-4 days are processed. In this rule of anything especial.

4. Inquiries about a conclusion from special advertizing plans and to promoters (I think it there were to a kind monitors), are processed as soon as possible.

5. The referalnaja commission isn't listed from investments from balance and from bonuses, this rule also usual in it isn't present anything especial.

Project certainly cheerful I thought it won't work also weeks, but the project marvelously works 21 day. We will look as it will develop further.

One more small news from project Gloinvest (the Project very interesting, with exclusive plans and original idea, the project didn't add monitorings! And develops in itself and judging by responses at a forum quite successfully, in the near future we also invest in this project and we will add it to us on a site, percent have arrived in the project about 10 % a week). And news consists in that that they have increased the maximum sum of an exchange from one payment system in another in accounts of users. Having come having looked in an account I has seen what to exchange it is possible only LibertyReserve on alertpay and Perfectmoney on alertpay other directions aren't present. Now it is clear, many in the project invest in alertpay and since from alertpay uneasy to transfer money in other currency, the administrator has decided to open an exchange. Also gives a bonus at an exchange with LR on alertpay 6 %, and at an exchange with PM on Alertpay 4 %.

The following news from project Instanty, it informs us about scam the monitor, he has told to the administrator that if the administrator doesn't send it 100 usd the administrator of monitoring will write negative responses at all forums. Administrator Instanty speaks about that that will never pay to the given monitoring, and all users know that project Instanty pays instantly! Also the administrator hopes as other projects won't pay to the given monitoring.


The following news from project ExpertPorifolio

The administrator of the project informs us on that that they had a page in social network Facebook. The manager of the project plans what exactly this page becomes main for communication of administration of the project with investors. Therefore all присоединямся to page of project Facebook.

As we wrote on December, 7th has been published “new Investment Trends Forecast 2012 - Market Research” = new tendencies in the field of investments the forecast 2012 – market researches earlier. You will find brief information under the reference above. All subscribers and the registered users can download PDF the version.

Don't lose the chance! Be registered and download “Investment Trends Forecast 2012 - Market Research” now.


We continue to watch situation HYIP of the industry, watch our news




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