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Nov 09, 2019
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Nov 07, 2019
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Nov 06, 2019
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Nov 06, 2019
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News HYIP industry for 15 - 16 October!



The HYIP industry news for the 15th – 16th of October!


 Today we are going to tell you about the news happened the 15th and 16th of October. We will start from the program Powerful-strategy. On October the 15th in the afternoon the page of the program was deleted. I will remind you that the program Powerful-strategy is the sponsor of the competition at the forum mmgp. Why it is so, that everyone being the sponsor for the competitions closes in the first month after the competitions; and this program is not exclusion.

The hopes are dying with each coming day. Also at 15th of October the program Premoney bought all the domain zones of the program Powerful-strategy and noe they simply resend you to the program Premoney. The conquers decided to press them and now the admin of the program

Powerful-strategy has really hard times because he even can’t register the similar domains due to the fact that they have already been registered.

Admin of  Powerful-strategy promised on October the 13th that the site was going to work in the nearest 1 – 24 hours, but that never happened. Amazingly, the program is added to 115 monitors. 32 monitors have the status: Problem, 7 monitors – the status: Doesn’t Pay, 3 monitors- the status: Expectation, the other 73 monitors: Pays. It means that a lot of admins of monitoring believe that the program may come back to work. Stiil, I believe, if the program is not restored by Monday the status Problem will appear at most of monitors.


Viscocorp is back! And even when the site didn't work, the one who was in time to order payments received them then. And now since the morning of October the 16th the site has started to work using the new domain i.e. the dash in the name of domain was simply added. Also pay attention it took 12 hours before the start of the program, it is very little. In this situation it is necessary to thank the administrator of the program for such fast reaction and the solution of the problem.


One-inv as they had the problems with domains, they are still silent at forums; and I think most probably the program is not going to restart. According to the data of  whois no other domain zones were not registered. From 17 monitors only ours has the status Problem, the others show the status Pays (perhaps, they still hope for it to restart).


TopsFund has the same situation as the program One-inv. According to the data of  whois no other domain zones were not registered. From 31 monitors 2 have the status Problem, the others have the status Pays, also they must hope for the program restoration.


Tinoko Capital and now the program works! I will remind it was being under the strongest DDOS attack. And yesterday the 15th of October everyone managed to enter the site and order the payments. And the most important thing is that the program has already started to make payments. There’s one BUT in these news, the little sums were transacted. Butthelargesumsarestilltobepaid. Sowecanonlywait. If the admin transacts them, of course it’s a great respect to the admin and their reputation will grow very high. I was very surprised of the statuses of monitors. Where the domains were blocked the had been holding the status Pays for 3-4 days, and in this program from 34 monitors only 6 have the status Pays, on 4 - status Expectation, on 8 - status Problem and (imagine that!) 16 monitors have the status Doesn't pay! What to tell, I think and I hope that soon the statuses at them will change for the truth: Pays.


Safedepositary the program has worked for 430 days with the minimum plan of 1.6 % per day for 150 days. The Problems with  the support started on October the 13th. And only today the program has stopped to pay. Yesterday, it paid immediately through PerfectMoney, and today even 30 cents fall into payment expectation. The program has worked for a long time, for this thanks to the administrator of the program.


Fin-alliance had different problems since 14th of October. Someone couldn’t fill the balance, someone’s profit wasn’t added and other problems. Meanwhile someone received the payments. And today we are strongly sure to put the status Problem to the program. From 15 monitors all of them have the status Pays, only our monitor has the status Problem.


I want to address to everybody about the lower programs: if some program doesn’t pay you, please, visit the forums and monitors and leave the bad voices. It will be easier to the monitors to notice the problems; and their reaction will be much faster.


Trust-income had problems since 12th of October, it continued to pay us until the 15th. Due to the fact that no one leaved the bad voices we get to know of the delays only on 14th and of course we immediately changed the program status. If at least anyone complained it would be much faster.


