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Jan 21, 2020
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News HYIP industry for 19 October!


The news of the HYIP industry:


Reprofinance The news appeared in the program: Reprofinance made contract with international insurance company ING about the insurance of all the investments in the program Reprofinance. All the insurance commission is taken from the Reserve Fund of the company Revendor Management Inc and will be paid by them. The insurance cases are the cases of the lowering of the costs of the company’s actives for 80% in the result of the economical crisis, the company’s bankrupt, the site’s not working during 14 days, some extraordinary circumstances. In case of the insurance case the investor receives all the insurance sum+ the lost profit.


It is easy to check whether they really made such contract. ING is one of the largest financial institutes in the world. You can find the following information in Wikipedia:  «ING is the largest banking/financial services & insurance conglomerate in the world by revenue with current gross receipts exceeding €54 billion ($77 billion) per annum» So what do they have in common with Reprofinance?


However, it is written in the news that one of the sides of the agreement is the company

Revendor Management Inc. Which is supposed to be the law face of the program and is registered in Belize. However, in accordance to the official information at the site Belize International Financial Services Commission website  Revendor Management Inc was called a scammer having no license to offer any service to its clients. And so, it is very funny to see the news of the making the contract with the company ING. I will remind you it is easy to check if you contact the company ING, they will certainly answer that they know nothing of the program Reprofinance.


This lie will soon be widely discredited. As I believe, the real purpose was to create false feeling of safety among the investors and make them do more investments. Exactly this the programs usually do before closing, therefore be extremely careful and think if it is still necessary to make the investments or it is better to transact as much as possible from the program.


PermanentProfit Very interesting information appeared on the blog MNO. One of the investors of this program had his investment 5000$ blocked. The support is, of course, silent. So, the admin of MNO interfered and send the letter to the support. The answer came:


The investor’s account was broken by hacker, but they reacted quickly and so the hacker couldn't transact the money as the account was protected by the password for the transaction. Now the money are in safety. And the investor should give as the insurance the sum of 1000$ into the  account ПМ U1701096 and after the check if everything is okay they will put back the instant payments and will return to him 1000$. The most interesting part of this case is in the fact that if you look at monitors (there are 56 of them in the program), all the monitors except MNO show the status PAYS, and there’s no one negative voice. And at ALL the forums there’s the same situation: everywhere the program pays and there are no negative voices. And thus there is a unique investor which has complained only to MNO and why hasn't he written at forums and other monitors, especially after they asked 1000$ to invest, it is absolutely unclearly.


There may be two conclusions: the first one means that MNO were paid money to discredit the program PermanentProfit and to provoke the wave of bad voices, but apparently it hasn't turned out so. And the second conclusion is that there really is such investor, it’s just that he is inexperienced and invested huge sum through the referral link through MNO and now asks it for help… But why hasn’t MNO advised him to write on it at forums? Maybe he did so for the advertisement of his blog.


The program Profigain with the plan 105% after 1 day is over, not having done even 1 payment! What to say, such programs terrify, why do they make them…


The new programs for the 19th of October:


Russettinv  2% per day for 100 days. The Minimum Investment is 5$. The referral commission is  5 %. Accepts LR, PM. The domain is registered for 3 years. Script GoldCoders without the license. The dedicated server from with granting the DDOS protection. The hosting was changed for the next day of work also for the dedicated server but it is unclear if there is the DDOS protection. SSL from Twahte. The design is simple enough. It is added to 9 monitors, from which 2 are in the trial listing. Meanwhile the status is expectation.


Leprecon-fund 105% after 1 day. Minimum 10$. The referral commission is 1%. Accepts LR, PM. The domain is registered for 1 year. Script GoldCoders without the license.  The hosting with the DDOS protection from geniusguard. There is the domain (the p;ans were 1.5% per day for 160 days, started from March 26th closed in August the 25th) at the same server. SSL from Comodo. 17 monitors added, 6 of them have the status Expectation, 11 have the status Pays. The legend of the program is quite interesting. The program may work more than 2-3 days. The only thing that confuses is the presence of the previous site at this same server and the presence of  OilForexInvesting at this same server. You may think of the investment but first wait 2-3 days to watch the development.


OilForexInvesting 101% after 1 day. Minimum is 50$. The referral commission 1%. Accepts LR. The domain is registered for 1 year. Script GoldCoders with the license. The hosting with the DDOS protection from geniusguard. There is the domain; at the same server. Maybe it’s the geniusguard’s fault, and maybe the admin saves the money locating the site at the one server. The design is awful. But in comparison with Leprecon this program added 39 monitors! So, obviously it is going to work at least for 10 days. You may take the program into account and think of the investment. But keep in mind that both these programs OilForexInvesting and Leprecon-fund are connected one with another.


Prefinances 9% per day for 15 days= 135%. The referral commission is 5%. Accepts LR,PM. The domain is registered for 1 year . Located at the script GoldCoders with the license. The dedicated server with DDOS protection from Staminus. SSL from Comodo. The design is cheap and clichéd. Added to 18 monitors, from them 2 monitors show the status Pays, all others: Expectation. To return the investment the program must work at least for 10 days, so let’s see the development and the advertisement. If the program is slowly developed, you may think of the investment.

Gmdollar 3.4% per day for 50 days = 170%. The referral commission is 3%. Accepts LR. The domain is registered for 1 year . Located at the script autoserf. The simple hosting. No SSL. 3 monitors added and 3 trial listing. I wouldn’t even look at such program.


Earn-much 105% after 1 day. The referral commission is 1%. Accepts LR, PM. The domain is registered for 1 year . Located at the script  GoldCoders with the license. The server is geniusguard with the DDOS protection. There is another site at the same ip: (worked only 3 days). SSL




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