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Nov 09, 2019
HourTee Paying
1.05% - 1.5% hourly for 100 hours
7% - 9% hourly for 40 hours
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Nov 07, 2019
12% daily for 10 days
150% after 7 days
225% after 5 days
Nov 06, 2019
ValueBit Paying
6% daily forever
7% daily forever
8% daily forever
10% daily forever
3% daily for 5 days
3.5% daily for 8 days
4% daily for 10 days
5% daily for 15 days
Nov 06, 2019
2.15% hourly for 48 hours
7.15% hourly for 28 hours
15% hourly for 18 hours
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Nov 12, 2019
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News HYIP industry for 14 October!


The most relevant information on the blocked HYIPs and their Domains!


Today we are going to start from the news of the programs. In general, there was a lot of problems with entering the sites. Someone is being under the DDOS attack, somewhere the domains are blocked. Somewhere something is also wrong.


The first and the very important news is from the program Powerful-strategy:


«Our competitors have written many complaints to our domain by the registrar.

And our domain is temporarily suspended by the registrar.

We try to solve this problem. Now we transfer our domain to other registrar, it can occupy from 1 hour to 24 hours. Please, don't worry, all money are in safety.»


As for now the site hasn't work for 2 days. In whois of the domain it is really written that the domain has really been blocked i.e. it is not a fraud. At forums there is not much of anxiety, many users believe that the program will be restored. Really the program always worked stably, it is clear that it is too early for it to close, there is no sense for it to be closed. Therefore I think that the situation most likely will be resolved in a positive way, but meanwhile we still have one thing to do which is not to panic and wait at least till Monday. And then it will be possible to make the conclusions.


The program Viscocorp, was still working yesterday. Last night in the evening someone had problems with entering the site and the answer of the support was that it would be corrected in the nearest few hours. However today the site still isn't accessible (only few members can enter the site, but tis information is not checked). What is the reason of problem has not been cleared up yet According to the domain data it is possible to judge that now their NS server, so also they have the blocked domain.


The same situation is in the programs One-inv, Topsfund, their domains have been blocked since today’s morning and the sites do not work. It is possible only to wait the resolving of the situation.


Therefore at the present moment we have the blocked domains in the following programs:


Powerful-strategy, Topsfund, Viscocorp, One-inv. If there are some other programs, please tell us for more exact information. Let’s consider the fact, that these programs used the service of registration from the following registrars:  XtraOrbit.Com, HIGH QUALITY HOST COMPANY.


The most interesting fact is that the sites do not work while entering them through ip. It is difficult to say anything here. If they used the whois server it is clear why ip doesn’t work. But if not, then they are blocked not only by the registrar, but by the hosting too.


Project Tinokocapital continues not to work, but it has one nuance. Last night it was somehow accessible and someone managed to enter the site and order the payment and get the transaction. Very few members received the payments. Still it is the fact that there were payments and the site temporarily worked, but then it was impossible to get the access again. So, the members (waiting eagerly for the program restoration) now have the high hopes that the program hasn’t failed yet and will continue to work.




Another situation is with the program Advantagescapital. Its status is changed for: Doesn’t pay.  Many members have the payment delays for more than 12 hours. And we have the approved information from our referral that he hasn’t been paid since 11th of October. That is why the status was changed to: Doesn’t pay.  From 30 monitors with this program 2 monitors have the status Doesn’t pay, 1 monitor shows the status Expectation and the rest 22 monitors have the status Pays. Getting into account that  the payment delays are for 2-3 days and for someone 24 hours, all the forums are informed of the payment delays. Still the status Pays is at such monitors as, MaxHyip, HyipBanker, hothyips, hyipexplorer, hyiphall and the others.


The new programs for October, the 14th :


royaleteam has usual design of the high-interest HYIP program, but the interest is medium 1.5% per day. And unfortunately, all the rest in the program is too far from perfect. Thescriptiswithoutthelicense. Theunknownserver. 1 monitoradded. Theconclusionisthatitissomeunsuccessfulversionofprogram, sowejustdropit. 



Oilcash is one more high-interest program, but better than the previous one. Heretheplansare 105% after 1 day.  Accepts AlertPay and LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney. The dedicated server and protection from DDOS from Staminus. There’s also a page with the pictures of the managers (of course these are not their real pictures, but still it is an advantage). There is no license of GoldCoders. Some of users of the forum mmgp told with a sure that there was such program and it worked very little, so they advise to drop it. I don’t remember such thing, but may be you should follow the advise and pass it by, still watching the development. Whatifitworkswellandsurvivesforalongtime! 10 monitors are added, from them 4 monitors have the status Expectation, 6 monitors: Pays.


Moneyera is interesting medium-interest program. With the minimum plan of 1.2 % in the working day for 285 days. A minimum 50$. Accepts Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney, Wire transfer. The site outwardly looks very well and their video on flash will be appreciated by users.  Contacts are possible through the phone and you can apply for the call back, online chat and the usual form of contact by email. The dedicated server, SSL and the domain from GODADDY.COM, and at it the payment is only through a credit card or PayPal, and this says a lot. The Languages on the site are planned to be the following: English, German and Spanish so, basically, it is targeted on the foreign investors and + the minimum sum is big enough, so a part of our investors will pass it by due to the minimal investment sum. Who remembers the program about worms? This program is very similar to it. So there are some thoughts that the creator is one and the same person. I’ve sent some questions to the support, let’s see how fast their answer is.  The Online chat is made awkward, I had tried to get in touch but I was answered only «just a moment», and further within 20 minutes there was nothing answered (hence, the inscription “absence of the operator for the answer” is not provided). The status Expectation is at all the added 7 monitors.



Persona-inv is the medium-interest program with the mimal plan 1.1% per day for 150 days. 5% is the referral commission. Accepts LR,PM,AP, GDP. Stands at some unknown hosting without DDOS protection. 6 monitors added, all with the status Expectation. The program is not strong due to the fact that the plans are long and in comparison with the program  Moneyera this program has far less peculiarities.
 stands at the same server with from  Staminus.



Artificialcasting with the minimal plan 15% for 14 days. Accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney. 9 monitors added.



All the most relevant and the newest information is going to appear at the nearest future.






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