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Jun 05, 2020
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News HYIP Industry 28/11/13

Hello, all readers.

Первый проект Pera Inc.

Project with high interest, you can invest with terms ranging from 1 day to 30 days.

What is remarkable in the project, there is a page of statistics where you can see everything!

Literally everything as investors who invested much, but who brought. Generally such detailed statistics I have not seen. For one day in the project invested by more than 5000 usd.

Project started well, we'll see how things will develop.


Began active promotion project Gloria-Money

On our monitoring 728x90 banner he bought for a week! Admin is serious, the project plans can be quite short time to earn.


Next look at the news of various projects:

  Came from the project delivery 7oceans-trade, the admin says they when you move to another hosting service is not able to restore the DB (database), so asking for information login to the project and it will charge a deposit. So who had contributed to the project also write to the administrator he will award you bonus contribution.

A project Multipowerventures informs us that the project is now a verified account Perfectmoney U6647994, and it differs from the past!






More good news from the project GeniusCapitalLimited



The project lives only 71 days but already well managed to distinguish . If you paid attention to its advertising could be found on various monitoring, forums and other Internet resources . Banners project has even known forums such as DreamTeamMoney and TalkGold.

We return to the news.

News of the project said that now that the project support is available 24/ 7.

If you go into your account you will see a link to the chat in the upper right corner . Not online chat and chat investors , ie chatting can communicate all anyone. In the news immediately announced rules - no advertising other projects , discussions in English only .


I wish you a good investment.







now online: 11  authorized online: 1