Standard-forex. An interesting enough situation has turned out with this program. The program delays payment in 44$ to one of the Russian investors. He wrote of this at forum mmgp and left the bad voices on monitors with incorrect login and password. We changed the status to the program. In some hours we were written by the admin of the program in yahoo that the voice was false and with the request to change the status back as the login was wrong and there was no screenshot of the payments delay. So we changed the status back. However further on October the 17th in the morning at last at forum Mmgp the investor signified the screen and also he left the bad voice with the true login and the password from his account of this program. So we were assured that the program has had the delays for 24 hours.  Immediately we’ve changed the status to Problems. Thus at all the foreign forums there are no complaints to the delay of payments (we have advised to the investor to leave the bad voices at these forums too). From 39 monitors having this program added the situation is the following. On October the 16th in the evening the status Problem was only on 2 monitors, the ours and pro-hyip. Now on invest-tracing the status is at all Doesn't pay, angel-monitor and pro-hyip and certainly our monitor has the Problem status, the others: Pays. Pay attention, it is Russian monitors except invest-tracing. Therefore when to you have the delay of payments, it is necessary to write the complaint absolutely to ALL monitors and forums, the links to them you can see at our site and here




Profigain is the high-interest program with the minimal plan 105% after 1 stands on the dedicated server. The script GoldCoders is witout license. There’s 22 monitors added, all with the status Expectation. It worthy of the attention, but due to the fact that it has little of peculiarities it is to work for about 1 or 2 circles.


White-income is high-interest program with the minimal plan 106% after 1 day. The script GoldCoders is without license. Stands on the server from Staminus, but there are 3 more sites at this server: That is why we may suppose that the admin doesn’t want to spend money for the dedicated server or the ip. And when you see the monitors of the program there is no wish to invest left. From 12 monitors, already 2 have the status: Doesn’t pay. The others have the status: Pays. Soithasntlivedadaynormally.  


Money-instant  is by-hour program 4.33% per hour. So it is104% after 24 hours. It stands at the same server that the program above But it awkward in this case from 12 monitors almost all have the status: Pays, only couple of monitors have the status Expectation. Although the program has worked only a day I’d rather drop it away. Itisclearthattheadminisoneandthesame. 

Alterprofit is one more program by-hour, it is not worthy even of the analysis, the same situation as with the programs above.


Steady-profit is the medium-interest program with the minimal plan 1% per day. Therearenopeculiarities. Allissimpleandclichéd. 2 monitorsadded, bothwiththestatusExpectation. 


 Tradedeposit is the medium-interest program with the minimal plan 1.8% per day. There are no peculiarities as at the program above, though at least there is some design here. Above at the site there is the phone for contacts. Accepts LR,PM,AP. 5% is the referral commission. But worse is the situation with monitors: 6 monitors added, but all with the free lists. So, the monitors haven’t invested anything and the admin didn’t spend anything for the addition to the monitors. Of course it is better to drop such program.


Get-profit-today is high-interest program with the minimal plan 105% after 1 day. Atlasttheresaprogramworthyoftheattention. The script with the license from GoldCoders. The server and DDOS protection from Dragonara. No SSL (though it is written at the site that it is there, that means the admin deceives no good). There are obvious mistakes in the design of the program, I think everyone can find them. 17 monitors added, 1 has the status Pays, all others: Expectation.  Of course the program is not perfect. There are advantages and disadvantages. But according to the other analyzed above programs it may seem to be the perfect work which the admins still can do.


Helenex  is the Russian program with the profit per month from 8% to 15%. Accepts WebMoney, AlertPay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve. Certainly for such profit, there are some peculiarities of this program, if to look properly. On a site there is information on that they have the offshore zone registered and there is a link to the trade statistics on forex which is conducted on a foreign site. On mmgp there was no check, but as we have learned having contacted the program support, they discuss this question and  soon they are going to pass the check. Of course, it pleases us. What to say, of course, the site is made not bad at more detailed analysis; it is possible to find  something interesting still. Meanwhile I advise to leave the program simply under watching because % is small and with such % it should work for a long time i.e. there is time to look narrowly.


Orientaltea-corp  is the program with the minimal plan 4.5% per day. The script with the license from GoldCoders. The dedicated server and DDOS protection from ANTIDDOSER.COM (I hear of them for the first time). The design is awful and clichéd.  Nomonitorsadded, itistoobad. Soletsjustwaitforsomeadvertisementtoappear.


Bestmyfinance is by-hour program with an interesting by-hour plan 1.1% per hour for 100 hours. It is 110% after 4 days, so approximately it is 2.5% per day. There’s SSL from 20 monitors added, almost all with the status Pays. If not the design it would be regarded as one of the better programs. Stillyoushouldthinkproperly. The program is worthy of attention due to its original plans.


Rapywealth is high-interest program with the minimal plan 105% after a day.The script without license from GoldCoders. Theprotectionfrom Staminus. Apart from this site at the server there’s one more site Probably, there’s a connection. 28 monitors added, almost all with the status Pays. The program is worthy of attention and probably you may think even of the investment.





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